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WatchBrime – A New Competitor to Twitch in the works?

With the body of Mixer still warm, a new competitor in the live streaming service world is apparently in the works. According to an article posted on Forbes, and to it’s Twitter, Brime, or WatchBrime is a new Streaming service backed by Spotify. As for the legitimacy…Well, we’re not sure just yet. It is still too early to tell, really,

As Twitter user @Ohkaypays pointed out in this tweet, for at least the domain “Brime.com”, it is still available.

However, we believe they are opting for “watchbrime.tv” or “watchbrime.com”, as both domains are snatched up.

So what does this all mean exactly?

In the case of these domains, actually, it means a troll. Somebody bought the domains and launched a joke site. That, or they capitalized on the mistake of the WatchBrime team and intend to milk the domain when they intend to purchase it.

As for the real WatchBrime, We need to wait until June 29th for a more official statement.

Competition for Twitch? Or just a Pipe Dream?

With the death of Mixer, Twitch was technically the last big streaming platform. With that came a promise of stagnation in the streaming world, because after all, Competition breeds innovation. Think about it: Before Mixer released FTL, Twitch had no reason to incorporate the “Low Latency” mode. The desire to have near-real-time interaction was very real, once people realized that it was actually possible by example.

It’s these little changes, these little innovations created by teams who spend weeks brainstorming ways to compete with the bigger platforms that spurs these changes across all of the platforms. Twitch was forced to adopt this, or risk losing streamers to Mixer, to meet their technical advantage.

But starting from nothing is hard.

Creating something as ambitious as a Live streaming platform is extremely difficult on many fronts. You need:

  • A ton of Internet Bandwidth
  • Secure User Profiles
  • Integrations with existing Third-Party programs, like Streamlabs & Stream Decks
  • A solid group of Early Adopters who help spread the word of the platform
  • Monetization options and incentives for both streamers and Viewers
  • among many many other needs

All of that, just to have a shot at competing with Twitch on a even level. And it’s as they say; Rome wasn’t built in a Day.

Success of the platform will depend on a number of factors

Now, I’m not an expert in the field of what efforts and processes go into a platform to make it succesful, but I do know of some things that certainly help.

First is Media coverage, which as of right now, is working in its favor. They are at 28.3k followers on Twitter by the time of this article’s release and this is with a grand total of 41 Tweets, mind you. So The media coverage and buzz it is getting from places like Forbes and several streamers is drastically boosting this number.

So for now, it seems like they have that bit in the bag.

The next part that will determine whether Brime is successful or not is the service the platform offers, specifically when it comes to streamer discoverability. If they nail that bit, then Twitch will either adapt, or fall.

My thoughts on Brime, or WatchBrime, or whatever they call it in the end

Ultimately, all competitors to Twitch are welcome for the aforementioned reason of breeding innovation though competition. The winners at the end of the day are the people who spend their time watching you guys stream, as their experience ultimately improve one way or another.

I can only hope they don’t live up to their namesake and attract nothing but salty streamers. After all, watching a salty streamer is only entertaining for so long.

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