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Secure your twitch account with 2fa and a unique password ASAP

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Hey guys, recently, there has been a trend where users have been finding their accounts hijacked. You need to secure your twitch account with 2fa asap.

It isn’t due to some major twitch account breach but in fact poor user security practice. Many of us reuse the same password for everything. I myself have been guilty of this in the past. Those passwords are secure…until a breach somewhere exposes that password for the world to see.

Using a breach checker site like https://haveibeenpwned.com/ can tell you if your password has been compromised. As you can see, One of my emails has been compromised quite a lot over the years…

Whenever there is a breach like above, you need to change all of your passwords for every single account you have. Failure to do so will result in the loss of an account further down the line. Which leads us to this article.

The account information within these breaches is usually bundled up in a nice CSV file. It is then sold on the dark web or black market for literal pennies.

Unauthorized login from Russia notification from twitch. I live in the USA, and have only been to Canada...
Unauthorized login from Span notification from twitch.
Spain?!! I Live in the United States, and never been anywhere else except Canada…

Just the other day, I received an email from Twitch about an old account I forgot existed. As you can see, that password linked to that account name is now compromised from one of those breaches earlier in the list.

Immediately logged in and disabled the account.

I can’t stress enough to you to secure your twitch account with 2fa and a new, unique password

I was lucky it was just an old account I had forgotten about with nothing linked to it. Others have not been so lucky:

Account Hacked! Charged 110 Euros on my account.
Ouch, 110 euros…
Twitch Account hacked, $4500 lost from bit purchases overnight
F-FO-FORTY-FIVE HUNDRED USD??!!!! This poor guy….
Twitch account hacked this morning, 14 new subscriptions charged in 20 minutes!
Yikes, That’s quite the bind hes in…

Is it worth your potential financial stability for a poor management of your online security?

It certainly isn’t to me…

What can you do to secure yourself in the digital age?

Surprisingly, It is actually a fairly simple task to prevent attacks of this nature, albeit a potentially tedious one.

  1. Use separate passwords for every service.
    • This way, even if your account on one service is thwarted, only that account is affected in the future.
    • Using a Password manager like https://1password.com/ makes this pretty easy.
  2. Incorporate Two-Factor Authentication where possible

Secure your twitch account by enabling 2fa and disable connections to your account!

Secure your twitch account with 2fa
Two Factor Authentication can be enabled in your Settings > Security and Privacy tab, along with changing your password to a unique password
Extension connections should only be connected if you use the connections! Keep your account as secure as possible!
Extension connections list should only have what you use. Disconnect everything else, and re-add only the ones you use.
Disconnect everything and only connect what you use!

Don’t wait until you have a breach. Take the steps necessary now to prevent the attack from ever happening in the first place! This is Especially important if your channel is semi-popular. It can literally destroy your business.


Credit to u/jakuu over on Reddit for his very detailed write-up on securing your twitch account. I found this thread when I experienced the account breach mentioned above, which inspired me to write this article.

He has a twitch channel, and you can keep up to date with him over on twitter.

All secure?

Now that you’re educated about the dire need to secure your credentials, check out our recommended post on the proper mindset for a streamer.

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