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Logitech G910 Romer G Switches after 4 years; Still Clackin’!

Logitech G910 Romer G switches

Our daily driver keyboard is the Logitech G910. How did this beast of a keyboard hold up from four years of abuse? How good are the Romer G Switches? Let’s find out…

To start things off, we have used this keyboard exclusively for the past four years. In fact, we use it even today, as we write this very article. So how exactly has this keyboard held up over the years?

To answer that question: Surprisingly well!

Out of all the keys on the device, only one has shown any signs of failure. Other issues include: Faded LEDs (though still fully functional!) and…no wait, that’s it.

Here, let’s look at a fairly showing example of how faded the LEDs have become:

Logitech G910 with Romer g switches, faded num lock led
Minor issue: LEDs have clearly faded in brightness. The Caps Lock indicator is noticeably brighter than the num lock, which is on nearly 24/7.

How have the Romer G Switches held up on the Logitech G910 from four years of use?

We still use this keyboard today, if that’s any indication.

Bear in mind, we type one-handed, with our hand flying across the keyboard like some bat out of hell. It really is a sight to behold. If it can keep this typing method as accurate as it is, then we can only say that it’s great. Oh, and, our previous keyboard before this one was the Saitek Eclipse 3… don’t buy that one. It’s bad. We don’t even know if they make that anymore, to be honest.

Anyway, they feel great to type on, and once you get past that…strange keycap design, and actually get used to it, It is extremely helpful for hand placement. Over four years, this has not deteriorated, with one exception: The Space bar. On occasion, it will double-register, placing two spaces where there should be one.

Still, this is only a very recent problem and not one that is very common. We noticed the first “double space” about three months ago. During the composition of a 1,000-word article, maybe six instances of the double space occur. That isn’t too shabby, and it’s easily corrected by Grammarly with a single click.

Beyond those caveats, each key actuates with no observable difference from when it was new; we press a key, the letter shows up.

TLDR Pros and cons:

Pros Cons
Low Actuation force – Less strenuous on your hands Keycap design of original model take a bit to get used to
Durable – After four years of abuse, The Logitech G910 still functions without major issues. LEDs fade in brightness, Beware those who suffer from OCD
Full RGB with multiple modes – Those modes are pretty handy to hype up your audience as a streamer, if your keyboard is on camera. Darn near impossible to get dead skin cells out of the corners of the g910 logo.
Macro Keys – 9 Macro keys, with three memory banks for a grand total of 27 macro keys.

Additionally, it is per game or application through the use of G-Hub
Mostly pointless “Arx Dock”

We’ve tried putting our phones in there before, and it just looked out of place. Tablets too… Maybe you’ll find a use for it, but we didn’t.

In short? We got our money’s worth for sure.

Remember, RGB is nice for peripherals, but it should never be your key light as a streamer!

Our previous Keyboards before this one:

Oh boy, this is going to get a bit personal here. We have gone through a number of keyboards before finding and buying the G910.

  • Microsoft Sidewinder X4 (Actually a good keyboard. Ours eventually rotted out the rubber dome switches. Had this one for…mmm…three years? You can’t buy em new anymore.)
  • Saitek Eclipse III (Really poor quality, the Q, G, H, and M keys stopped working after only one year. And no, we didn’t spill soda in the keys.)
  • Razer BlackWidow X Chroma (Hated this one, returned it after a month. Many others like it, so…YMMV)

After having used nothing but membrane keyboards for years, We tried the Razer BlackWidow X Chroma. While that one typed well, it’s actuation loudness got annoying very quickly to us and those around us. I believe it had Cherry MX blues in it, which are known to be noisy.

Well, one day, I just decided to return it, and that is when I bought the G910. To this day, I have not looked back.

Have a case of the rage-induced frenzied keyboard slam? We did too.

hand smashing through a window
Gamer rage afflicts most of us…we understand.

