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CasinoDaddy– Who are they? All You Need to Know

In the ever-expanding realm of casino streaming, where personalities capture the hearts of countless viewers, CasinoDaddy has emerged as one of the most influential figures. 

With an entertaining blend of charisma, gaming expertise, and a touch of extravagance, this trio of Swedish streamers have built a substantial following and a reputation that resonates far beyond the virtual casino floors. 

In this in-depth exploration, we’ll delve into the lives and journeys of CasinoDaddy’s members, uncovering the men behind the username and the secrets to their remarkable success.

Who Comprise CasinoDaddy? 

At the moment, Casino Daddy is a casino streaming channel composed of six different streamers that share hours in order to provide viewers with a daily 12+ hours stream. 

But despite being six streamers in total, the channel is mainly managed by brothers Anton, Mathias, and Erik Joelsson; a trio of youthful gentlemen of Swedish descent that are the founders of CasinoDaddy and who started this project back in 2016.

However, the three of them had been immersed in the gambling world for several years prior to starting their own channel. Their journey began as poker game affiliates as far back as 2007, providing them with substantial experience in the realm of online gambling despite their relatively young age. 

Although they started streaming as a hobby and had very humble beginnings, the three brothers have mentioned that their channel gained popularity pretty quickly as their very first stream ever attracted over 100 viewers, which is very impressive even till today. 

Their prowess in the gaming world has earned them a prominent position among the leading streamers on both YouTube and Twitch, cementing their reputation. 

Their streams encompass a diverse range of casino games including popular ones like Blackjack and Poker, although their main focus is regularly playing slots. 

The Rise to Prominence

The CasinoDaddy YouTube channel and Twitch streams burst onto the scene around 2016. Anton, along with his brothers Erik and Mathias embraced the casino streaming niche with fervor, and since they quickly started seeing results, they put aside their main jobs to focus entirely on their content creation careers.  

Their content has always primarily focused on live casino gameplay where viewers can watch the brothers engage with various casino games in real time. However, they’re also known for sharing occasional casino tips and advice to viewers.

As mentioned earlier, the CasinoDaddy channel was unique in the sense that it quickly gained traction, largely due to its unique blend of entertainment and gambling expertise. The brothers’ enthusiasm for slots, table games, and poker was infectious, drawing in viewers who shared their passion for casino gaming.

Anton and his brothers leveraged their charm and in-depth knowledge of casino games to provide viewers with genuine, unscripted content. The trio’s authenticity resonated with their audience, fostering a sense of community and trust. Besides, their frequent giveaways and competitions kept people engaged and wanting to return for more. 

The CasinoDaddy Experience

One of the standout features of CasinoDaddy’s streams is the sense of camaraderie and interaction with viewers. Anton and his brothers engage with their audience through live chat, responding to comments, sharing stories, and celebrating wins (and commiserating losses) together. This level of viewer engagement has been instrumental in building a dedicated fan base.

The CasinoDaddy channel is not merely about gambling though; it’s also a platform for entertainment and education. The brothers frequently share tips, strategies, and insights into various casino games, helping viewers become more knowledgeable players. 

This commitment to player education has endeared them to both novice and experienced gamblers.

When and Where Do They Stream? 

You can watch CasinoDaddy’s streams on any of the major streaming platforms there are. Whether you are a die-hard fan of Twitch or you like watching streams on other platforms like Kick or YouTube, you’ll be able to catch one of their streams anywhere you choose to be. 

Although it is essentially the same broadcast being transmitted in three different platforms, the fact that they can be found on all three of them makes their content super convenient. 

Except in the case of force majeure, the CasinoDaddy channel goes live every day, from 9 am to approximately 11 pm (UTC+2). You’ll likely find them playing some high-stakes casino, poker, and many more games, all of course with real money and reactions. 

How Much Do They Make?Net Worth

While it’s challenging to pinpoint CasinoDaddy’s exact net worth, especially since we’re not talking about a single person, it’s safe to say that they have amassed a significant income through various revenue streams. 

Casino streamers often generate income from multiple sources, including revenue from their streaming platforms (money made from Twitch, Kick and YouTube’s ad revenue, subscriptions, and donations from viewers), affiliate marketing (partnerships with online casinos, commissions for players, etc,), merchandise sales, and sponsorships, given CasinoDaddy’s immense popularity their net worth is likely substantial.

Since they haven’t made any numbers public we can only speculate about how much money they’ve amassed throughout the years, However, considering all the income streams related to their channel along with the casino affiliate company they launched back in 2015, it is safe to say their net worth is not lower than $10 million. 

Where to Follow CasinoDaddy Closely?


With almost 200K followers and an average of 1K-2K viewers per stream, Twitch is CasinoDaddy’s biggest platform and the place they’ve gained the most recognition. 

With a commitment to daily streaming, they offer a consistent source of excitement and engagement, whether you’re a seasoned casino enthusiast or just looking for entertaining content, which is why following Casinodaddy on Twitch is a must for anyone seeking high-energy casino and gambling entertainment. 


Following Casinodaddy on YouTube is a must for enthusiasts of thrilling casino content. With their Swedish charm and extensive experience in online gambling, this dynamic trio of brothers consistently delivers engaging and diverse streams, offering a captivating glimpse into the world of slots, poker, and casino games.

Although the same broadcast from Twitch will also be running on YouTube, following them on the Tube has an added benefit since here they also post short videos sharing highlights, tips, and other types of exclusive content such as interviews, announcements, etc., which is why you need to be there. 


Although they haven’t been forced to move to Kick like most casino streamers who got banned from Twitch, the guys from CasinoDaddy wanted to take their content there anyways. 

They opened their Kick channel very recently, which is why you’ll see their followers count doesn’t even reach the 1K mark; however, if you’re a Kick fan who prioritizes the platform’s freedom and versatility over the ones from Twitch and YouTube, you can perfectly follow their streams from there. 


This is another platform they are pretty active on, not only uploading highlights and funny moments from streams but also sharing bits of their personal lives. 

Besides, this is the first place where they publish their giveaways, so if you don’t want to miss those, CasinoDaddy’s Instagram is the place to go. 

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