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YouTube Tutorials

YouTube Tutorials

YouTube is the largest video platform in the world, and the second largest search engine. It’s also the best tool to use to get discovered as a live streamer.

Getting your foot in the door on YouTube is a highly involved process, requiring you to plan, record, edit, and render a video. There is SEO involved with it, too, as naming your videos, including a useful description, and coming up with a good thumbnail is important for content to succeed on the platform. All of this is overwhelming for any new creator trying to get their feet wet, so I made these articles to help ease you into the process.

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Mental Health Corner

Being a content creator of any kind, including being a YouTuber, means being okay with the fact that your work never actually ends. There is no end of your day, no 9-5 structure or workplace, and no co-workers to share your thoughts with when you’re starting out. This sort of hobby or job is Incredibly taxing on your mind, body, and soul. It is for this reason that I include this section to ensure you are aware of this going into it.

Burnout is rampant in the creator space, and you should be aware that there will come a time when it will also happen to you. You are not immune to this, and don’t try to pretend otherwise because that leads to a dark place that you don’t want to be, believe me. I’ve been there myself many times with this blog.

My advice regarding this is simply this:

  • Take a regular break from your channel at least once a month
  • It’s okay to take longer breaks, if you feel that you need it
  • It’s okay to stop completely any time, with no explanation to others

Your mental health is important – don’t let something like expectations of consistent growth get in your own way.

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