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Lumia Stream 5.3 Overview – New Features & Pulsoid Integration

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I have been following the guys over at Lumia Stream for a while now, and they’ve done a bit of updating since my last post that covered it. A lot has changed since then, and I thought it was time that the RGB light hype program needed an overview.

In this post, I wanted to cover some features added in version 5.0, as well as some notable features of interest from version 5.3, the latest version out.

The software has support for a ton of devices. I’ve included a list that is based off of the one Lumia Stream provides, but in a way that is a bit easier to digest than their page. I also fixed some links from their list that led to the wrong product on Amazon. (An easy mistake when dealing with the sheer quantity of links we’re talking.)

I hope that you find this post to be helpful in your RGB infused love for streaming, because this software is actually really friggen cool when used well.

What is Lumia Stream?

For a bit of context here, for those of you who have never heard of the program before, Lumia Stream is a neat little program that interfaces your stream alerts with your RGB smart lights of varying brands. Not only that, but it can trigger smoke machines, DMX party lights, and it can turn on and off anything that’s plugged into a TP-Link Smart outlet.

It does this by way of sending commands over your home network connected to the various smart devices, which have been programmed to trigger based off of API events that it detects. By use of clever programming of these events, the developers have made it so that these commands trigger when:

  • Somebody follows your channel
  • Subscribes to your channel
  • Buys merch
  • Cheers with bits
  • Enters a valid chat command
  • Donates to your stream
  • and many other integrations (I’ll get to those in its own section, theres a lot.)

Is Lumia Stream Free?

There is a Free version of Lumia Stream, which will get you some basic effects, and general support for some of the more popular RGB lighting options on the market. However, to get the full experience, you will need to subscribe to the premium edition.

The price for Premium is:

  • $4.99/mo
  • $24.99 Semi-annually (every 6 months)
  • $49.99 Annually (20% off compared to monthly)

Get an additional 20% off using the code “streamers-haven” at checkout for Lumia Stream Premium! (Minus the Quotes)

Lumia Stream Supported Alert Systems

Lumia Stream supports the following Alert Systems:

  • Streamlabs
  • Stream Elements

Streaming Platforms Supported:

Lumia Stream supports all of the major live-streaming platforms.

New in 5.3 Specifically

Pulsoid Integration

As of Version 5.3, Lumia also supports Pulsoid, which use heart rate monitors like this one to pulse your lights in sync with your heart rate. This is especially handy, given Halloween is just around the corner, and horror games are all the seasonal rage right now.

Of course, if you just like horror games in general, like Phasmophobia or Amnesia: The Dark Descent, then it could be a nice addition to your stream enhancement tools. Just be aware that this can cause an enhanced fear experience, as it may further immerse you into the world.

Alexa Support

Using Alexa, you can control your lights with your voice. I personally don’t see this being very useful, but hey, you can use it if you want to, I suppose. I’m more of a button guy myself, so I’m definitely biased in this.

Don’t let me rain on your parade if you like voice commands – I use them to set my alarm and stuff on my smartphone, I just don’t see the point of Alexa support for Lumia Stream, given that there are plenty of ways to trigger the effects to change.

Maybe to make a point to your audience that it’s possible? Other than that, I can’t see and practical use case.

Maybe I’m just not creative enough.

Subscriber User Level Commands

At long last, you can add a reward for subscribing to a higher tier with Lumia Stream, further enhancing the extra features that subs get access to to sweeten the deal. As you might expect, this is one of the most widely requested features, and it is now available!

This is a monetization incentive – anything that you can do to improve the likelyhood of a subscription coming your way is a welcomer addition in my eyes. This is especially true when it enhances the stream visually, and interactively.

Lumia Stream’s Officially Supported RGB Hardware:

Lumia Stream Supported Lights
Note: Tuya support may be ending soon due to them opting for a subscription model API. See Announcements in the Lumia Discord for more info.

There is a wide variety of RGB hardware that can be linked to Lumia stream to put on a light show for your stream. Every Product listed will work with Lumia Stream, but there are two special features that only a few lights support:

Transitions – Has the Ability to use transitions, which allows a smooth change of one color to the next. Think Crossfade.

Fast Mode – Able to change colors more than 5 times per second

Nanoleaf Products



Transitions & Fast Mode



Transitions & Fast Mode


Transitions & Fast Mode


Fast Mode Only

Special Support:

Keylight air, Key light & Ring light can be turned on and off, brightness and color temperature can be adjusted.


Fast Mode Only


No Support for Transitions & Fast Mode


Transitions & Fast Mode



Transitions Only



Fast Mode Only

The full list of integrations can be found on their site for the most up-to-date information.

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