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Like Games? Check out my game reviews to see their streamability. I review streaming software and hardware too.

I like playing games, so I figured reviewing them for their streamability might be a good idea. I also review some of the hardware that I have acquired over the years, and the software that creators use on a daily basis. In these reviews, I give my unfiltered and honest opinions of the reviewed assets, as anything less than that is a farce in my eyes.

Some reviews may seem harsh as a result, but I promise you, they only get a bad review if it is warranted. I try to be as fair as possible and will revisit a review to re-score it later on, as things like bugs can be fixed by the developers over time, or popularity might have soared long past the launch date, like Among Us did in September 2020.

Note: WordPress, the CMS I use to serve content, doesn’t currently allow me to create Game + Review Filters or Software + Review filters. If this ever changes in the future, I’ll update this hub page with more specific post breakdowns. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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