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5+ Free Sound Effects for your Stream

Looking for free Sound effects for your stream? We started to make some for fun; We figured we should share them with the community. Also, Streamers are apparently being banned for sound effects in games, so there is that too.

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All sound effects on this page are protected by the BY-SA License variant of the Creative Commons license. Credit must be given in the following form:

  • If you use any sounds on https://twitch.tv/, you must include attribution somewhere within a panel.
  • If used on a YouTube Video, attribution must be included within the description of the video.
  • ——–All text below must be present in your Attribution.——-
  • Some sounds that appear within this media were created by Streamer’s Haven.
  • https://streamershaven.blog/
  • CC BY-SA License.
  • ——End Attribution—–
Creative Commons BY-SA Licence logo for our Free Sound Effects

The Free Sound Effects for use on Twitch/Mixer/YouTube

Note: You may have to refresh the page after clicking play in order to download the file. This is a workaround until we find a better solution.

Alien Alert SFX:

“Thanks for the follow!” Morse Code

Alien Alert SFX V2:

Tech SFX:

Banshee’s Wail SFX (Horror Theme):

More to come as we make them. Remember, using these files in your alerts or within a Youtube video needs attribution. You may modify these files any way you see fit, but you must include the attribution still under the rules of BY-SA of Creative Commons License.

If you are curious about how we made these files, we used Reaper and a few VST plugins, and recorded various sounds. The result was cool sounds to share with you guys.

If at some point you guys want a tutorial on exactly how we go about making these sounds, be sure to let us know down in the comment section!

Like the sounds here? Share this page with others! It will help us grow and we’ll be able to make more of these for you guys.

Other sources of sound effects:

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Here are a few free sound effects not made necessarily by me. For these, you’ll need to ensure you abide by the licenses and limitations they mention, not mine. Also, remember that being a live streamer will count as Commercial use, so any assets that mention “free for personal use only” are a no-go. Unless you stay unaffiliated.

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