We’re no strangers to frustration overload. In fact, we used to take it out on our poor keyboard, putting far more power into our fury-laden fingers than necessary. We typed feverously, and sometimes even slammed each key with the power thought only to be in the possession of the Hulk himself.

And it still works. Errm, mostly. (Remember that space bar?)

The moral of the story, this thing is seriously durable.

By the way, we really don’t recommend going full-on hulk on your keyboard; your fingers will thank you later. (And your wallet too!)

We’ve grown past that phase, luckily. We imagine four years of the constant rage-induced battery would destroy even this keyboard. Now, we just take a nice deep breath and move on to something else to take our minds off the source of our rage. Maybe draw a picture…Maybe a nice tree, We like trees.

“There’s nothing wrong with having a tree as a friend.”

Bob Ross

Would we recommend buying the Logitech G910 with Romer G Switches?

Yes. The Logitech G910 Orion Spark is what we use, but they have a new version out, but it doesn’t use Romer g switches.

The Logitech G915, which is wireless, uses a different switch that we haven’t tested, the GL Low profile switch. Prefer the wired version? The G815 has got you covered. Again, we can’t vouch for its longevity or quality in personal experience, but if a company is able to make the Romer-G a reality, we can at least vouch for their ability to make a good switch.

We give a solid thumbs up to Romer G Switches within the Logitech G910. They are not overly loud, they actuate with very little force, and they are seriously durable. If that isn’t enough to convince you, stop by a local Best Buy or Walmart or wherever it is nearby that has one on display and try it for yourself! Remember, don’t let the keycaps be the dealbreaker, they have normal ones!

And if you really hate those odd keycaps, they sell a version with normal keycaps.

Oh, before we forget, If you are in need of a mouse, maybe check this article out!

Sidenote? The division was…Not fun. Then again, we’re all about unity (Not the game engine…).

5 thoughts on “Logitech G910 Romer G Switches after 4 years; Still Clackin’!”

  1. Cannot agree to the recommendation unfortunately, my personal experience is showing that the key switches start failing after 3 or in my personal case 4 years. So far i have lost 4 keys to the double input problem. Yes you can attempt to clean the contacts inside but removing the shroud around the switch will result in destroyed clips and the only way to reattach is with some superglue. Of course you could also resolder some of the switches, ie borrow some from the macro keys and replace those with the failing ones but that will also take you only so far.

    It’s a shame honestly, the G910 is one of the finest keyboards i have ever had.

    1. Funny you mention that – my G910 started to have that issue about a few months after I wrote this article (The space bar was the problematic key). I sort of forgot that I wrote this article, so I never updated it. I ended up going with a Logitech G Pro Tenkeyless. Funny how your keyboard and mine failed roughly at the same time, which gives us a rough idea of its life expectancy. I’m now using the Logitech G Pro keyboard that uses the same switches. Even if I only get four years of use out of it, that is personally fine to me. I tend to do a full system update every 4 years anyway

    2. The omron switches are only fall apart if you pull to hard drive on the caps. Also never use a tool/knive/etc. to get them off, you damage the omron switches.

      To get the caps of use two fingers on the cap, one on the left and one on the right, and pull gently up. 😉

      If you damage an omron switch you can actually change them. If you look on ebay you should find some fore a few bucks. I paid ~5 to 8€ for 5 or 6 switches 4 years ago.

      To change them you need a soldering iron and than you can remove the old ones and put ???? new one on.

      1. I was under the impression that the switches were called Romer-G, not Omron. That said, I had never pulled my keycaps off the G910, so it wasn’t damaged from improper keycap pulling but from general actuation wear and tear. Also, I don’t want to try soldering to the PCB if I can avoid it, as the last five things I tried, I put too much heat into and pulled off the soldering pads cause I’m a newbie to it.

        This problem is, of course, exacerbated by the fact that I’m slamming out thousand-word articles on the thing every few days, so my wear and tear is usually higher than gamers (though their WSAD keys take a beating!)

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