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How to Record OBS Without Overlays Using A Simple Plugin

How to Record OBS without Overlays using Source Record

At long last, it is now possible to record OBS without overlays or alerts super easily using a simple OBS plugin called Source Record.

How to Fix Frame Drops in OBS Studio

How to fix frame drops in OBS Studio

To Fix Frame Drops in OBS, you need to frame limit your game to match your encoding framerate setting.

The Best Streaming Bitrate for Twitch

The Best Streaming Bitrate and Resolutions for Twitch

The best streaming bitrate will depend on what resolution you stream at, your internet connection, and…

Is Streaming Emulators on Twitch Illegal?

Is it Illegal to Stream Emulators on Twitch?

Streaming Emulators on Twitch is not Illegal. However, you need to have created the digital backup yourself in order for this to apply to you.

Twitch vs Glimesh – Streaming Technology at Its Finest

Twitch Vs Glimesh Featured image

Twitch vs Glimesh – Features that the new platform has that make it an enticing choice for smaller streamers who have yet to be discovered.

Everything you should know about Twitch Subscriptions

Everything you should know about Twitch Subscriptions

In this article, I’m going to cover just about everything you should know about Twitch Subscriptions, from what you get by subscribing, to how they work.

3 Easy Ways to Add a Moderator on Twitch to help with chat

How to Mod Someone on Twitch, or Add a moderator on Twitch

Trying to figure out how to mod someone on Twitch? I show you how to add a moderator on Twitch within the Roles manager.

How to create a Stream Schedule using Twitch’s Schedule tool

How to create a Stream Schedule on Twitch

Want to start using a Stream Schedule on Twitch to increase your recurring audience members? Here’s how to create a Stream Schedule on Twitch!

How to Make a Be Right Back Screen for Twitch in OBS Studio

How to Create a Be Right Back Screen in OBS Studio

Trying to figure out how to make a be right back screen for Twitch in OBS Studio? We show you three methods that you can use.

The Twitch DMCA Drama, Potential Jail Time for Streamers!

Twitch DMCA Disaster

The Twitch DMCA debacle is a streamer-platform disaster that has been in the making for years. If you stream on Twitch, you’ll want to know what will happen to your content.

How to See Who Follows You on Twitch – Including Mobile!

How to See who Follows you On Twitch - Including Mobile!

Wondering how to see who follows you on Twitch? In 2020, Twitch redesigned the channnel pages quite a bit, and moved it. It’s not gone.

Looking to Change your Twitch name?


Getting sick of your old name on twitch and want to rebrand? Not sure how to change your twitch name it in their confusing settings window? Here’s how.

Explaining High Key lighting and how it invokes positivity

High Key lighting explained

Looking to have a positive vibe to your stream with little more than moving your key light? You’ll want to look into “High key lighting”. Or just read this.

Is Twitch Free? Yes, but it’s like MTX in F2P.

Is Twitch Free?

It does not cost you a dime to stream on or view a streamer on twitch, with only one exception. For the most part, Yes, Twitch is totally free.

Glorious Twitch Prime Loot for December 2019

Twitch Prime December 2019 banner

Being a streamer on Twitch has a couple of neat benefits. Since it is owned by Amazon, if you have Amazon Prime, you’ve got free loot with Twitch Prime.