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Xposed– Who is he? All You Need to Know

While the realm of casino streaming isn’t the biggest or the most lucrative one in the streaming world, there are indeed some personas in this field who have managed to succeed and attract thousands of followers, and Xposed is certainly one of them. 

Although he started his streaming career playing a wide variety of video games (Call of Duty mostly), in 2017 he started to occasionally play slots, which led him to quickly recognize the potential of streaming it on a platform like Twitch, so he started doing it on a regular basis. 

Nowadays he sits on the list of top casino streamers in the world, alongside names like Roshtein and XqC. But, do you want to know how he got there? Then keep reading this article and we’ll tell you all about him!

Who Exactly is Xposed? 

His real name is Cody Burnett. He is 28 years old, born in Ontario, Canada, and from an early age, he exhibited a keen interest in video games, spending hours immersed in all kinds of virtual worlds.

Xposed’s journey into streaming commenced like that of many aspiring content creators—humble and unassuming. Armed with a modest setup and boundless enthusiasm, he started his streaming career streaming gameplays, commentary, and tips for fellow gamers.

However, he wasn’t merely a gamer; he was a storyteller, an entertainer, and a friend to his viewers. His charismatic on-screen presence and interactive approach to streaming quickly garnered a loyal fanbase, which is essentially every streamer’s dream.

Although he paused his streaming career while completing his final year of school in order to focus on his studies, in November 2017, encouraged by friends and his girlfriend, he made a triumphant return.

Witnessing his channel’s consistent growth, he made a pivotal choice to prioritize streaming over pursuing a college education, which led him to become what he is now. 

In contrast to Roshtein, another prominent casino streamer we previously talked about, Xposed takes a more transparent approach to sharing his personal life. Cody has made it well known that he is a devoted family man, living a tranquil life alongside his longtime girlfriend, their baby, and their canine companion.

Where and When Does He Stream? 

Although he started his career uploading content on Twitch, he was forced to migrate to other platform following Twitch’s ban of casinos back in October 2022, where they prohibited any streaming of listed sites that contain slots, roulette, and dice games and are “unlicensed in the U.S. or other jurisdictions that offer consumer protections like deposit limits, waiting periods, and age verification systems.”

Similar to what we discussed happened to Roshtein in our article about him, Xposed was (and still is) partnered with, which is one of the websites Twitch immediately banned, so he had to go to another streaming platform. 

What platform? Kick, obviously. The platform created by the co-founders of themselves, Bijan Tehrani and Ed Craven.

Unfortunately for Xposed, he had to leave his 538K Twitch followers behind, and start from scratch on a new platform. And although many followers immediately followed him on the new platform, he’s still not even near the number he had on Twitch, with “just” 62K followers at the moment. 

But despite losing some numbers, Cody has not allowed this to affect him nor his streams, as he continues to be the same cheerful and charismatic streamer he always has been.

This transition did not affect his streaming schedule either, as he has continued his tradition of going live every day around 00:00 (UTC-4)‎. Hop in on one of his streams and you’ll likely find him wagering on slots like Zeus vs Hades Gods of War and Sticky Bees, or doing a Just Chatting stream of him simply playing a sport like hockey or golf.  

How Much Does He Make?Net Worth

Although, as mentioned before, he is pretty open with his personal life, he is still like most people when it comes to finances as he doesn’t like going around telling people how much money he’s got, so we can only speculate.

Overall, it’s evident that Xposed has multiple streams of income, comprising earnings from his Kick subscribers, YouTube channel, sponsorship agreements, and presumably, winnings from casino activities. 

And while we may not be able to tell for sure how much he has made throughout his career, after doing our own search of sources, we have found that estimates of his net worth range anywhere from $5 million to up to $12 million USD, which really does not come as a surprise considering that his biggest slot win (as of today) was an exorbitant $4.7M jackpot in Hot Fiesta.

His Favorite Casino Games and Slots

Since he is partnered with, that means he only plays games from this casino. However, the wide collection of slots and games that Stake has gives Xposed the possibility to greatly vary his content and offer viewers something different almost every day. 

By observing his gaming preferences closely, it’s evident that he enjoys both popular live casino games and bonus slots. However, his primary emphasis appears to be on what some might consider the “classics”, which include:

Even though these are the games he plays more recurrently, this doesn’t mean you’ll only find him playing these four games. 

As mentioned before, Xposed is known for varying his content and offering several different casino games on every stream, so don’t worry, you won’t get bored of seeing him do the same again and again.  

Where to Follow Xposed Closely?


Following Xposed on Kick is a must since that is the platform where he streams on a daily basis and interacts with his fans the most. He normally streams around 00:00 (UTC-4)‎ for about three or four hours, and is pretty interactive with his viewers. 


If you missed a stream and want to see Xposed’s highlights and/or don’t want to miss any update, then the Xposed YouTube channel is the place to go.

Here he has 369K followers who regularly check in to recordings of his videos on Twitch, which are usually the most insane wins (or losses) from every stream. 

While you won’t be able to enjoy the chat interaction you get on Kick, Xposed YouTube videos mostly attract those that cannot stick for the whole 3-4 hours of stream but don’t want to lose anything, or simply those who want to see him at any given time during their day. 


Another platform where Xposed is very active is X (or Twitter), where he not only keeps his audience updated on things like when he is going live and short highlights from previous streams but also shares his opinion on a wide range of topics unrelated to casinos.


Last but not least, his Instagram is a must-follow if you want to know more about his personal life and preferences. Here Cody is not shy about sharing bits of his real life in general, although he also uses this social media to share highlights and continue with his streaming persona. 

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