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Who Owns Glimesh? Plus Other Exciting FAQ’s About Glimesh

The Glimesh Owner Is clone1018, or Luke Strickland

Glimesh is the dreamchild of one Luke Strickland, or Clone1018 as he goes by on the Glimesh Discord (don’t ask about the other 1017 clones ;)). He is the one who owns Glimesh, but only the website and brand itself. He is also a volunteer firefighter. As for the code that makes up the budding live streaming platform – that is 100% open source. You can see the project in its entirety on the Glimesh GitHub page.

The license that Glimesh uses is the MIT Expat license. Thus, anybody is free to use the code in any way they like, provided that they just follow that one rule in the license – any product made from the glimesh code must also include the same MIT Expat license.

Will Glimesh Have a Mobile App?

Will Glimesh have a Mobile App?

Yes! Glimesh has outlined the plans to create and provide a mobile app to chat on glimesh in a mobile-friendly design. They plan to have it available for Android and iOS. Additionally, one of the primary features of the application is a mobile notification sent to you when your favorite streamer goes live. (Only if you opt-in, of course.)

The application is still only in very early development at this time, so there are bound to be a variety of additions in the future.

Will Glimesh Allow Custom Animated Emotes?

Emote TypeFile TypeMin DimensionsMax DimensionsMax Filesize
Static.svg128×128256×256256 KB
Animated.gif128×128256×2561 MB
Supported = YES

It isn’t a question of if they will allow them – Glimesh already allows streamers to upload custom animated .gif emotes! However, this feature is currently in the testing phase, so you may want to be aware that there may be unintended behavior when used.

The thing with Glimesh animated emotes is that they can be smaller than 256×256, so if you are struggling to get your gif under 1 MB, downsizing it might be an option you can explore. So you are aware, the minimum size that it can be is 128×128, and it needs to be square.

This is a nice addition to streaming, as animated emotes offered from extensions like bettertwitchtv has been one of my personal favorite additions, even when it was unofficially supported. However, now that Twitch officially supports animated emotes, I feel it is considered an industry-standard feature.

Gifted Subscriptions – In the Works

Glimesh feels that Gifted subs are an important monetization tool and are working on adding it as part of their phase 2 plans. According to their phase 2 outline, they even plan to add the ability to opt-out of being able to receive gifted subs, which is a nice addition.

As to why I think that gifted subs should have the option to choose whether or not you have opted into it, it comes down to psychology – the reciprocity rule creates feelings of debt regarding gifts. This tricks people into thinking they owe something to the gifters. For those who feel themselves at risk of such feelings of forced gratitude, opting out of such a feature is beneficial.

Will Glimesh Support Raiding?

Will Glimesh Support Rading?

Raiding is one of the most useful features for creating some form of networking with other streamers, and Glimesh plans to add this to their list of features. This feature is so popular that it is often considered a live streaming platform’s mainstay, though it carries a negative risk associated with hate raiding.

I’m interested in seeing how the budding platform handles hate raids in the future when this does become a part of Glimesh. Hopefully, they learn from the mistakes of Twitch.

You Can See Every Single User on Glimesh

There is a page where you can see every single user who has registered with Glimesh. This is a convenient tool to find new streamers to watch in the future. On this page, you can see how many followers those users have and how many they are following. Additionally, a link to their Twitter page is there if the user provided a link to it.

You can also visit their profile page from here, which you can find additional details about what they stream and what they do. (provided they fill it out.)

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