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7+ Free Sound Effects for Twitch, YouTube & More

Looking for free Sound effects for your stream on Twitch, or your YouTube content? I started to make some for fun and figured that I should share them with the community. Also, Streamers are apparently being banned for sound effects in games, so having a set of effects you can use safely is a plus.

Also, these sounds are 100% okay to use for any other project, such as a video game you are making, or some other creative content, provided you respect the rules of the attached license.

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All sound effects on this page are protected by the BY-SA License variant of the Creative Commons license. Credit must be given in the following form for the free usage to be legal:

  • If you use any sounds on, you must include attribution somewhere within a panel.
  • If used on a YouTube Video, attribution must be included within the description of the video.
  • ——–All text below must be present in your Attribution.——-
  • Some sounds that appear within this media were created by Streamer’s Haven.
  • CC BY-SA License.
  • ——End Attribution—–
Creative Commons BY-SA Licence logo for our Free Sound Effects

New Free Sound Effects Packs are Now Available!

I’ve broken up the sounds into various themed packs, and they are now available for download and use on your creative content. This can be used literally anywhere you want on the internet, or even for game developers. I’m pretty laid back about it; Just provide the appropriate credit and I’ll be happy.


Wailing Alarm Effects SFX Pack

Alien Alert SFX:

Banshee’s Wail SFX (Horror Theme):

Alien Alert SFX V2:

Morse Code Alerts

Misc Effects

Remember, using these files in your alerts or within a Youtube video needs attribution. You may modify these files any way you see fit, but you must include the attribution still under the rules of BY-SA of Creative Commons License.

How I Made These Sound Effects

If you are curious about how I made these files, I used Reaper, a few VST plugins, and recorded various sounds. Sound design isn’t something I’m super skilled at, but it is fun to play with. It is also a lot less complicated than many people think. After all, many of the above sound effects were derived from the vibration sounds given off by my window unit AC that I recorded.

Then, I simply slapped on some vst plugins to the audio channel and fiddled with it until I got what you see here. Obviously, experimenting with these plugins isn’t quite the same as having a specific sound end goal in mind that you achieve, which is why I consider myself to be a novice. With that said, even with my limited experience in sound design, I managed to come up with a few different effects that sounded good enough to release to you guys.

Other Sources of Sound Effects:

Here are a few free sound effects that are commonly used by game developers. I learned about these resources when I made A Moon of Cheese, which is a little game about a mouse with dreams of eating the moon made of cheese.

For these, you’ll need to ensure you abide by the licenses and limitations they mention, as each sound originates from a different designer. Also, remember that being a live streamer will count as Commercial use, so any assets that mention “free for personal use only” are a no-go.

Like the sounds here? Share this page with others! It will help the site grow and I’ll be able to make more of these for you guys.

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