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Digital detox, the cure for stream burnout

Feeling burnt out, or stressed from streaming? Consider doing a digital detox to reset yourself and come back with renewed vigor.

Streaming can wear you out pretty hard. You devote workaholic hours to building your online presence, only to be rewarded with less than anticipated results. The truth is, you have a TON of competition. This fact alone causes significant stress on the average streamer.

Digital Detox

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I’m not trying to say you shouldn’t stream if you want to stream. What I’m saying is, if you feel like you don’t want to stream, it may be time to consider a digital detox.

Modern society demands so much of our attention, we are tricked into believing we do not own our own time. This is wrong; we only believe this to be the case because of digital peer pressure.

Take control back of your time, and do what you believe is best for your health.

What is a Digital Detox, and how will this help my channel grow?

A digital detox is a sort of strike on electronic social mediums, such as a phone, PC, or another format. You set a time frame, and to the best of your ability, you try to adhere to the technological ban.

What this does is start to unwind you, and allow your brain some time to relax and think about other things. It provides respite, and a chance to gather your thoughts. The demand that society has on the average person is far beyond what we are capable of handling every single day.

As for how it can help your channel grow; Your mental state is something viewers are keenly aware of.

Take care of yourself, and know that there are places you can get help from should you need it.

“I’m not depressed. I’m just stressed. Do I still need a break?”

Only you can decide if you need to distance yourself from technology. What we’re trying to do is make you aware of ways to help alleviate that stress if it becomes too much. Even if it is only a day, it helps to just do something different from the routine. Anything that you can manage, just take a break when you need to. If you are feeling depressed, We recommend confiding with a friend and distancing yourself from the source of your depression. It isn’t running away to give yourself a break.

We all need a little rest & relaxation at some point. Don’t let the grind of streaming get in the way of your mental health needs. Mental Health is a serious matter, do not take it lightly.

Our friends over at Hype Speed have a #mental-health channel where you can talk with others who are experiencing a wave of unbearable stress. They help you through the tough times, and brighten your day, no matter how dark it may have been.

Consider reading our guide on the proper mindset for streaming as well. Chasing the grind is bad for your mental well being, and just a little bit of perspective and semantics can help improve your mood.

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