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SpinLife– Who are they? All You Need to Know

In just a few years, the phenomenon of casino streaming has experienced remarkable growth, intensifying the competition to attract the largest viewership. 

And while those that emerged as pioneers (meaning those that started doing it way back when casino streaming wasn’t even a thing) are currently the ones at the forefront, attracting thousands of viewers on every broadcast, that doesn’t mean that new casino streamers aren’t able to succeed in this niche. 

A great example of this is SpinLife, a small group of streamers who entered the casino streaming industry just two years ago, but who have since then captivated audiences with their charismatic personalities, gaming expertise, and engaging live broadcasts.

But something that truly sets SpinLife apart is their distinctive approach to streaming. You see, they’re not your typical solo streamers; instead, SpinLife is a close-knit group of friends who share a deep passion for gaming and decided to do something about it, together.

This unique camaraderie and shared enthusiasm infuses their channel with an exceptional and enjoyable atmosphere, making it a great place to be for anyone who loves gambling and a good laugh.. 

However, if you’re new to their content or haven’t even had the opportunity to check them out, fear not! In this article, we’ll delve into the fascinating journey of SpinLife, shedding light on their backgrounds and meteoric rise to stardom so you can get to know them a little better and, why not, feel encouraged to follow them after reading this. 

Who Comprise SpinLife? 

SpinLife was originally created by Philip and Jack Peterson back in September 2021, and although it is quite recent, we must mention that they weren’t newbies in the matter at the time.

Jack and Philip had already been around for a while as they already had a casino gambling channel called Daskelelele and a YouTube channel called “Jack’s Gambling Channel”, where they uploaded regular slots and live dealer gameplays. 

However, in September 2021 they felt like a change was needed and that’s when they decided to create SpinLife, which is the channel we know today.

It is true that a few different streamers were added to the rotation during the initial years, but at the end, just Jack and Philip remained. 

However, this year SpinLife started with three people, Jack, Philip and David, but then the team was reduced to just two members after David left the project due to personal reasons, leaving the founders alone in charge of the channel, again. 

Nonetheless, the change of the team didn’t affect SpinLife whatsoever as they continued to consistently create content and brighten the days of their viewers. 

Unfortunately for the die-hard fans of SpinLife, Jack and Philip aren’t the types of guys to be sharing information about their personal lives as they intend to keep it all very secret. It is till today that we don’t know the full names of these popular streamers, even less other information such as where they come from, where they live, etc. 

But if you’re interested in knowing a little bit more about them, we encourage you to join the chat in one of their streams and ask what you have in mind; they’re constantly answering questions from their followers, and you may get an answer to your doubts directly from them. 

When and Where Do They Stream? 

SpinLife’s primary platform for streaming is currently Kick, a relatively new streaming platform that was founded less than a year ago and that is where you’ll find most casino and slots streamers, 

Jack and their friends used to stream on Twitch, but the transition to Kick stems from the casino streaming restrictions imposed by Twitch itself, where they prohibited streamers to play on some of the most popular casino platforms while live, like for example,

On Twitch, they had to leave behind almost 90K avid followers due to the restrictions, and were forced to start from scratch on Kick. On there, they are currently sitting at 2.5K followers, but it has been less than a month since they made the change to this platform, so it is a number that’s expected to grow exponentially during these next few weeks/months. 

When it comes to their streaming schedule, they usually try to stream on a daily basis; however, their schedule is not as strict as others, so they may take some days off. The best way to know when they’re going live is by following on their social media, but especially Discord, since they’re pretty active there. 

What is certain is the fact that they stream for over 12 hours when they do, so there’s a lot of content to be seen. 

The SpinLife Experience

SpinLife viewers can expect an exhilarating and dynamic experience every time they tune in. The SpinLife duo brings a charismatic and engaging presence to their streams, creating an inviting atmosphere where viewers feel like part of an exclusive club. Their energetic banter, camaraderie, and humorous interactions make for an entertaining watch, even for those who might not be avid gamblers themselves. 

SpinLife’s content revolves around a variety of casino games, ranging from slots to table games and live dealer options. This diversity ensures there’s something for every gambling enthusiast out there. Besides, their commitment to long streaming sessions means there’s almost always something happening, catering to a global audience across different time zones.

So overall, whether you’re looking for tips and strategies, the thrill of live casino action, or just a fun and engaging time with like-minded viewers, SpinLife delivers an all-encompassing casino streaming experience that’s bound to keep you entertained.

How Much Do They Make?Net Worth

As mentioned earlier, Jack and Philip aren’t fans of sharing personal information on their socials so, as you could expect, they also don’t share much about the finances. 

Therefore, all we can do is make an estimation of their net worth considering considering things like donations, advertisements, subscriptions, sponsorships, and casino wins, along with the earnings they make through YouTube where they average 10K views per video, we believe their net worth should be around the $500K-$1M. 

Where to Follow SpinLife Closely?


This is the place to be if you want to catch a SpinLife broadcast since they no longer stream on Twitch. Here you’re likely to find them almost every day playing some slots and interacting with viewers. 

If you see there aren’t many viewers watching, it is because of what we mentioned before; the platform transition made them lose a lot of followers, but they’re slowly getting back on their feet. 


Although you won’t find any live streaming on their YouTube channel, following on this platform is another must since they’re frequently uploading content here. 

Even if you’re an avid follower, chances are that you won’t be able to see the entire 12 hours streams every day, which is why subscribing to their YT channel is practically a necessity. There they upload mostly highlights, often sharing their biggest wins and craziest moments from the streams. 


Discord is not only the place where you’ll be able to keep up with the channel’s latest news and changes but you will also be able to join an active community where you can meet other like-minded people.

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