Woovit, a hassle-free game key distributing platform

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Guys, this is probably one the most amazing websites available for Twitch, Mixer, and YouTube streamers & creators out there. Woovit is a free game key sharing website, which means, if you have the requirements, you can actually get games for free, legally.

How it works: Free game keys direct from the developers

You would be forgiven for being skeptical, but it is the truth. Woovit is a key distributor. What this means is that developers, such as Paradox Interactive, give Woovit game keys. Woovit then links up to the various services; Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, via an API, and gets metric data from these services. Things like Follower count, Average viewers, or Active subs. If you meet the requirements outlined by the game devs, you can then “Apply” for the free game key.

The Requirements for game qualification
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You get 3 free games until you deliver on your promise to stream or launch a vod featuring that game content. These games are yours to keep, and when your stream/video is complete, you then can get more games.

If you don’t like a certain game, and only ever stream it once, the service won’t hold it against you.

The titles available in Woovit change daily, you never know what you will find! I’ve even seen high budget AAA games on there too, though those tend to have a very high requirement bar to get the free game keys(such as 10,000 followers on twitch, and 35 avg.viewers.)

All in all, Woovit has proven itself to be a valuable resource for streamers and content creators alike. Simply the prospect of relieving a financial strain that keeping up with trends makes it, at the very least, worth looking at. It is for this reason that Streamer’s haven strongly recommends all content creators to sign up with Woovit; It’s completely free, which means you’ve nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

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  1. I did sign up for Woovit, and it seems like a good spot to get some interesting game. I did claim One Finger Death Punch 2, so I got to try that out on stream one day! A good platform, indeed!

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