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How much does a casino streamer earn?

It is safe to say that making money by playing your favorite games of chance in front of an audience is the dream job for every gambling enthusiast out there. And while it may not be easy to achieve, this is actually possible.

Casino streamers, much like most streamers from other niches, generate income from various sources. This means that, when they reach a certain point of “popularity”, they can focus on content creation as their primary job and source of income. 

However, the question that often arises among people who are looking forward to starting a career in the casino streaming niche is: how much money do casino streamers actually make?

Well, while we cannot answer this question with a solid sum that tells you exactly how much they earn, in this article we will delve into the world of casino streaming and explore the factors that contribute to their earnings.

So, if this is something you’re interested in, keep reading! 

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Different income streams

As mentioned before, casino streamers generate income from various sources.

From working directly with certain casinos to donations and subscriptions to their channels, casino streamers don’t lack the options to make money. 

So, let’s delve deeper into each of those income streams to have a better understanding of how much they can make through them. 

Subscriptions and donations

The majority of popular streaming platforms like Twitch, Kick and YouTube allow viewers to subscribe to streamers’ channels for a monthly fee, from which they get a percentage.

That percentage that goes into the pocket of the streamer is usually 50%, which means that they’ll receive $2,5 from every viewer subscription if it’s set to the minimum of $5 (at least on Twitch). 

Paying that subscription fee provides viewers with access to exclusive content, custom emotes, and other perks, which is why it’s common to see channels with lots of subscribers. 

Additionally, subscribers and viewers in general can make one-time or recurring donations during live streams to show their support, which makes up for another great source of income.

Nonetheless, the sum that casino streamers make from subscriptions and donations on a monthly basis will entirely depend on their number of followers and level of engagement (more subscribers = more money). 

Ad revenue

Popular streaming services like Twitch, Kick, and YouTube run short advertisements before and during every broadcast, and streamers receive a portion of the advertising revenue based on factors such as the number of views, ad impressions, and engagement. 

The average pay rate to streamers for every 1,000 ad views is 3-5$. But just like it happens with subscriptions and donations, the exact amount of money paid to the streamer will depend on their pool of viewers.

And while this may not be the main income source for streamers, especially those who are just starting out, it can certainly be a steady way to earn a fixed sum of money every month. 

Affiliate marketing

Casino streamers often partner with online casinos and betting platforms, and make a deal where they receive a commission or revenue share for every player who signs up and plays at the casino using their unique referral links.

This is arguably the most common and popular way for casino streamers to make money since it is a strategy both small and top-tier casino streamers can benefit from. 

There are two distinct models within affiliate partnerships, both of them with particular characteristics and benefits. They are: 

Click Per Action (CPA): In this model, casinos compensate the streamer for each specific action a viewer performs on their website. The compensation per action could go from as little as $10 all the way to $100+.

Revenue Share: This model involves live streamers receiving a predetermined percentage of the gambling profits the casino makes through players who used their referral link. The percentage usually falls between 20% and 60%, providing streamers with a solid share of the generated revenue.


Successful streamers can attract sponsorships from casinos, game developers, and other relevant brands, which would basically be like hitting the jackpot for any casino streamer.

These partnerships may offer free play credits, exclusive offers, free products, or plain monetary compensation on a fixed amount. 

While the amount can greatly vary, these sponsorships are mostly offered to already well-known streamers, which means they could be making thousands and thousands of dollars on just partnerships. 


The earnings of casino streamers cannot possibly be estimated since it is influenced by several factors, including audience size, consistency, game selection, and interaction with viewers. 

However, it is safe to say that casino streamers have some of the most solid options and opportunities to make money.

So, if you are still deciding whether or not to start your streamer career in the casino world because you’re afraid it’s not profitable, here’s your answer: Stop thinking about money!

Simply try to build a large and engaged audience by doing what you love and being genuine. If you’re good and likable, subscriptions, donations, and ad revenue will all come by themselves. 

So simply focus on being the best casino streamer out there, and money will come!

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