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Looking to Change your Twitch name?

Were you one of those people who created your twitch account not expecting anything from it, and chose some silly name? Well, you’re not alone. Many have regretted their choice of the channel name on Twitch and wanted to learn how to change it…Only, How do you change your Twitch name?

Well, this process has actually changed in the past, at least to where it is located within the settings. But fear not, we will update this post if/when they decide to move it again.

There are just six steps involved to change in your Twitch name

It’s pretty easy, but only if you know where to look. Let’s dive in, shall we? A quick note, Twitch only allows you to change names once every 60 days, so be sure you know what you want before you make the swap.

change your twitch name in the settings page.
  1. Log into the account you want to change
  2. In the top right corner, click your profile avatar
    • Look for “settings” in here, and click that
  3. You should be under the “Profile” tab. Look for the icon that looks a little bit like a pencil and paper. This is located next to the “Username” input box. Click it.
  4. Enter your password to verify it is you. You will also have to input your 2-factor authentication code if you have that enabled. (You definitely should)
  5. Enter your new Twitch name.
    • Remember, this can only be changed once every 60 days.
  6. Click update. If It’s available, then there is only one more step
change your username on twitch

Simple, and sweet. There are some things that won’t change, at least until you manage to become a partner if you have not yet already done that.

What won’t change with this process?

Your Emote prefix will not update for you. So for example, our emote prefix is “
mrgood6″. Well, we could change to “Streamer’s Haven” there, but we’d be stuck with mrgood6 as our emote prefix until we get to partner.

Our advice is to consider your name carefully the first time. What can you see yourself being called in 5 years? Pick that one.

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