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Free games for big and small streamers and Youtubers

Welcome! Come on in and take a seat. Today marks the start of a blog series featuring games available on Woovit for streamers and YouTubers, free of charge.

If you’ve never heard of Woovit, check out our post that describes what it is about.

As of 05/29/2019 This post will be updated every Wednesday and will be known hencefourth as “#woovitwednesday”.

I will be updating this list every week, so be sure to check back once a week to find some amazing games to cover on your channels!

The games from the previous week will remain as an archive, and for reference to look for again at a later date.

Table of Contents

Woovit is a key distributor, meaning they are given free game keys by publishers

As creators, we can then use these keys, assuming we meet the requirements set by the publishers. This is an amazing service, because as you all know, games are really expensive, and they add up very fast in cost.

In this post, which once again, will be updated once a week on Mondays, we will cover three games. Each will be in their own requirements bracket.

The Brackets will be based on how difficult the requirements are from the publishers to attain on your channel, starting with the most difficult, and ending with the least difficult.

Week 5: E3 2019 Invite & more!

Heading to E3 2019 on June 11-13th? You might get a chance to have a special invite from Woovit!

THIS REDEMPTION DOES NOT REQUIRE ANY VIDEO DELIVERIES AND WILL NOT COUNT AGAINST YOUR QUOTA! Also, please note that this does not guarantee invites, and interested publishers will be in touch via separate email

Quinn from

An E3 Invite?! Where do I sign up?

Attending E3 2019? Let us know! Expo, parties, etc.

Woovit will be at E3, and according to the message in the link:

… some of which will offer preferential treatment for those of you on Woovit. …

Quinn from

So be sure to click that button to get access to potentially awesome exclusive benefits available to users of Woovit!

The Requirements to “Let them know”

This is a pretty steep one; 10,000 subscribers on YouTube. 1,000 Twitch Followers or 1,000 Mixer followers.

It isn’t easy to qualify for this exclusive pass, but those who do have potential access to once-in-a-lifetime meetings. It is certainly worth clicking if you qualify!

Now, We go back to our weekly scheduled free games highlight for week 4!

Week 5: Rogue-like is like, totally the best genre man.

Welcome back to Free games for streamers on Woovit, Now known as “Woovit Wednesdays”!

This week we are featuring three of the best Rogue-like titles currently available on Woovit!

If you don’t know what a rogue-like game is, I gotta ask; have you been living under a rock?

I jest, of course.

Top Tier Roguelike games:

Vambrace: Cold Soul

With an art style mashup of Anime meets Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth, this one plays like neither. It features a battle system, not unlike The Darkest Dungeon, another roguelike title that is a fair bit older than this one.

This is a new game, having been released a mere 2 days ago, on May 27th, 2019. This means competition for streaming is likely still fairly low. (a mere 9 streamers total on at the time of this post.)

It looks like a lot of fun, and I’d definitely check this one out while its still fresh and gaining popularity.

Requirements of Vambrace: Cold Soul

This one is pretty substantial, coming in at a cool 3000 subscribers on YouTube, 25 Average Concurrent viewers for twitch, and 1000 followers on Mixer. As such it has firmly secured its place in the “Hard to qualify” category on our list.

If you don’t meet the qualifications, you can still purchase this game and take part in the new game hype that it brings along.

Mid-tier, Do you like blood? Do You like Violence? We got you.

In Celebration of Violence

Well, Its got blood. It has gore. It has violence. What more could you ask for in a game called “In Celebration of Violence.”

You play as this small pixel man and wielder of many weapons, and you use them to slay your enemies, some were being extremely gruesome.

Screenshot taken from Trailer linked above.

In this picture here, you appear to be summoning a demon. Blood is flying up into the air, threatening you with death.

Fire spreads to flammable objects and it can make quick work of your enemies…or you, if you are not careful. (Screenshot from trailer)
Thunderbolts and Lightning, very very frightening(Screenshot from Trailer)

The challenge in this game is that you are only given the very basic controls. It is up to you to figure out how to use mechanics in this game.

