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The Top 10 ASMR Streamers on Twitch

ASMR, or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, has become a widely popular and soothing phenomenon in the world of online content creation. These streamers, often referred to as ASMRtists, utilize their unique talents to trigger tingling sensations and relaxation in their viewers through auditory and visual stimuli. 

And as you could expect, Twitch, the leading streaming platform, is home to numerous talented ASMR streamers who have cultivated dedicated followings. 

In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 ASMR streamers on Twitch, delving into their styles, personas, and what makes them stand out in the ASMR community.

1- Onuri.

With over 70K followers and an average of 2.1K viewers, Onuri is one of the ASMR streamers on Twitch that attracts the most viewers. 

Onuri, a renowned figure in the world of online content creation, hails from Russia and boasts a multifaceted presence across various platforms. Apart from being an ASMR streamer, she is also an Instagram model and a DJ, which is why you’ll often find her promoting her music. 

She maintains an almost daily presence on Twitch, focusing primarily on ASMR while wearing astonishing outfits, but also doing IRL, Music, and Just Chatting content. During her streams, you can anticipate a diverse range of content, including ASMR sessions, interactive chats, themed nights, cosplay, and gaming. 

Similar to other prominent Twitch ASMR streamers, Onuri employs ear-shaped microphones to enhance the authenticity of her soothing ASMR sessions, ensuring a heightened sense of realism for her viewers.

2- Darling

ASMR Darling, whose real name is Taylor Darling, has made a significant impact in the world of ASMR on Twitch and various other platforms. Her journey to becoming one of the most recognized ASMRtists began with a passion for creating relaxing content that could help people unwind, de-stress, and experience the tingling sensations associated with ASMR.

ASMR Darling is celebrated for her consistent and comforting content style. Her videos primarily focus on classic ASMR triggers, which include tapping, scratching, crinkling, and whispered affirmations. Her gentle and soothing voice, combined with her meticulous attention to detail, creates an atmosphere that envelops viewers in a comforting sensory experience.

One of ASMR Darling’s distinguishing characteristics is her ability to connect with her audience. She often addresses her viewers directly, creating a sense of intimacy and personal connection. Her genuine and caring demeanor makes viewers feel like they are receiving ASMR triggers and relaxation techniques from a trusted friend.

3- Nymphelia

Unlike most popular ASMRists, Nymphelia is a VTuber (virtual youtuber and streamer), meaning that she doesn’t show her face on streams. However, this doesn’t affect the quality of her ASMR streams, mainly because it helps viewers focus on the actual sounds rather than on a pretty face. 

Nymphelia employs a wide range of ASMR triggers in her videos, including soft-spoken commentary, brushing, tapping, and crinkling sounds. Her gentle and deliberate approach to these triggers ensures that viewers experience the tingling sensations and relaxation that ASMR is known for.

 4- AkuASMR

AkuASMR is a popular American Twitch star and social media influencer, best known for her top-notch ASMR content, which has helped her amass 500K+ followers on the platform. 

With her impeccable talent for creating immersive ASMR experiences, Aku has garnered a substantial following of dedicated viewers who appreciate her attention to detail and her ability to transport them to a wide range of captivating scenarios.

Aku is best known for providing her ASMR sessions with a sensual touch, wearing astonishing cosplays and outfits, and giving you a mesmerizing look into your eyes while whispering in your ear, quite literally. 

Her most viewed content is her earlicking segments, which feels exactly that way, like someone is slowly licking your ears. So, if that’s something that draws your attention, the Aku is definitely the ASMR streamer for you. 

5- Larrybearyy

Just like Nymphelia, Larrybearyy is another ASMR VTuber who also uploads occasional gaming and music content. Although she is from Japanese descent and sometimes tends to speak Japanese, she mostly speaks English and welcomes people from all around the globe. 

Larry’s content transcends language barriers, making her a favorite among ASMR enthusiasts worldwide. While her primary language is Japanese, she often incorporates elements from various cultures and languages into her streams, catering to a global audience. This inclusivity has contributed to her popularity and the diverse community she has cultivated.

