Video Editing

Video Editors I've Personally Used - Ranked

By MonoDex

Choosing Your Editor

Making YouTube videos is something a lot of people are interested in doing. From businesses, to hobbyists, if you want to create video content, you need an editor. Not a person, mind you, but a program designed to stich your video together.

What Editors do

Every editor out there will all net you the same result - The ability to create video content. However, not all editors are created equal. Some editors are loaded with features, and novices can easily become overloaded. Others are limiting, but easy to use. How then, do you choose what editor you use?

What to Focus on

Understanding where you are at as far as skill level is concerned is important. If you've never created a video before, then I suggest looking into #3 or #4 in the list.  If you're looking for the editor to use that has the best features, then #1 or #2 are right for you.

DaVinci Resolve 17


DaVinci Resolve 17 is easily my favorite editor to use. The reason for this is that it is loaded to the brim with features. Not only that, but almost all of the commonly used features aren't locked behind a paywall, which is common of other editors.

Sony Vegas Pro 19


While Sony Vegas is not a free editor like DaVinci Resolve, it is still a very capable editor with a one-time purchase cost. This was the first professional editing software I ever used way back in 2008. It has come a long way since then, and I still use it on occasion to do some things that I find are easier in it.

Sony Vegas Explained

I chose to include Sony Vegas in this list simply because it is the editor with which I have the most hands-on experience using. It has many industry-standard editing tools that make creating video content easy. While not quite as good as DaVinci Resolve, you shouldn't discount this powerful no-nonsense editor.



Lightworks is one of the most well-known Free Video editors out there, and for good reason. While it is fairly light on the number of advanced features, it has everything you need to start your YouTube Channel without overwhelming you. Sometimes, less is more, especially for novice YouTubers.

LightWorks Explained

I love lightworks, but I don't love the rendering limitations imposed by the free version of lightworks. You are restricted to a maximum of 720p, which I feel is kind of silly at the point we are at regarding resolution accessibility. If you can deal with this, it's one of the easiest tools on this list to use.



While not a conventional video editor, Canva offers the ability to create videos, as well as images, PDF's and more. I've used Canva to create images that appear on my blog, and even my notebook design for Dungeons and Dragons session notes. It really is a fantastic tool that I highly recommend.

What makes Canva good

Canva is an exceptionally useful tool to bloggers, YouTubers, and various other media based professions. The time that you save from it's super easy to use interface more than makes up for it's overall lack of features. It's especially useful for creating B-roll content to supplement your videos.