In celebration of violence, part of the free games on woovit list

At a modest requirement of only 100 subscribers on Youtube and followers on Twitch and mixer, it is somewhat easy to be able to get this title for free.

Roguelike games can provide hours of fun if you let them. It’d definitely worth checking out!

It looks like a lot of fun, and provides a nice variety of ways to…well…murder everyone. Good luck, and have fun!

Low Tier free games – Roguelike

Galactic Bulwark Strike

If you’ve ever played Breakout, or other brick break type games, You’ll quickly recognize the ball bouncing platform at the bottom of the screen as such. This game takes that and mashes in some Galaga, and maybe a little bit of Star Fox, and a few others.

It really doesn’t know what game it wants to be, really. And that is a good thing for this title. It can be extremely addicting to play level after level, pushing your score ever higher.

It feels good, looks pretty good for the aesthetic choice, and is just a lot of fun to play around with.

This is a title I have actually played myself at a friend’s house, it’s a fair bit more fun than it looks. 🙂

The requirements of this for the free games on woovit
Requirements of one of the free games on woovit, Galactic Bulwark Strike, 1000 subs on YT, 50 followers on Twitch & mixer.

While not as low as others I’ve covered in previous weeks, this was the roguelike title with the lowest requirements at this time.

Coming in at an eye-popping 1000 Subscribers on YouTube, you might think me daft for putting this game in the low category. Hear me out.

For Twitch, you need only 50 followers, something easily obtained within a few days to a month for most.

And mixer, again, 50 followers. So in actuality, its not bad to qualify for unless you are strictly a YouTube creator.

And that concludes Week 5, check back next #woovitwednesday! See you then!

Week 4: Robot Hype for the Terminator

This week we will feature some Robot themed games over on Woovit in honor of Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was recently drop kicked over in South Africa, and took it like a wall, brushing it off as if it were nothing:

The 71-year-old superstar proves that taking care of your body will make it last well into your later years. And so, Brings us to Week 4.

Top Tier free games – Robot madness

Steel Rats

Steel Rats is a Physics based Motorcycle combat 2.5D stunt game that would make the terminator proud. If you remember from the movies, the preferred vehicle of the would-be Skynet assassin was a beastly motorcycle.


In Steel rats, you fight what is known as the Junkbots, an invading army of alien robots built to take over the planet. Yeah, Pretty much straight from War of the Worlds HG Wells kinda robots. But instead of guns to fight them off, you use…bikes. I Guess…

Aside from the spotty backstory, this game definitely has a lot of fun mechanics, including Motorcycle wheel buzz saws that shred your enemies and allow climbing of various surfaces to gain access to areas you normally would unable to access. It is the featured bike power on the launch trailer, but far from the only power that your collection of bikes has access to.

Who you play as

There are four Characters to choose from, and they can be swapped to on-the-fly to solve various puzzles. This definitely has inspiration driven from games like Castlevania or Donkey Kong 64, which used each character’s unique traits in solving various puzzles. Usually, those puzzles involve ramming your bike as hard as you can into the Junkbot Horde and delaminating them in various ways.

  • James – Don’t mess with James, the proud leader of the punk band of bikers you play as. He’ll take you down sure as any Junkbot with his armored machine if you mess with his crew!
  • Lisa – Get ready to become the next Ghost Rider with this girl, her bike leaves a trail of fire in its wake that damages enemies and other cool things.
  • Randall – This guy is an absolute madman who lives on the edge and revels in it. He was a long time performer of a Traveling German Stunt Circus. This is the guy with the buzzsaw wheel.
  • Toshi – A young Japanese-American Savant and brilliant mechanic. Special interaction with world objects.
The Requirements on Woovit to Qualify

This time around the requirements are rather tame for the subject matter.

With this game, you are required to have a twitter account linked to your woovit, and it requires 200 followers on Twitter.

In addition, The YouTube requirement is rather difficult actually: 300 Concurrent viewers.

Next, Twitch requires either a follower count of 1000 or to be a Twitch Partner. Yeouch.

