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Voice Attack – Use Your Voice as a Stream Deck Alternative

Looking for a unique streaming software to increase viewer engagement? How about a Stream deck alternative? Voice Attack is both!

Voice attack is a unique software used primarily by pilots in Elite Dangerous, a sci-fi space simulator to increase game immersion. They generally use it to simulate an onboard space ship AI, that will execute a voice command as a macro to do something; For example, MrMyu over on YouTube posted a video showcasing voice attack features.

A voice controlled stream deck alternative preview video  featuring Voice  Attack.

He shows you how to set up and use Voice attack in the context of Elite Dangerous. The same techniques he uses can be applied to any game you stream, any scene transition. It is, in effect, a Voice controlled stream deck alternative.

Note that the version being featured is a bit different from the current version available.

Now, think just for one minute on what you make for your streams using something like this

Some of the amazing features of this voice-controlled stream deck alternative

Say you’re starting up your stream. You have a “Starting soon” scene so you can finish getting ready. What if, for example, you are not near your PC, but are doing some sort of IRL stream doing Yoga? Well, you could set up a command in Voice Attack to switch your scenes. “Start streaming”. It executes, along with with a couple chat macros to play a GIF overlay, type in your stream chat “Welcome to the Yoga Class! Have a great time and feel free to ask questions!”

If your scenes are configured to not capture your mic input in certain scenes, like outlined in our guide “Advanced audio properties – OBS and you” and “Audio Device management – OBS and you“, your stream does not hear that command, so it swaps to your scene and they never hear that command. But since voice attack is listening separate from OBS, it does execute.

Say you get a new follower, and you say “Hey. thanks for that follow!” If assigned a Voice attack command to that phrase, You could then trigger a scene overlay element with a hype train sound effect, and have the Text to speech system in voice attack say “Everybody say hi to our new follower!” All from just saying thanks for the follow. You can make it say ANYTHING you want.

The free version of Voice Attack can do 20 macros which are more than enough for scene control in OBS. However, there is SO MUCH MORE that you can do with it.

Scene control from anywhere that the mic can hear you

“Okay goons; let’s get ready to push to Champion!”Rocket League opens up, scene switches to Rocket League scene, and Text to speech voice says – “Here we go! Let’s watch (Streamers name) claw their way into Champion…or laugh at him for failing miserably! Haha” All with one command from the streamer.

The Voice macro configuration menu for voice attack, a powerful voice controlled stream deck alternative
Keypress macro control window for Voice Attack.
Un-check the Variable keypress, Had to select it to screenshot.
Swap your scene in OBS using the Keypress button.
The OBS macro to swap scenes.
The final macro we created to launch rocket league, switch scenes, and say a tts message.
The Final Macro: Launches the application, waits half a second, then Text to speech statement, another pause, then finally the OBS macro to switch scenes(No direct OBS integration at this time)

Have pre-recorded backup singing for Twitch sings play after you sing a line

You got a twitch Sings stream? Start singing, and different programmed parts of the song lyrics you do will switch camera angles automatically, no input from you. (A lot to set up, but well worth it. Since you know which lines will switch to which camera, you can on cue look at the camera directly and sing towards it. Neat effect on your audience.) Having some generic commands for manual control could be exceptionally useful.

In addition, you could have the Text-to-speech engine sing the backup parts of the song as you sing. (Though they are pretty bad with the default text to speech engines.) or alternatively, pre-recorded .wavs you make using a program like Reaper. This would sound much better.

Using Reaper to record .wav files to be played back

We have a guide of free vst plugins that goes a bit more in-depth about reaper, but you would be best served at this time to do additional research on the subject for recording purposes. I have not covered this subject as of yet; though if you guys want, I can make a post about it. Let me know in the links below.

You could also hire a voice actor and have them create lines to use in response to your voice commands. Both are viable solutions, and honestly? It’s kind of fun to make sound effects.

Execute any other voice attack macro with any key with this amazing voice controlled stream deck alternative

You can even use key-presses to control the macros, in addition to your voice. It really is an all-in-one solution for macros. But most interesting of all, you can trigger voice attack macros with a voice attack macro.

Excecute a voice attack command with another voice attack command.

This is a very powerful feature if you are able to process it out command by command. You’ll have to get creative to fully utilize this feature, but it can do some pretty amazing things when tied all together.

Convinced? Buy Voice attack and support its creators.

That is merely the tip of the iceberg of what you can do with this amazing voice-controlled stream deck alternative. For the price of merely $10, It is an amazing tool to vastly improve your viewer engagement; without the limits of the trial version of the software.

Purchase a voice controlled stream deck alternative called Voice attack here.
The details of the full version of the stream deck alternative, Voice Attack.

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