Although she has never shown her face, sometimes you can catch her using a body cam where she shows herself using the ear-shaped microphones. She is well-known for her gentle whispering ASMR, that with her angelic voice helps comfort listeners. 

6- FrivviFox

Frivvi is renowned in the ASMR community for her creative and visually stimulating content. Her ASMR streams often feature intricate makeup roleplays, spa experiences, and various roleplay scenarios. She combines artistry with relaxation, providing viewers with a unique and captivating ASMR experience.

What sets Frivvi apart is her artistic approach to ASMR. She not only focuses on triggers like tapping and whispering but also incorporates elaborate costumes, props, and makeup. Her dedication to crafting visually appealing content adds a layer of immersion that distinguishes her within the ASMR landscape.

Frivvi often takes her audience on virtual spa journeys, complete with whispered instructions, soothing sounds, and gentle movements. These spa roleplays create a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere, allowing viewers to unwind and destress.

7- SunsetgaiaASMR

Gabi is a 29 years old brazilian girl who is in charge of running this channel, and has been doing so for over two years now. However, she’s been a huge fan of ASMR since the early 2010’s, which makes her a true expert in the matter. 

As you watch her content, you could say she is the representation of what true ASMR is. She is not trying to seduce you by using tight clothes or revealing cosplays (nothing wrong with those that do though), she just focuses on giving you a superb ASMR experience, varying her triggers so everyone can enjoy a bit of what they like the most. 

SunsetgaiaASMR’s consistency in delivering quality content has earned her a dedicated and supportive fanbase. Viewers appreciate her genuine and down-to-earth personality, which fosters a sense of community. She actively engages with her audience through live streams and comments, creating a warm and welcoming space for ASMR enthusiasts to connect.

8- RubyTrue

Ruby’s ASMR approach draws inspiration from her background as a certified yoga instructor, sound therapist and Thai massage practitioner. Her journey into ASMR began as a means of coping with depression, transitioning from gaming streams to ASMR, which not only aided in her healing but also allowed her to connect with others who shared similar experiences. She describes this transformation as a profound awakening.

During her streams, Ruby employs various tools such as singing bowls, crystals, candles, and even gongs to guide viewers into a state of profound serenity, heightening their senses for extraordinary experiences. 

Recognizing that ASMR fosters relaxation and trust, Ruby sees it as a gateway to offering a glimpse into the transcendental, aiming to share this doorway to the sublime with her audience.

9- MissChloeASMR

Although Miss Chloe has garnered significant popularity primarily through her YouTube channel where she showcases cinematically captivating ASMR roleplays to her 100K+ subscribers, lately she has also been gaining popularity with her streams. 

Praised for her meticulous attention to detail, impressive cosplays, and intimate sound design, Chloe has established herself as a prominent ASMRists on the platform. 

While most people know her for giving her YT videos a darker theme, with portrayals of characters such as vampires and Cruella De Vil, she also cosplays more vivid and colorful characters such as Barbie, for example, giving everyone a chance to enjoy her content. 

However, when tuning in to her Twitch streams, viewers encounter a different facet of her creativity—a more spontaneous, relaxed, and unscripted approach. Here, she crafts unique auditory experiences that unveil a fresh perspective on the artist we’ve come to admire over the years. 

10- Nananightray

Nana’s charming blend of kawaii-goth personality gained significant traction in 2022, and this unique allure continued to thrive in 2023. Her streams consistently offer a tranquil refuge, where relaxation is virtually guaranteed, accompanied by impeccable microphone settings and captivating triggers. 

As a genuine creative spirit, Nana extends her talents to cosplay, role-playing, and a spectrum of innovative endeavors that elevate ASMR into a platform for showcasing her artistic brilliance.

Do you want the traditional ASMR experience before a nap or going to sleep? Then Nana’s channel is your place to be! No ear-licking, NSFW, or inappropriate triggers like moaning or talking dirty, just good old ASMR triggers.

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