Mixer is where this flips on its head, only needing 100 followers. Exceedingly simple to do by comparison to the other two options.

You must meet The twitter, steam and at least one of the Youtube/Twitch/Mixer to qualify.

This is a game that calls on the 80’s. I love the idea, and it is definitely something to check out! They recently announced it will be available on the Discord store!

Mid Tier – Rock & Roll all night!


Covering our first VR game in the free games on woovit list is Inhumanus, a First person VR shooter where you are attacked by swarms of aliens, Robots, and mutants. Just like Arnold in his Predator Movie days.

The goal of this game is very simple: Survive the secret underground complex.

This game feels like Alien in some aspects, though, admittedly, not nearly as cool. But if you aren’t careful…in the famous words “We’re doomed, Game over man!”

Requirements: Pretty basic

I know this is marked as mid tier; the truth is, there aren’t very many games on woovit that fit our theme currently. As such, I’m choosing the best looking games from reviews and gameplay videos.

This means it is somewhat easy to qualify for this one:

Youtube: 200 Concurrent views

Twitch: 4 Average Concurrent Views

Mixer: 80 Minimum Followers Count

As such, it is pretty easy to qualify for this one on all platforms. If you are looking for another VR game to add to your growing list, and you don’t already have this one: definitely pick it up if you have the requirements.

Low Tier: I’ll be back…

Season’s Beatings

A fast-paced rendition of Rambo meets Turboman, your goal is to…ehm, kill every psychopath trying to murder you in a locked office building using a multitude of weapons. With a Christmas theme to it, I felt this game was the only one to do Arnold justice in this respect. As a kid, I liked Jingle all the way a lot, despite what others said about the movie… I guess I’m an outlier.

Anyways. Yeah, the trailer pretty much sums this game up. The requirements aren’t that bad either.


Pretty standard 100 subs/followers on Youtube, Twitch, and mixer respectively. I’d argue this is easier to get than 4 Concurrent viewers on Twitch.

I’m going, to be honest about this game, If it weren’t one of the free games on woovit, I wouldn’t recommend it. It looks like it would get old pretty quickly. I guess if you are streaming during the winter holidays you’d play around with this game once in a while. It definitely wouldn’t be one of my “for fun out of the blue” games. Everybody is different of course, but I’d rather play Killing floor holiday special vs this game.

Week 3: Top Tier free games – Hard to Qualify

Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth

Taking place in the Year 1135 in a fictional England this Visual novel depicts a harsh landscape in a stunning cel-shaded style animation. This game is a visual novel style

The story is fully voice acted, and very well done at that. I was thoroughly impressed at how well the acting made the story feel alive.

Right out of the gate, you are given access to your choices that shape the world and later adventures.

Think of it as a Myst meets Telltale Games in terms of gameplay; but one with an intriguing story.

This game also features a quick-time event where you need to time things for it to execute.

This is a masterpiece of a story, and well worth checking out. If you meet the tough requirements, you can do so for free!

Requirements of Ken Follett’s the Pillar of earth
How to qualify for Pillars of the Earh, one of the many free games on

Coming in at a whopping 5000 YouTube subscribers needed, this game is no joke for qualifications.

For Twitch or Mixer, you must have a follower count of 1000 to ride this ride.

Once again, If you do not meet the requirements for this game, and can enjoy a story, I highly recommend picking this game up. It’s worth every penny, I assure you.

Mid Tier

VentureVerse: Legend of Ulora

Described as a Fantasy Action-Adventure level editing game with a focus on community content(you can share your own crafted dungeons) Ventureverse bears a striking resemblance to the Legend of Zelda: A link to the past.

For streamers, this is especially fun, as your viewers who also own the game can have their content featured live on a stream and get to see their favorite streamer’s reactions to their creations.

The levels are uploaded Via the Steam Workshop and can be browsed directly within VentureVerse.

The music reminds me of a remix of the Kingdom Hearts Traverse Town Combat which is strikingly similar to it.

It has very basic character customization options, such as skin tone, male or female, Pre-set hairstyles & color, and other basic choices. No sliders for varying the presets.

