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When stream alerts meet RGB, it’s sensational!

Did you know your cool RGB Hue, LifX, Nanoleaf, TpLink, and Yeelight smart lights can do some pretty awesome things with stream alerts?

We briefly mentioned this in our last post on “is Twitch free“, but it really deserved its own article. So what is this program that links up those RGB smart lights to your stream alerts? None other than Lumia Stream!

Heck, you can even use it to turn on or off a TPlink smart plug, if you have those. This essentially lets you control even something mundane…like a vacuum cleaner! Not sure why you would need to turn that on or off during a stream, but hey, you can!

Or something like that… Just remember, we’re about streaming, not vacuum cleaners. Do some research to find one that will work for you, as with any purchase you make.

What can Lumia stream do for my stream alerts and RGB?

Where do we even begin… Ah yes, an example! So what does it do?

Well…I suppose the simplest answer is: Quite a lot.

  • It works for Twitch, Mixer, and YouTube. No word on additional platforms at this time.
  • Streamlabs & Streamelements alert integration
    • Unique effects for Follows, Raids, Hosts, Donations, Merch purchases, and Subscribers that are customizable.
  • Elgato Stream Deck integration
    • Able to set up custom buttons that will perform an action with your smart lights
  • Chat commands like !blue or !hex #333333, really any color, if your purchase Lumia Stream Pro.
  • Extra Life, TipeeeStream, TreatStream, Tiltify, Patreon integration
  • Custom Reactions
  • And more, if you opt for the paid version.

What does the paid version of Lumia Stream include?

The paid version includes some pretty awesome features as well:

Each of these features serves to enhance streamer-Viewer interactivity on a level not seen before. With some clever use of TPlink smart outlets, lights are merely the beginning.

Compatible devices for Stream Alerts – Hue, LifX, Nanoleaf, TpLink, and Yeelight

So, choosing a Lumia Stream compatible device can be a bit confusing with the sheer quantity of smart bulbs on the market. We’ll list a few here, but this list is by no means the only, nor the best choices. You’ll have to do some research on this subject, to ensure you are getting secure smart devices that work well.

philips hue stream alert ready bulbPhilips HueThe Phillips HUE Light is one of the more popular options available. It has a rich color, a long life-span, and is very reliable.
It is also fairly secure; though they still recommend using a Hub to control them.
LifX stream alert ready smart bulbLifX BulbThe LifX Light is the main competitor of Philips Hue. They tend to be a bit cheaper than the Hue system, and the colors still look pretty good.
Nanoleaf smart light panel, stream alert readyNanoLeafThis is the Nanoleaf Triangles Starter kit With audio. This is the most “elegant looking” of the options out there. You can connect them into any shape you like with the triangular kit, so that’s handy.
TPlink smart outlets, for controling the mundaneTPLinkTPlink Smart Outlets are handy. These things turn anything you plug into them into a smart device; sort of. They work as an on/off solution mainly. Very handy for Christmas lights!
Yeelight smart bulbs, for stream alert RGB on a budget.YeelightThe Yeelight smart bulb is the cheapest of the smart bulb offerings for those on a tight budget. The colors are a bit off, but they fuction as an RGB light all the same. And it’s compatible with Lumia Stream.

Again, these are not the only, nor necessarily the best options out there. We are partial towards the Nanoleaf system for its versatility, but otherwise, any one of these solutions will integrate into Lumia stream.

Sounds cool, but I have a green screen. How would this program benefit my stream?

You are correct with your line of thinking. If you have a green screen, you can’t perfectly key out a background if your lighting conditions are changing constantly.

The result? Parts of your green screen will change from keyed to not keyed. It’ll look pretty unprofessional.

In this situation, You could implement a Lumia controlled overlay element, forgoing the physical lights altogether. Though, that requires the “Pro” version to use. Even still; It is cheaper than a lighting setup, coming in at $3.99/mo, $20 per 6 months, or $38/year, it is more than reasonable. A single bulb costs more than 6 months of use, by comparison.

And alternatively, if you have some studio lights with “barn doors” and some tweaking of your lighting setup, you can use RGB without affecting your key. This is because the light is terminated by the barn door, and will prevent the rgb light from falling on the green screen.

I’m convinced, anything you can tell me about the world of RGB lighting before I dive in fully?

We certainly can!

While RGB lights are terrible as a key light, they offer some pretty amazing capabilities to increase the production value of your stream.

Don’t go spend crazy on them though; start small, and add to it bit by bit. Smart lights are expensive, and they add up very quickly.

Finally, you will want…no wait, that’s it. Enjoy your smart device enabled stream with Lumia Stream!

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