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Branding your channel and building upon that brand is very important for streamers to become recognized. Whether your brand is your internet personality or business, It is imperative that you build your brand professionally. It is our recommendation to hire a graphic designer and get it done right the first time.

Having a logo professionally designed is an important first step. This is something we recommend doing as soon as possible because it represents a commitment to your channel. Having a default icon tells your viewers that you don’t care about the channel, especially when attempting to monetize it.

Our Artist Antonio Mabs specializes in cartoonish artwork but can do many other styles as well.

Examples of AntonioMab’s work

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”11″ gal_title=”AntonioMabs Highlight Gallery”]

Our designer does emotes, sub-badges, overlays, and more. All strong brand-building tools for your twitch, mixer, or YouTube channel.

Even if you chose not to hire our graphic designer, we cannot stress enough how important it is to have these designs made. It gives viewers incentives to subscribe to you, giving you access to monthly income. Without any incentives, viewers are likely to move on to find people who DO offer these incentives.

We’re looking for more artists to feature on this page for our hire a graphic designer feature

Hey, if you are an artist and are looking to get some exposure, If you sub to us on Patreon for the “Haven Artist” tier(Limit of 3, for now, to be as fair as possible to all artists), you will be featured just as AntonioMabs is.

Our site is in a constant state of growth, with our most recent UV count nearing 5000 per month. A UV is a Unique Viewer. As streamers learn about Streamers haven, they tell other streamers, etc about us, so much of our traffic involves new streamers who are in need of logos, stream badges, etc.

If this is something that interests you, then you are welcome to join our discord and ask any questions you like, or sub to us on the “Haven Artist” Tier.

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We want to provide streamers different art styles choices, as one art style may not fit the vision the streamer is trying to achieve.