However, where it lacks in this field, it more than makes up for in gameplay, at least for it being a free indie game.

The requirements of Ventureverse, one of the free games on woovit

Common of Mid Tier games, VentureVerse only needs 100 YouTube subscribers, or followers on Twitch or Mixer to qualify for this title.

Also, You must not own VentureVerse on Steam, so you will need to make sure your steam account is connected to Woovit.

If you are a big fan of the puzzle/battle style of A Link to the Past, this could be a fun title to pick up for your content, as the viewer interaction you can get from this particular title is pretty awesome.

Low Tier – NO REQUIREMENTS FOR THIS ONE! The ultimate definition of what is considered “free games”


Yes, Completely free. 0 requirements to get this game. I know, I said One Finger Death Punch 2 would be the lowest game ever on steam just last week…I know, but I was wrong! But to be Fair This game is free on steam, so does it count? You decide!

Prismata is a card game similar to Hearthstone or Magic: The Gathering, meets Starcraft 2. During a battle, you are growing both your military and economy up. The theme of the game being futuristic in nature. The card combinations and quantity of cards is LUDICROUSLY huge. You can pull off some very VERY powerful effects if you learn some of the interactions that are possible.

Receiving an overwhelming amount of support from several notable figures in the streamer world as well as YouTubers, Prismata is set up to deliver a great gaming experience(If card games are your thing, that is.)

This video does a good job explaining the mechanics better than I can, so I’ll just link it here…

As this game is free on Steam, you do not even need to use this woovit link; however, you can deliver a video for this game all the same.

And this Concludes Week 3! If your at E3 2019, let people know about my blog, Yeah? 😉

Week 2: Action Games Highlight

Top Tier games – Hard to qualify.

Banner Saga 2

Welcome back to the Woovit Featured Games list! This week, we are featuring Action and Action Adventure games! Starting the list off strong with a game that has a fairly high bar…

Do you like games like Final Fantasy Tactics or Fire Emblem? How about Norse Mythology and Viking style games? This game is right up your alley!

This game has fantastic animated style visuals and features tactical gameplay. It also has a decision system similar to the telltale games; Your choices shape the saga and can lead to greatness or doom.

That said, even if you don’t yet have the requirements; It is a very fun game, and I’d recommend picking up the first game and this to start a series on if tactical game-play is your thing.

Banner Saga 2 Requirements are pretty steep. Even if you don't meet the requirements  as one of your free games, I highly recommend you buy it
Requirements breakdown of Banner Saga 2

This game is pretty hard to qualify for, given its fairly high follow count requirements of 1000 on Twitch, 3000 Subscribers on YouTube, and 500 Followers on Mixer. The easiest platform to qualify for in this case goes to Mixer.

Mid Tier Free Games on Woovit


Figment is an Action-Adventure Puzzle based Story driven isometric game with a pretty lit soundtrack. The world reminds me of Alice in Wonderland, with very imaginative re-purposing of everyday objects into other fantastical designs.

It also throws some serious Candy Land vibes, if you’ve ever played that board game. It is a lot of fun, I highly recommend that. 🙂

within one of the free games on woovit, figment is a platformer similar to The Legend of Zelda, Links Awakening.

All in all, The story is really inventive and an interesting take on things. The requirements for this one isn’t all that bad.

figment is one of the free games on woovit.
Requirements breakdown of Figment

A quick requirement to not already own the game on steam, This is pretty standard on most of the free games on Woovit.

Youtube Minimum subscriber count, as well as twitch and mixer follower count is at 100. Alternatively, If you are a Twitch partner, you can qualify for it as well. All of these requirements aside from partner status is Easy to get within about a month or two of creating content on Twitch, Mixer, or YouTube.

Let me know what you think about this game down in the comments, would ya?

Low Tier games – Onederland!

One Finger Death Punch 2 Early Access

So, let us just preface this: One Finger Death Punch is a Stick fighting, meme basket, Goretastic, wave fighter, where you can fight your fans live on stream and beat the everliving bejeezus out of them. Got all that? Great.

