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How to Disable View Count on Twitch

Let me show you how to disable the view count on Twitch. As to why you might want to do this – it has to do with your mental health.

This devious little feature can:

  • Create senses of euphoria
  • Utterly crush your soul
  • Blast you with dopamine
  • Or spike your anxiety to massive height

I just love this little feature. /s

I’m not going to fluff my way around this – I’m making this as simple as humanly possible for you. You have enough anxiety from this “feature” already. Let’s turn it off, shall we?

The Two Step Process to Disable View Count on Twitch

  1. Access your creator dashboard.
Access the Creator Dashboard on Twitch
  1. left-click on your “Viewers” metric.
Disable view count and other metrics in the Creator Dashboard

Ta-dah! It’s hidden. That’s all there is to know to disable view count on Twitch.

Yep, that’s all you can do about it. Now it is up to you to keep yourself from clicking on that anxiety magnet.

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