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How to enable channel points on Twitch in 2021 – Quick guide

Ah, greetings stranger! Welcome to Streamer’s Haven, the place where you can find helpful articles to get you started in live streaming. In this article, I will be showing you how to enable channel points for Twitch on desktop – Ready for 2021. If the process ever changes, this post will be updated to reflect those changes.

Luckily, enabling this feature is pretty simple, once you know where to look. This article will likely end up being a short one, as there really isn’t much to this process, but I’ll also cover some other things in here that are closely related, such as How to set up a Community challenge that uses these channel points, and how to change the name & icon of your channel points.

Enable Channel points for Twitch using a Desktop PC

To enable this feature on a Desktop PC, follow these instructions:

  1. Click on your portrait icon on the top right of the twitch.tv home page
  2. Search for and click “Creator Dashboard”
  3. Expand the community Tab
  4. Click on Channel points in the dropdown
  5. Flip the Toggle switch so that it is a purple color with a Checkmark visible.

Alternatively, to skip most of these steps (1-4), you can navigate directly to the channel points menu by using some URL manipulation if you prefer. Included below is the URL of the page. Simply swap out “REPLACE-ME” with your channel name, and you’ll navigate directly there, saving you quite a few clicks.


How to change what channel points are called on your channel

Icon Size
Small28 x 28 px
Medium56 x 56 px
Large112 x 112 px
Max File size – 25 kb

Did you know you can Customize what the points are called, and even change the icon for them? While we are in the channel points tab, go ahead and click on “Channel points display”. In this interface, you can rename channel points to anything you want, within reason. Some terms are off-limits, for example, something like “Simp coins” will not go over well, given that that term has been banned on Twitch for its derogatory use in harassing individuals.

Anyways, You can also add your own channel points icon in this. I’ve included a reference table for your convenience & included the max file size allowed.

For another navigation shortcut to get to this page, simply add /settings at the end of the url, and follow the directions in the section above this one.


How to Create a Community Challenge using channel points

Also found within the channel points page is the Community Rewards & Challenges page. This is a fun little game for your community to encourage them to spend their channel points and interact with the chat. In return for their collective effort, once the goal is reached, you will have to do something for them. For some example of rewards you can give them, I’ve compiled a shortlist for you:

  • Jelly bean challenge – Get the super gross beans, and if they reach the goal, you’ll have to eat them, showing your reactions to them.
  • Create a community server of some sort, like a Minecraft or Discord server.
  • Dab
  • Community fall guys game night
  • etc.

I’ll be honest, I’m not very original when it comes to these ideas. I have literally pulled these ideas from what others have done within our allied streaming communities. Credit to you guys who have done these Community challenge Ideas!

Mobile Users – Direct URL access ONLY


So, I have spent the better part of two hours trying to figure out how to enable channel points on a mobile device, including using the Twitch App, and for the life of me, I can’t figure out how to access the Creator Dashboard from the app. I tried navigating every single button on the app, and not one led me to the dashboard. The only way that seems to work is to navigate directly to the URL of the creator dashboard using this link in a browser on a phone:


As to why this isn’t a link that is visible on the standard navigation, it is plainly obvious; It is far from mobile optimized. And no, you can’t scroll to the right. It’s one redeeming feature is that the navigation hamburger actually is it’s least properly optimized, allowing you to navigate to the rest of the very broken dashboard.

The Stream manager is not optimized for mobile use, but you can still enable channel points once here.

Still, I suppose it is possible to enable channel points using a mobile device, it just isn’t a very user-friendly experience. C’mon Twitch, you guys need to catch up to the mobile-first world. The Dashboard is probably one of the most important tools to a streamer, and not everybody has access to a Desktop or Laptop! Your mobile users shouldn’t have to suffer from a lack of features like this.

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