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PSA: Safely use music on Twitch, Mixer or YouTube

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Hours of Twitch, Mixer, YouTube and Facebook safe music, don't get DMCAed

Tired of having your vods muted to the point of complete worthlessness? Start streaming broadcast safe music on Twitch, Mixer or YouTube with Pretzel!

If you’ve ever gone back to watch your past broadcasts on Twitch, You may have noticed that large portions of your stream have been muted. This is because twitch has an automated process to mute unsafe music from your vods to protect themselves from legal action. This protection does not extend to you.

You are not safe from DMCA with twitch muting your VODS

In addition, having your vods muted is actually detrimental to your channel. If you wanted to get clips to upload on YouTube for example; Unless you record locally as the channel is live, you lose the audio for huge portions of your stream.

This results in less usable content for your YouTube channel and makes it harder to provide good material for your viewers. In fact, we simply recommend not to use music at all when streaming. However, we know most of you will simply ignore that advice, because let’s face it; We’re human, and we all enjoy music.

The second option I mentioned is actually the best practice for YouTube for a number of reasons.

Why you should stream broadcast safe music on Twitch, Mixer & YouTube

1: It is illegal to stream music on Twitch, Mixer and upload content on YouTube that you do not own the copyright claim to.

The first, and biggest point I’m going to present to why you should be using pretzel; It is illegal to stream music on Twitch that you do not own the copyright or permission to. You need express permission from the copyright holders, and that gets expensive, Fast. As you are making money in the form of bits and donations; You fall under commercial webcaster status. This is partly what makes big-budget movie productions so darned expensive.

This is where pretzel comes into play; All the music on this platform has been cleared by the artist or copyright holders as broadcast safe. This means you are legally allowed to use any of these songs on your stream or YouTube content without worry of DMCA or copyright claims or strikes.

2: Using copyrighted music punishes your viewers

This muting of your recorded streams also punishes any potential viewers who wanted to catch the rest of your stream when they had to leave earlier than expected. We personally had to do this when we were watching one of our favorite streamers play through Kingdom Hearts 3. Because the game itself had copyright music(The Frozen world), extremely long portions of that audio and his reactions were lost.

The result: A muted video, and poor viewer experience. We actually had to catch a separate stream of it to fill that void. You don’t want this, because they may find someone else they enjoy watching more.

In that example, even using pretzel would not fix the issue. After all, The music is coming from within the game itself. However, if you are streaming and the music is coming from YouTube or Spotify, You can, and should do something about it.

The demographic for viewers who watch back your previous streams on twitch is definitely small; But not small enough to dismiss entirely.

3: It is against Spotify EULA to stream music it hosts on any platform.

Spotify’s EULA states that the use of music from their program is prohibited for broadcasting, even if they have the correct license.

4: YouTube is currently in the middle of a massive copyright claim controversy

Every day, thousands of videos are added to YouTube. A lot of these videos are experiencing a massive wave of automated copyright claims and strikes; hurting the income of many creators on the platform who unknowingly use copyrighted content which can outright destroy channels who receive the strikes.

You see videos uploaded of demonetization claims by several users, how it affected their channels, and the hoops they have to jump through to even get in contact to dispute the claims. A lot of these have to do with music or sound clips used within their content; something you have the ability to curate and protect yourself from with sufficient research.

The problem is, this research is pretty difficult to pull the facts in about, requiring hours to pick through and sift through misinformation and legal mumbo jumbo.

Simply use pretzel to avoid the hassle

Music on twitch is like a concert

At the end of the day, you want to be able to provide engaging content for your viewers. Depending on the type of content you create, music may not be necessary on your content at all. Some viewers may actually prefer no music, and will leave your channel if it has it; they prefer listening to their own music with your commentary, or are working and watching.

So left with that revelation, the choices are obvious:

  • Content with music using Pretzel and keep your vods untouched
  • Content with no music and give your viewers the freedom to listen to their own music, or listen without music at all.

Using music on twitch, mixer, or YouTube is a great way to improve the production value of your content; however, using music can have significant drawbacks and risks. It is up to you to weigh those risks and determine if you should or should not use music on your content.

Additional music on Twitch – Tristesse Records Stream Safe Public Domain Music – in 8D!

8D Audio Track of “We are So Beautiful” by Ocean Avenue – featuring W a T E R F V L L S
Listen to the original on Spotify!

Recently, we were contacted by a gentleman who works with Tristesse Records. They are a small label company that works with up-and-coming musicians. In our conversation, we spoke about what they offered; 8D Audio Tracks with monetization & broadcasting rights, for free. Let’s just quickly admit here, that until we spoke with this gentleman, we had never heard of 8D audio. And we’re probably not alone here.

After taking a listen to some 8D audio on YouTube, we can definitely say that it is an enjoyable experience. This is particularly true for those using headphones to get the greatest effect from an 8D music track. If we had to describe it, think of a sort it as if it were “Orbiting” you. The intensity of the music will change its focus point. So close your eyes, it has the fun effect of making it seem like you are “closer” to the music if that makes sense.

In our short visit to the world of 8D, we can honestly say that it was hit-and-miss. At least as far as our enjoyment of it went; Some songs had no value added to it over the original; (We prefer the original version of Thunderstruck by ACDC over the 8D audio track, for example) while others were outright eargasms.

W-Woah, slow down, we get 8D music, but what about Tristesse Records?

However, we are a bit off track here; let us backpedal to Tristesse Records. If you visit their website, you can get your free license with an extremely short registration; Your E-mail, Twitch channel (ex. https://twitch.tv/your-channel-name), Instagram(If applicable) and Twitter handle.

That’s it.

With the free License, we briefly mentioned above about monetization rights & Broadcasting Rights. This means you may use these tracks on YouTube Content & Streaming content without worrying about VoD muting or copyright claims/strikes. The best part? These tracks are actually pretty good! (We’ve had “We are so beautiful” on loop while updating this article.) A great addition to the list of royalty-free/public domain music out there!

After, you will be contacted via the e-mail provided. We’ll mention as well that you may want to have a separate email for business-related things like this if you don’t already; It makes picking out important mail from the spam much easier.

This is not a Pretzel Rocks Alternative; It is another, separate entity in and of itself.

Just so we are clear, this is not an alternative to Pretzel Radio. It is simply an additional source of stream-safe and YouTube-safe music, and we can always use more of that! Plus, the 8D music is something we have yet to see used on a livestream on any one of the streamers we’ve watched, it could be a neat feature of your stream!

Be sure to check out their most recent 8D Album on Spotify! Volume warning! The tracks can be loud, we recommend turning down your headsets low and raise it up to a comfortable level if listening to it here. We uh… kinda blew our ears out with “Tropical Summer Barcelona” with the unexpected loudness.

We enjoyed the music, and we think most of you will too!

And finally, #MayTheFourthBeWithYou, always. (original post date on May 4th.)

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