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Featured Twitch Streamers Contest Results:

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Five days ago I launched a Twitter promotion: Featured Twitch streamers to feature their channels with a qualification requirement of posting a comment on any post within this blog.

I made a small mistake and said “March” instead of “May”. Oops!

The rules for this contest were as follows:

  1. Contestants must post a comment on any blog post within Streamer’s Haven
  2. You must attach their twitch URL into the “Website Field”
  3. You only had one entry max, no matter how many comments you did on the site.
  4. Winners would be selected VIA a Randomizer website that would choose at random
  5. Winners will be featured for the duration of 1 Month on the Sidebar on https://streamershaven.blog/
  6. No purchase of any kind necessary for qualification.

The Results of the Streamer’s Haven Featured Twitch Streamers Promo

For the first run of this Promotion, We had two twitch streamers enter. As a result, the need for the randomizer is unnecessary for this run of the promotion. The third slot will go to a streamer I recommend people to check out for this round.

Those streamers were Chimera Airsoft and Victoria. Thank you for your entries into the promotion guys!

For the streamer that I chose, that would have to be EposVox who creates extremely helpful content over on his youtube channel for streamers and content creators. He is the man who inspired me to start this blog. 🙂

For the duration of 1 Month, these streamers will be featured on Streamer’s Haven on the sidebar. I encourage you guys to visit them and hang out. Give them a warm Streamer’s Haven hello!

Congradulations to the Featured Twitch Streamers of May on Streamer's Haven!

The Coming months

The next promotion will start on May 26th, 2019. If you want to be featured, the rules are the same as now, comment on any post on our blog. You will be entered into the drawing to be featured!

A Note to the winners; You can get free games using Woovit! Check out our Woovit Article about it!

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