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Guilded Gallery - 3 Reasons To Check It Out

Guilded Galleries – 3 Awesome Reasons To Check It Out!

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Disclaimer: I am a Guilded Partner, so my opinions may be biased in favor of it.

1 – What do Guilded Galleries Offer Over Discord?

Guilded Galleries are 100% dedicated to displaying a gallery with a Masonry view and comments in the image view. On the other hand, Discord galleries are just a sub-type of their Forums. This, by itself, gives Guilded an advantage in their favor if you want to add Memes or Media Gallery channel(s) to your server.

If you are used to classic media galleries like IMGUR, Flickr, or self-hosted software like Coppermine, this will feel more at home for you. While Discord’s gallery format may look a bit different, it does have its merits as well. This is due to Discord being more widely known compared to Guilded.

Another benefit to Guilded Galleries is that you can make the channel “Public,” which means it can be viewable on the web without a Guilded account! Upload your pictures to the channel, and the entire world can see them with a shareable link.

Guilded Galleries

What do Discord Galleries Offer Over Guilded?

While Guilded’s version of media galleries looks better (in my opinion), Discord’s galleries do benefit from being on a more popular service. This, by itself, pulls people over to use it or dedicated websites like IMGUR for hosting their image galleries. On Discord, their galleries also offer the benefit of having the ability to set a default reaction whenever an image is uploaded to the gallery. However, you can still react on Guilded.

2 – Why Use Guilded Galleries for Media?

There are many reasons, but some of the best reasons include the ability to mark a channel as “Public,” where anyone on the web with the link can view the gallery and the images contained within. If you want to see some Guilded Galleries in action, check out Mesozoic Haven‘s server.

You can also add over 400 custom tags to your images in Guilded Galleries, and Discord is limited to 20 pre-defined tags in their Forums > gallery view. There is rarely a reason to use over 20, but some image-focused communities would benefit from being able to do over 400 tags, that is for sure! Yes. We do not know why someone would need over 400 tags, but yes. We counted. It failed to save around the 499 mark.

We have multiple galleries in multiple sections of the Mesozoic Haven server, some for pet pictures, some for game pictures, miscellaneous pictures, and memes. Feel free to check them out at your leisure.

3 – It Supports Many Formats of Media!

The Media Gallery channels support many image formats. These formats include:

Standard Formats

  • JPG
  • PNG
  • GIF
  • WEBP

Less Common Formats

  • TIFF
  • TIF
  • JIF
  • APNG
  • BMP
  • SVG (Exception: 500 MB)
  • HEIF

You can also upload video formats (up to 500 MB) in the following formats:

  • MP4
  • MPEG
  • MPG
  • MOV
  • AVI
  • WMV
  • QT
  • WEBM

You can also embed YouTube video links (not youtube clips or shorts, unfortunately. Those would need to be manually uploaded to Guilded), and it’ll embed it! Images are limited to 25 MB (still better than Discord’s 8 MB free limit!), and video files are limited to 500 MB.

Guilded Listens To User Input For Everything

If you have suggestions for new features for Guilded Galleries, you can join the Official server’s feedback board (account needed to post, but not to view) and suggest new features for Galleries or any other channel type that you can think of! The Guilded staff is active on the public server, and they chat with everyone in the regular channels, as well as answer support queries and feedback topics.

You can even expect to see responses from the Partners and Gil Gang (their version of HypeSquad). The community is very welcoming, for the most part! Register for your Guilded account (referral link)!

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