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To our Patreon subscribers who support us

Interested in supporting Streamer’s Haven by joining the Patreon Subscribers? Awesome! Let’s just be clear real quick; All content will never be locked behind a paywall.

Instead, Patrons get a Permanent link to their streaming platform, youtube channel, or website(barring mature content) on this page. This means you do not need to support us continuously; merely once and you’re here to stay here forever(As long as the site is active) as a thank you.

Additionally, you get an Ad-Free viewing experience!

Let me know on discord what platforms you are running on; message “MonoDex”.

This Role is removed at the end of your Patreon subscription.

Our Patreon Subscribers

First Patron – Immortalized forever

Nob8mber Logo

Our very first patron and an awesome gentleman from the UK. He no longer streams and has deleted both his Twitch and Twitter, but I’d like to leave this here as a thank you to him.

Nov8mber overlay

Active Patrons

$10 Patron Support

Scaith – Our Discord server moderator and good friend, Scaith has decided to support Streamer’s Haven using Patreon, even though he does not actually stream. Therefore, I have no links , logos, or streamcaps to show off. A big Thanks to him! He’s Awesome!

Former Haven Patrons

Crason8 Logo

Crason8 Is an awesome Family Friendly (Swear free) streamer. He is highly entertaining, and our Second Patreon Subscriber to support us! He has moved on from streaming, but He will remain here as a thank you.

Crason8 Preview

GrimmBoozy Logo (Temporary)

GrimmBoozy was our Third Patreon Subscriber and is a member of the Mix It Forward Community, who we are partnered with. He has a chill personality, and is fun to watch! He Longer supports us, but he’s a cool guy None-the-less.

GrimmBoozy, one of our Patreon subscribers Stream Preview. Featuring Fortnite game play. A Purple 4 Star Combat shotgun. Grimmboozy's face expresses excitement at his find. Face is located in the middle left of the image.

If you have any ideas of features you would like to have, let me know on Discord! I’d be happy to discuss it with you!