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Xqc– Who is he? All You Need to Know

Making it big in the streaming world is undeniably a challenging thing to achieve. It demands not just technical skills but also charisma, dedication, and the ability to stand out in a sea of content creators.

And while it can certainly be very difficult, it’s not impossible to make it big in this industry, and a guy like xQc is the perfect example of this. 

Of course, we cannot ignore the fact that success didn’t come overnight for him as he has been streaming full time since 2016. However, he is still one of the best examples of how hard work and dedication in this particular pays off. 

He has risen to prominence as one of the most popular and entertaining variety streamers of today, making millions in the process. But do you know how he got there? if you don’t. then keep reading this article and we’ll tell you all about him!

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Who Exactly is xQc? 

Félix Lengyel, known by his online alias xQc (pronounced “Ex-Q-See”), was born on November 12, 1995, in Laval, Quebec, Canada, and was raised in a French-speaking household, but he later acquired proficiency in English, which would prove invaluable for his streaming career.

Pretty much like everyone else, his streaming journey had humble beginnings, mostly impulsed by his passion for titles like “World of Warcraft” and “Overwatch”, to the point of reaching a professional status in the latter, from where he initially started gaining recognition. 

In 2017, he signed with the Dallas Fuel, a professional Overwatch League team. This marked a turning point in his career, as he transitioned from a skilled gamer to a public figure.

XQc’s Rise to Stardom

While his esports career with Overwatch was impressive, xQc’s true ascent came when he ventured into content creation. 

In late 2017, he began streaming on Twitch, where he showcased his gaming prowess, humor, and engaging personality. His Twitch channel quickly gained traction, attracting a dedicated fan base of thousands of people who faithfully tuned in on a daily basis.

One of xQc’s defining characteristics is his unfiltered and authentic style. He’s known for his genuine reactions, often bursting into fits of laughter or frustration during gameplay. This relatability has endeared him to viewers who appreciate his candidness.

His streams primarily feature popular games like CS:GO, Minecraft, and GTA V, but xQc’s content extends beyond gaming. He frequently reacts to videos, engages in Q&A sessions, plays casino games, and provides commentary on various topics, ranging from current events to internet culture, and it is this diversity in content that keeps his audience entertained and engaged.

Where and When Does He Stream? 

While he doesn’t particularly have a schedule that he strictly follows, xQc tends to stream at least three or four times a week on Twitch, the platform where he has 11.9 million followers, and attracts around 400K-500K viewers per stream. 

However, back in June 2023, it was made public that Felix had signed a $70 million non-exclusive deal with kick (with incentives that could make it reach the $100M mark), a relatively new streaming platform that has quickly become Twitch’s biggest rival.

The contract is set to work pretty similarly to those of professional athletes as he was “signed” for two years where he would need to stream on the platform on a regular basis. This with the intent of impulsing this new platform and attracting more viewers to it. 

Although he actively engages on both platforms, xQc has caught many by surprise with his clear favoritism toward Kick over his well-established streaming base on Twitch.

According to him, Kick provides more freedom compared to Twitch, making it a superior platform for his streaming needs. “Kick is just better. I enjoy just chilling with chat.” has said Felix in the past. 

Are these comments encouraged by the millionaire contract he signed? Maybe. But undoubtedly, he does seem to enjoy the platform, and if Kick was a bad place for streaming, I strongly believe he wouldn’t have signed that contract in the first place. 

But overall, on Kick happens the same as on Twitch, where he doesn’t really have a streaming schedule and goes live pretty much whenever he’s got a chance. Some weeks he may stream daily and other weeks he may stream once or twice.

And when it comes to the hours of the day he streams, it is also not one in specific, but you’ll probably catch him around 2-3 pm GMT-4. 

How Much Does He Make?Net Worth

XQc’s income streams are as diverse as his content. While he earns a good amount through Twitch and Kick subscriptions, donations, and ad revenue, he mainly secures substantial earnings through sponsorship deals and collaborations with brands. However, his gaming skills have also led to tournament winnings and merchandise sales, which make up for another big portion of his income.. 

Altogether, xQc has masterfully diversified his income streams within the gaming and streaming industry, establishing himself as one of the top earners in the field, even well before his multi-million contract with Kick. 

As of 2022, his net worth was estimated to be over $15M, but following his contract with Kick, it is now believed to be way more higher than that with something more around the $50-$60M. 

Where is He Now?

These incidents escalated to the point where law enforcement, equipped with SWAT gear, were dispatched to his home, causing significant disruptions to his life alongside his ex-partner, Sam, who is another popular streamer, mostly known by her alias Adeptthebest. 

He continued to face persistent doxxing attacks and ongoing harassment by diehard fans who frequently turned up at his house, broke in, and tried to meet the popular streaming star.

For this reason, xQc ultimately decided to make a more permanent move. He departed Austin, Texas (the place he had been living for several years) and returned to his homeland Canada; however, the specific location and duration of his stay remain undisclosed.

Felix Lengyel has openly discussed the distressing experiences he’s encountered during his streaming years, including doxxing incidents that have compelled him to relocate multiple times. 

Where to Follow xQc Closely?


With almost 12M subscribers, xQc has no plans on leaving Twitch behind, which is why you can certainly find him streaming here at least a couple of times a week. 

As mentioned before, you can find him streaming anything from video games and playthroughs to reacting to memes and just chatting. Variety seems to be Felix’s second name, so if that’s what you’re looking for, then you won’t be disappointed. 


Now that he signed the contract with Kick, you’ll also find him hanging around with viewers on this platform, and even a little more often than on Twitch. 

Here you’ll see an even more diverse xQc as, apart from doing everything he usually does on Twitch, on Kick he also plays slots and many other casino games, which is something you won’t see him doing on Twitch due to their prohibition of casino content. 


On Youtube, he goes by the name of xQcOW (his former streamer name) with three sub xQc channels: xQc Clips, xQc Gaming and xQc Reacts. However, xQcOW is the main channel, where the Canadian streamer has over 2.3M subscribers, and where you’ll be able to enjoy fantastic highlights from his streams. 


Naturally, xQc maintains an active presence on X (Twitter), where he consistently shares his opinion on many different subjects and occasional pics of his personal life, as well as a wide array of streaming-related content.

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