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ClassyBeef– Who are they? All You Need to Know

Casino streaming has become massive in just a few years, and although the competition for attracting the most viewers is fierce, it is safe to say that ClassyBeef has emerged as a formidable presence, captivating audiences with their charismatic personalities, gaming prowess, and entertaining streams.

One of the main things that catapulted ClassyBeef to success is the fact that they are not like regular streamers. The fact that it is not only one person behind the name but a group of friends with a shared passion for gaming makes ClassyBeef’s channel a truly unique and fun place to be. 

Chances are that if you’re into casino streaming, you have heard of them before, but if you don’t know much about them, don’t worry! 

Stick around for this article where we will explore and unravel the story of ClassyBeef, shedding light on their backgrounds, rise to fame, and the remarkable journey that has led them to where they are today.

Who Comprise ClassyBeef? 

ClassyBeef consists of six different streamers that come from all around the Globe but are based in Malta. They’re Georgi, Jonte, Biggo, Rune, Freddy and Max, and every one of them has a unique personality and something different to bring to the table when going live. 

Georgi comes from Bulgaria and he is the old-timer of the group with over 30 years of experience in the gambling world and some of the most memorable moments from the channel have come with him on the front cover.

Jonte is the guy that always remains free from any negativity and with a wide smile while playing, and is the companion of Georgi on every stream. The Swedish streamers has become well-known among followers for committing himself to addressing challenges with remarkable composure, steering clear of anger or exasperation.

Biggo (United States) also has a very positive and infectious personality, which has quickly made him a favorite among fans. By virtue of his comedic flair and steadfast advocacy for self-acceptance and individual development, he usually leaves a positive imprint on the lives of those who tune into his streams or meet him in person. 

Along with Biggo, Rune is the only other of the group who streams by himself, and considering his positive and charismatic personality, it really does not come as a surprise. The Norwegian streamer cultivates an inviting atmosphere for viewers to relax and enjoy themselves, thanks to his contagious positivity and sincere enthusiasm.

Finally, there are Freddy and Max, two Swedish slot streamers that have been streaming together for a long time and are known for their charismatic and jovial personalities that go extremely well together. 

Although these are the current six streamers who represent ClassyBeef, the rotation has varied during the years, with some streamers parting ways and others arriving to replace them or to simply add something different to the mixture. 

ClassyBeef Origins

ClassyBeef embarked on their casino streaming journey back in 2019, and it originated as a collaborative effort among friends who shared a common interest in online gambling.

The movement was initiated by Joe and Espen, who became tired of their regular jobs and wanted to pursue a career in what they love doing the most: gambling. 

They then recruited Marko and Nando, two friends with similar gambling interests, and that’s how ClassyBeef started. Although their initial streams didn’t draw the attention of many (less than 50 viewers on average), they slowly but steadily started gaining followers and earned themselves a name in the online casino industry. 

Funnily enough, none of the two founders, Joe and Espen, are still on the team (or at least showing their faces on streams), but that didn’t affect ClassyBeef which has already become a brand that sits above any singularity. 

When and Where Do They Stream? 

ClassyBeef’s main hangout is currently Kick as, just like Roshtein, Xposed, and many other casino streamers, they are unable to stream on Twitch (which is where they had their initial channel) following the platform’s casino ban. 

Despite “losing” their 264K Twitch followers, they are already at 59K followers on Kick, a number that seems to be rapidly growing.

It is safe to say that their schedule is one of the most active and consistent ones that you’ll find on the platform, mostly thanks to their rotation since while some are resting, others are still playing and pushing out content for their viewers.

You’ll find them streaming from Sunday to Thursday from 8am to 3am and on Fridays from 8am to 12am (all times in CET), meaning you can catch ClassyBeef stream pretty much at any given day and time, except for Saturdays that are their day off. 

Rune is in charge of opening up the day by streaming from 8am to 12pm. He is followed by Georgi and Jonte that show up from 12pm to 5pm, and then Max and Freddy come out to play from 5pm to 10pm. Then Biggo is in charge of closing up the lineup by streaming late hours, from 10pm to 3am. 

How Much Do They Make?Net Worth

ClassyBeef’s net worth is difficult to calculate, not only because they haven’t made any figures public but also because it consists of six different people, each of them with their particular income streams. 

However, if we were to make an estimation of the channel’s net worth as a whole considering things like donations, advertisements, subscriptions, sponsorships, and casino wins, along with the earnings they make through YouTube where they average 7K-10K views per video, we believe their net worth should be around the $5M-$10M. 

However, this is pure speculation since, once again, they haven’t made any figures public, so it could very well be much less or much more than that. But for the moment, it seems like we’ll never know for certain. 

Where to Follow ClassyBeef Closely?


As mentioned before, Kick is the main hangout for the guys of ClassyBeef and the place you’re likely to find them almost every day. They have amassed over 50K followers on this relatively new platform, but that is a number that is rapidly growing as their reputation increases.

As a matter of fact, they are actually one of the fastest rising slots streamers on the platform as their channel is constantly sitting on the top five of most viewed casino and slot channels every time they go live, which does not really come as a surprise considering they’re at it from Sunday to Friday. 


Like most popular streamers with a large fan base, ClassyBeef also has a Discord channel where followers can connect on a more intimate level with other like-minded people. 


With over 13K followers, ClassyBeef is also pretty active on this social media, uploading short clips and sharing channel news with their audience on a regular basis. 


Of course, there’s also a ClassyBeef YouTube channel where they upload highlights as well as some funny or remarkable moments of the week. It currently has 47.6K subscribers and serves as a valuable resource for catching some of their best Stake moments in case you missed them. 


Although they also use this social media mostly to upload highlights from previous streams, they also share an occasional personal photo of one or several of their members, especially in their stories, so if you’d like to see those, then dropping them a follow on the ‘Gram is a must. 

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