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How to see who follows you on Twitch – Including Mobile!

Once upon a time, being able to see who followed you was easily accomplished with a single click on your channel page. Now, after a redesign done in 2020, this is no longer the case. Instead of the easy single-click navigation button, it is buried four clicks deep within the Stream Manager. To make matters worse, you actually can’t see who follows you on twitch at all on a mobile device, unless you directly navigate to it. More on that here.

And no, you can’t see who follows you on the Twitch App. That thing is still pretty barebones, as far as features are concerned. So, where do you go?

Where can you find your followers list?

Pic illustrating how to get to the followers list. This is how to see who follows you on Twitch in 2020.

There are four steps to this process on a standard Desktop and Laptop Device:

  1. Click on your Logo on the top right of the screen once you are logged in
  2. Look for and click “Creator Dashboard”
  3. On the far left menu, Located Community, and expand it.
  4. You’ll see “Followers List”, Click it and you’re done.

Alternatively, keep reading for a neat little shortcut if you feel that typing out your Channel name in a URL is easier than clicking the mouse four times…Or are using a mobile device and want to see who follows you on Twitch. Yep, It turns out it is possible! 🙂

How to see who follows you on Twitch using a Mobile Device

How to See who Follows you on Twitch on a Mobile Device
Here is the List on an emulated Pixel 2 from my Android Dev tools included with Visual Studio, Confirmed working on my own mobile device.

Normally, you can not access the Stream Manager, and thus the followers’ list, from a Mobile Device – The link has been hidden with CSS. However, if you enter the URL to the list directly into your mobile device’s browser, you can access your followers’ list from a mobile device! Simply type in this address, and swap out “REPLACE-ME” with your channel’s name:

The process is also very similar for adding new moderators on a Smartphone. I do wonder when we will see a complete mobile interface for you guys.


The plausible reason that they decided to hide this link, to begin with, is because the Stream Manager itself is not properly Mobile Optimized, resulting in a very broken layout that is a nightmare to actually use. With that said, the Followers list looks completely fine on a mobile device. As a final step, I recommend creating a bookmark on your phone so that you can simply tap a button to go there again in the future.

Oh, Avoid Follow for Follow and don’t buy follow bots, kay?

Obligatory message:

Please don’t engage in Follow for Follow or buy followers/viewers. The Follower metric is a good reference for you to understand how well your channel is doing, and if you flood it with a bunch of fake followers, then you ruin any analysis advantage you get from it. Not only that but because the act of buying followers and viewers is such a widespread problem, these metrics have actually devalued in the eyes of the audience on Twitch. AKA, you are wasting your money. These followers don’t make you any money, and the only advantage that they have is to make you look “Better” in the eyes of a gullible company that doesn’t fully understand Twitch for potential sponsorship.

Also, if you buy followers, you are breaking the Terms of Service on Twitch, and that can result in your account being banned.

Not. Worth.

As for Follow for Follow, it may seem like a decent tactic to grow in the streaming communities, but think about who is following you – Another Streamer. They aren’t likely to be a regular on your channel, and many will be quite upset if you ask a streamer in chat to do “F4F”. It’s one of the Unspoken rules of Streamer Etiquette. You are Low-Key Self Advertising in their channel, and they have every right to be upset.

How to actually get more followers on Twitch

Being a Streamer is fine and dandy, but being a successful streamer that can earn a living is a full-time job. I don’t mean to stream 8 hours a day for 5 days a week, no. You need to reach out and create content on other platforms that are inherently more discoverable than Twitch, which suffers from a major problem of Discoverability. One of the best platforms to accomplish this task is YouTube. If you haven’t yet made a YouTube Channel, I suggest that you do.

If you have started one, Look into YouTube Shorts. They are a means of creating super short videos that can generate a metric boatload of traffic to your YouTube Channel. Don’t forget the Callback to your Twitch channel with a fancy Graphic with SFX at some point that’s visible for around 3 seconds! Boom! Easy 24/7 advertising if the video does well. 🙂

I have an article that details a Highly effective YouTube Creation Strategy that can allow a daily release schedule with only 3 days of hard work every month. Its the Three Day Content Strategy – Check it out!

Sadly, Just streaming isn’t going to cut it anymore, if your intention is to make it your Job.

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