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How to stream on twitch – The proper mindset

You’re interested in starting a streaming channel, but aren’t sure where to begin? I can tell you one thing, most people streaming today don’t know how to stream on Twitch.

What I am referring to is the anxiety-inducing mindset that chips away at your sanity; This is colloquially known as “The Grind”.

This mindset has been the death of many aspiring twitch channels and should be utterly demolished in favor of a, in my opinion, far superior mindset.

Why does a mindset matter for knowing how to stream on twitch?

It is by far the most important part of what you represent for your channel. Your channel is your brand, and you are doing your brand a disservice by chasing growth.

By constantly gripping at the frayed ends of the veil known as “the grind”, you overwork yourself. Don’t fall prey to the grind!

Instead, I strongly recommend adopting “The 3 P’s” mindset.

The Three P’s explained

KNowing how to stream on twitch is only one cog in the symphony of gears.

Patience: At first glance, it must mean simply dealing with a dead channel, being out there in the sea of fish, live and in the rankings; and while this IS true to an extent, it is NOT the only thing it means.

What it also means is having the patience to watch your previous stream back to yourself, taking notes and observing your facial features, your reactions. It means being honest with yourself in asking “Am I enjoying my stream?”

In the community I had forged with some fellow streamers in the past, many were frustrated at the utter lack of interest in their channels, their view-count perpetually 0, then 1, then 0 again. Nobody found their streams entertaining. I asked them, “Have you ever watched one of your own streams back to ask yourself, ‘Am I having fun watching this?'”

Those that didn’t get offended and sling profanities at me, who took to heart these words and did this simple thing found their answer. “Well, no. No, I would not watch my streams as a viewer.”

It also means knowing your limits. There is a huge following of “The grind” mentality among streamers, of which many take too far. Continue reading to see more on this.

Potential isn’t a measure of capability

Being able to answer this question to yourself truthfully, without conceit, have Potential. Being unable to accept your faults and improve upon them will ultimately lead to failure.

Potential is not one’s ability to shine above the rest. It is a measurement of how willing an individual is to looking back patiently at their own creations, approaching themselves in the shoes of the viewer. They constantly criticize themselves, thinking of ways to do things differently, to improve themselves as a person. Thus Perseverance.

If you are able to embody this mindset and go beyond your realm of comfort in the endless stride to improving yourself, you will grow without the stress. You will have successfully adopted the correct mindset on how to stream on Twitch. (Or any other platform, for that matter.)

Why the 3 P’s of streaming are so effective

“Don’t chase growth, Chase improvement.”

Mr.Goodhand | twitch

Ultimately, it comes down to mindset. When you approach streaming from the shoes of your viewer, you think of things you can do for your stream to make things more interesting from the viewers perspective.

This will naturally lead to viewer retention because you can infer what the viewer thinks.

Then, by using our stream tutorials on various subjects that a streamer needs to know, You can then apply the knowledge, tips, and techniques outlined to your own stream, and improve in ways you can’t think of yourself.

That is our goal here at Streamer’s Haven, to provide streamers the tools, tips, and tutorials to succeed. (Incidentally, the three T’s of streaming ;))

Don’t Fall into “The Grind” Mindset!

“The grind” is a term for small streamers by small streamers; They are in it to win a chance to become the next big hit on twitch. It is the term that combines the first two P’s, potential and perseverance, but lacks the third, being patience.

It is the wrong mindset to take to streaming. Trust me, the only things that await you are burning out, stress, social anxiety, and a whole slew of family problems.

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