We’re honored to be partnered with these amazing streamer communities to provide you guys with the most in-depth streaming guides and tutorials.

Mix it Forward, one of many amazing Streamer Communities

Mix It Forward Logo, one of our partnered Streamer Communities

Mix it Forward is a community of Mixer streamers created by Paco1342, a moderator of the r/Mixer community. Their message matches our own: to provide help to those who need it. I frequent their discord often and highly recommend joining the community if you need help with something that isn’t on Streamer’s Haven.

“I created Mix It Forward as a place for any streamer to grow as a content creator. We work as a community to support one another, growing together to help people achieve their streaming goals.”

Paco1342, founder of Mix It Forward

Hype Speed Gaming – Streamers United to Hype it up!

Hype Speed, one of our Partnered Streamer Communities

HypeSpeed is all about spreading Hype to streamers and helping them overcome the challenges presented to a streamer. Founded by BlaineThePain, this community is full of very supportive people.

Some things that they offer members include:

  • Scheduled Raid Parties
  • “The Bit Train”
  • Chatting during your stream to keep your audiences entertained.
  • Promotion of your streaming channel, both Twitch and Mixer.
  • Assistance in obtaining Affiliate & Partner, with “Push to Partner” Campaigns.
  • Formation of Stream Teams within the (currently) 520 member discord.
  • Looking for somebody to play a co-op game with? They have a channel devoted to that on their discord.

I myself was once a highly active member of Hype Speed, and I was able to learn a lot from them during the early days of my streaming hobby. Now that I don’t stream anymore, I’m not as active as I once was. That said, It is a great place to be a part of, especially if all you are looking for is someone to talk to during your streams. Be sure to join their discord using the button above to learn more!

“The HYPE is real.”

BlaineThePain, Founder of HypeSpeed

Want to join the Streamer’s Haven Family?

If you would like your community to be featured on this page as one of our partnered streaming communities, You can join our discord and contact @mrgoodhand.

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