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How to Get Sponsored by a casino?

Online casinos have emerged as one of the largest niches sponsoring streamers online. This trend began a few years ago when the first crypto casinos started sponsoring gamers. Since then, sponsoring streamers has become increasingly common. Although we at are not particularly focused on casino streaming, we understand that it’s a growing interest for many and something they wish to pursue. Therefore, we spoke with Ole, a Norwegian affiliate with extensive experience in iGaming (gambling, as noted by the editor). He will explain how you can get sponsored by a casino and what casinos look for when sponsoring streamers.

If you haven’t read our guide on becoming a casino streamer, we recommend you do that first. While it covers some basics, Ole will provide deeper insights and ensure you have the best foundation for securing a casino as your stream’s sponsor.

Why Do Casinos Spend Money on Sponsorship?

There are several reasons why a casino chooses to use sponsorship as a marketing tool. Primarily, they aim to attract more customers to their casino by spreading their brand through sponsorship. This helps them reach potential customers through the sponsored entity.

Sponsorship can be used in a broader brand strategy to create positive associations with a brand. This has been employed by companies like Betsafe, Betsson, and Unibet in Europe. In the USA, partnerships like Drake with and Usain Bolt with Gamdom have emerged.

If you’re reading this article to find out how to get sponsored by a casino as a streamer, the former point is what’s relevant. These are the key factors that casino marketing managers consider when assessing if you are a suitable sponsorship candidate:

  • How many followers do you have?
  • On which platforms are you available?
  • How often do you publish content?
  • What is the demographic of your followers?

How Does Casino Sponsorship Work?

Typically, casino sponsorship works as follows:

  • The casino pays you a sum for the sponsorship, which could be annually, monthly, or per activity you conduct for the casino.
  • You will receive a link from the casino to promote them. You might earn a sum per player or a commission on that player’s losses.
  • Often, there’s a combination of these methods offered by a casino interested in sponsoring you. If you have a smaller following, a casino might only offer the second option.

How Much Money Can I Earn from Casino Sponsorship?

We’ve previously discussed how much a casino streamer can earn, but sponsorship earnings can vary. Your earnings depend on your audience and your ability to negotiate deals. Over time, for example, with a revenue share agreement as outlined in option two, you can earn significant income.

What to Consider Before Accepting Casino Sponsorship?

There are crucial factors to consider before entering a sponsorship agreement with a casino:

  • Is it legal to promote casinos in your country or region?
  • Is your audience above 18 years or the legal gambling age in your area?
  • Ensure that the casino considering sponsoring you has the necessary licenses.

This is vital as streamers are responsible for their content, and failing to comply with laws can lead to legal issues.

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