How to Avoid The Dangers of Live Streaming

By MonoDex

Swatting is one of the most dangerous pranks that can be played on a person, streamer or otherwise.

The prank entails an individual making a false 911 call to the police, and providing details to them about an alleged serious crime taking place.

This results in a strong response from a swat team of police raiding a place of business, or homestead of the victim targeted by the prankster.

Sadly, such pranks have resulted in loss of life in the past.

Luckily, such pranks are rare, and there are now options that high-risk individuals, like streamers, public figures, and others can take to help prevent tragedy.

Another danger of live streaming involves something called Hate Raids. These raids target marginalized creators. For example, people of color, LGBTQ+, and others.

In these raids, the victim is emotionally assaulted, with the end goal of harassing the individual. This sort of attack has led to suicide before.

Hate raids highlight a facet of humanity that most would hide from. But, there are steps that you can take to deal with them.

Swatting, hate raids, harassment, and stalking are all things that you'll probably encounter as a creator at one point or another. However, if you are well informed on how to deal with them, you can mitigate their effect on you and your content. Stay safe out there, and good luck in your Streaming Endeavors!