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Learn About the Twitch Streaming Platform

Twitch, The Most Popular Live Streaming-Focused Platform

The Streaming Platform that started it all.

Twitch is the most well-known live-streaming-focused platform. It has a heavy emphasis on gaming-based content, but other forms of content are allowed. For many aspiring streamers and video game lovers, Twitch is often their first choice.

Its strengths include:

  • Fairly easy to get started on
  • Well-documented
  • Loaded with streaming communities
  • A large number of monetization incentives for audience members
  • A ton of engagement tools are available
  • Widely supported by third-party applications and extensions

Weaknesses include:

  • Lack of Effective Discovery tools on the platform
  • A significant amount of controversies
  • A ton of poor advice about growing on the internet
  • A recent lack of innovative new features

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