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Roshtein– Who is He? All you need to know in one place!

In the vast realm of online casino streaming, one name has risen to become synonymous with success, charisma, and enigma, and that is Roshtein. 

Roshtein has captivated audiences worldwide with his exhilarating casino adventures and aura of mystery, which has earned him a massive following, even till today, 7 years after making his streaming debut. 

And while he certainly is one of the biggest names out there, how much do you really know about Roshtein? 

If the answer is “not much”, then we encourage you to read this article where we’ll unveil the story behind the man himself, his rise to fame, and the compelling allure that keeps viewers glued to their screens.

Who Exactly is Roshtein? 

Ishmael Swartz, aka Roshtein, is a 35-year-old Swedish media personality and casino streamer of German/Turkish descent who has been streaming slots since 2016, making him one of the pioneers in this field. 

Although his perfect English may give the impression that he’s American or that he has been living there his whole life, Roshtein has maintained his strong connection to his home country by choosing to stay and do all his streaming from Sweden. 

Nonetheless, his impact extends well beyond the boundaries of the Scandinavian country, as a worldwide audience eagerly tunes in to his live streams almost every day.

How Much Does He Make?Net Worth

As a prominent figure among casino streamers, it’s safe to say that Roshtein generates a substantial income. 

His financial inflow results from a blend of revenue streams, including channel subscriptions, viewer contributions, advertising earnings, sponsorship deals, and commissions from affiliated casino platforms. 

Although specific financial details remain confidential, estimations suggest that Roshtein’s annual earnings comfortably exceed the six-figure mark, reflecting his significant success in the industry.

The same happens with his net worth. While he has never made any numbers public, the estimation of his net worth is well around the $30- $40 million dollars, which does not really come as a surprise from someone who frequently places wagers of up to $1000 USD per spin.

Roshstein`s Rise to Stardom

Roshtein’s journey to becoming a casino streaming superstar is a tale of dedication, charisma, and a touch of controversy. 

He burst onto the streaming scene in the mid-2010s, but it was around 2017 that his Twitch channel began gaining significant traction. His unique approach to online gambling content and engaging personality quickly set him apart from the crowd.

And when it comes to his streaming style, Roshtein’s is both entertaining and strategic. He predominantly streams high-stakes slot machine sessions, where he wagers substantial sums of money. However, his enthusiasm, humor, and interaction with viewers is what truly made him stand out.

But apart from his personality, one of the key factors that catapulted Roshtein to fame was his seemingly uncanny ability to win significant sums during his streams. His viewers were enthralled by his lucky streaks and the potential for huge payouts, which kept inviting more and more people as time went by.

Nonetheless, alongside this huge success came controversies. Some viewers questioned the authenticity of his wins (that came quite frequently), suspecting that they might be staged or sponsored by casinos. 

Roshtein, however, maintained that his wins were genuine and that his streams were about entertainment, not promoting gambling.

Roshstein`s Departure from Twitch

Roshtein commenced his Twitch streaming journey back in 2016, amassing a remarkable following of over 1.1M dedicated viewers. However, towards the close of 2022, he chose (or actually, was forced) to discontinue his Twitch broadcasts due to the platform’s “casino ban.” 

You see, at that time, Twitch updated their policy and prohibited streaming of certain sites that include slots, roulette, or dice games and aren’t licensed either in the U.S. or in other jurisdictions that provide sufficient consumer protection. 

Unfortunately for Roshtein, among the prohibited sites from Twitch was, and since he was in an exclusive partnership with this particular casino (like many other gambling streamers on the platform), this caused him to leave his million twitch followers behind and migrate to another streaming platform. 

His platform of choice was, a relatively new streaming platform that was founded by co-founders Bijan Tehrani and Ed Craven themselves.

Apart from obviously allowing gambling, Kick quickly became well-known and a popular alternative for many big streamers, even for those that weren’t affected by Twitch’s ban. This is mostly because of its 5% revenue charge, which is among the lowest between all streaming platforms currently active.

On this new platform, Roshtein continues to cultivate his follower base, and it’s evident that, even though he hasn’t reached a quarter of the followers he had on Twitch (158K as of now), he has already risen to prominence as one of its most prominent streamers. 

Controversies– Does He Play With Fake Money?

It all started back in August 2019 during a stream where he found himself playing a slot with real money, but decided to switch to free play, in order to debunk the well-running myth that he was playing with the casino’s money and that he was just “acting”. In a previous article we wrote about streamers using their own money or not, Roshtein was named as one of the streamers who might not use his own money.

Nonetheless, this whole strategy backfired on the Swedish streamer as viewers spotted that the money balance on the game remained the same after switching from real money to free play.

Critiques started to pour on Ishmael who remained unbothered for the rest of the stream, but then issued a statement where he blamed the casino for it, claiming it was “a bug”. 

This however did not convince most of his followers. Many decided to stop following him for it, but he still continued to attract thousands of viewers every stream, whether it was because they believed him, or because they simply didn’t care he played with fake money. 

All in all, Roshtein continues to claim he is indeed playing with his own money, and that casinos don’t help him any more beyond their regular partnership. 

Where to Follow Roshtein Closely?

As previously mentioned in this article, Roshtein can no longer be found on Twitch, the platform where he rose to stardom, as he is now part of the Kick family following Twitch’s casinos ban. 

Here you’ll find a very active Roshtein who tends to stream almost everyday, mostly wagering on several different slots. Since he’s been on the platform practically since day 1, it’s safe to say he has become one of the most prominent figures there. 


Discord serves as another vibrant gathering spot for both Roshtein and his dedicated fan base. 

Within Roshtein’s Discord server, which boasts over 19K members, the festivities never seem to cease; announcements and contests are always happening here.


Roshtein boasts an X (former Twitter) following of 125K enthusiasts. If you’re keen on staying updated with Roshtein’s posts, which encompass highlights of his significant victories, upcoming schedules, exclusive promotions, and noteworthy events like his collaborations with Drake for example, then you should definitely give him a follow on this platform where he is quite active. 


Want to follow Roshtein on a more personal level? Want to know where he is and what is he spending all that money on? Then drop him a follow on Instagram and become part of his 132K followers on this social media. 

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