The game-play is exceedingly simple; When an enemy enters your “Hit zone” you press one of two buttons, and you’ll execute them in one of many thousands of ways, some of which go to bombastic lengths to be the most ridiculous death sequence around. Here, Let’s just give you their official trailer…

Oh, I guess you gotta dodge thrown weapons occasionally too…Eh.

Yeah… This game is so ludicrously Awesome, It gets TWO Youtube video embeds. YUP! Know what’s even more awesome? It’s Requirements…

How to Qualify for the free game One finger death punch:

Have an account...
Requirement breadown, One Finger Death Punch 2

You read that right: 1. 1 for everything. A game could not be easier to qualify for if it was hurled at your face at the speed of light.

I recommend EVERYBODY pick this one up, you’ve no reason not to, and you may very well enjoy the over-the-top shenanigans that comes with this title.

And with that concludes Week Two of our Featured Free Games on Woovit. Check back next week!

Week 1: The start of something special – Woovit Featured Games

Top Tier games – Hard to qualify.

Candle: The power of flame

The Week 1 spotlight is Candle: The power of flame. This is an action-adventure game with a watercolor aesthetic to the world. You play as “Teku”, who is a light guide within the game word. The goal of this game is to save your master and to right the wrongs of the “Wakcha”.

Requirements Breakdown of Candle: The power of flame:
The Requirements to get the free game candle on woovit.

The requirements on woovit are pretty high on this title for twitch streamers, requiring an average views count of 50 or being a twitch partner. If I am understanding this correctly, this means you need 25 viewers per stream. Correct me if I’m wrong in the comments, I’ll modify as necessary!

It is significantly easier to qualify for this game on the mixer front, as you only need a total of 200 followers on your mixer.

As for youtube, I’m not sure how difficult it is to get an average views count of 1000, but it sounds like a lot. Fill me in on the comments below on if this is a lot or not. I may need to adjust the tier of the games a bit.

Mid Tier free games – Somewhat easy to qualify

GRIDD: Retroenhanced

This game looks like a cross between Audio Surf and Kingdom Hearts Gummi battles. At least, that is the vibe it is giving me. For our pick for the mid-tier, the requirements aren’t all that bad to achieve, even for relatively small channels.

This particular title also requires you do not have this game on steam. This means you can’t use this code in a giveaway without buying your own copy.

Requirements Breakdown of GRIDD: Retroenhanced:

With a minimum subscriber count of 100 on YouTube, it is a fairly simple task to achieve.

Twitch, also being fairly easy to attain 100 followers, makes this title out of reach for brand new channels. As such, this game will be filled in at our “Mid Tier” requirements.

Finally, mixer, holding the same requirement of 100 followers as twitch. As mixer is a less popular platform, it is a harder hurdle to reach over twitch in this case; but still well within our mid tier threshold, and easy enough to attain the requirements of.

This game looks like it could be pretty fun to play on stream. It’s retro tron-esque art style could be a big hit among a fairly sizable demographic. The music in the game is pretty lit, and all in all, for the great price of “free” it wouldn’t hurt to try.

Low Tier free games – Easy to qualify

Disputed Space

As a very strong advocate of Sci-fi space battle simulators myself, this game reminds me of games like Freelancer or Elite:Dangerous. The details on the game look pretty good, and the systems appear decent.

Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t Elite: Dangerous or Star Citizen levels of detail good. I’d recommend trying it yourself and being your own judge on whether or not it is a good game.

Requirements Breakdown of Disputed Space

As for requirements: It is EXTREMELY easy to qualify for across all three platforms. With a requirement of merely 10 Subscribers or followers; Even the newest channels can easily get what they need in order to stream or feature this game on their channel.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated or partnered with Woovit or any publishes on Woovit. I provide this list as an informative post for new and old streamers & Youtubers looking to branch out their content.

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  1. Kind of crappy how the Woovit criteria are higher than the games they offer…aka “100 followers for the game” but “250 for Woovit”… LMAO.

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