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What Is Twitchstrike and How Can It Help You Succeed

Figuring out what to stream can sometimes be one of the most challenging things to do. There have been times where I had no clue what to stream, and that is where I turned to Twitchstrike.

Twitchstrike is a website designed for streamers to help you solve this dilemma. The site gives you access to metrics of when you should stream certain things at a certain time of day, what has low competition with high search volumes, and many more useful metrics.

What it isn’t is a surefire solution to success. It does give you advice on what to stream, but what you feel like streaming has a higher value. If you are simply following the trends, and stream something you don’t really like, it will show.

That said, It is still a very viable tool for those who have no idea what to stream and aren’t picky. There is as a lot of useful data that the site lays out for easy digestion.

The Metrics Help You Decide What to Stream

Organized in weekly line graphs when you select a game in the Twitchstrike database, this metric will show how popular a game is at a given time. Utilizing this information, you are able plan a broadcast at a timeframe where there is little competition, which can increase the likelyhood of being seen by potential viewers on the platform.

You can also easily determine games that are “Dead” and might have a viewership audience searching for it, but nobody is live. You, being the only one on the list, is the viewer’s ONLY choice. That carries a risk in and of itself, in that you can’t always guarantee viewers are even searching for it. You cannot see what viewers are searching in the database, only channels that are live or not live and at what time they are live.

Pay to Advertise Your Stream on the TwitchStrike Front Page

Subscribe to Twitchstrike to be featured on the front page for a 28 day window

If you pay £5.99 to Twitchstrike in a subscription, they advertise your stream on their front page for a 28-day window. Whenever you go live, you can show up for a visitor of Twitchstrike. Of course, so can other subscribers, and who a visitor sees is a game of Russian roulette. Just remember who the audience of Twitchstrike is – other streamers.

This makes it far less likely to result in any tangible level of traffic increase to your channel. I would not recommend that you utilize this service, even for the exposure bonus it gets you

They Also Feature Reviews of Hardware

When buying hardware of any kind, such as good headphones for streamers, it is my opinion that you’ll want to get multiple perspectives on the products before you buy anything. There are a ton of variables that can make or break a product for an individual. What works for one person, might be awful to another. Plus, you have no idea who is being paid to give a product a stellar review when it is a pile of hot garbage.

For example, microphones are somewhat of a tough subject for review, because everybody has a different voice. What you want to do in the case is to try to find a reviewer with a similar voice as you. This is of course, a real challenge, because not everybody reviews microphones, and not everybody does a good job in the review process.

Reviews on video hardware, such as webcams, are a similar story. The lighting conditions are different for everybody, and light will ultimately dictate quality. When reading or watching reviews on cameras or webcams, be sure to take note on the lighting conditions as well.

Anyways, the point is to get as many viewpoints on a product as you can before making a purchase decision, and there are reviews featured on the TwitchStrike Website.

A Word of Caution on Relying on These Metric

One final point I’d like to make – the Twitchstrike still relies on the shotty way that viewers navigate the main Twitch website searching for streamers. This means that, no matter what you stream, the pool of viewers looking for new streamers to watch is incredibly small. There is no way to get arouond this fact, Twitchstrike is trying to do the best it can in a crappy situation.

As I have stated in many other articles, starting a youtube channel is the best route to take for actually getting an audience. While it is true that asking one audience to visit another platform will have a low uptake, it is still better than relying on the broken system that Twitch utilizes for discovery.

Should you use Twitchstrike?

Twitchstrike shows you what to stream at different times of day

I don’t think that using Twitchstrike is a bad idea, but like any tool, it has a time and a place. I do not recommend using it to dictate what you’ll be broadcasting all the time; however, the metric data remains useful. Using it to figure out what to start a series on is a good use of it, and we do recommend playing with it if nothing else.

The interface is easy to understand and simple to navigate. At the end of the day, Twitchstrike is a solid platform for figuring out what to stream in a pinch.

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