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The Ultimate Guide to a better stream

There are so many different things about streaming that you need to know in order to be successful. That’s why I wrote this awesome guide to help you along the way!

As a streamer, there are two things that are essential for any level of success; The quality of your content & The exposure of your content.

In other words, to have an edge over the competition, you need to beat them in both presentation and self-marketing. In addition to this, you need the technical experience revolving around OBS, Audio, Video, Lighting, Audience Engagement & many other subjects. Here at Streamer’s Haven, we aim to share some of that expertise with you.

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How to solve audio going out of sync over time in OBS studio

Is your stream audio going out of sync over time? The trick to fixing this issue is to adjust the sample rate of your sound devices.
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Twitch followers list location in 2020

Wondering how to see who follows you on Twitch? In 2020, Twitch redesigned the channnel pages quite a bit, and moved it. It's not gone.
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Pre-stream checklist for streamers

Looking for ways to improve your content? How about using a pre-stream checklist to ensure everything is good before you go live?
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Streamlabs Prime YouTube Thumbnail creator

Looking to make some sweet looking YouTube thumbnail templates for your Content? Streamlabs has a few presets that may fit your needs.
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The Tools of the Trade – Recommended Recording & Streaming Software

Helpful YouTube channels to follow

A number of prominent Content Creators on YouTube cover in detail a lot of streamer related content. From EposVox and his amazing OBS masterclass series to Jayztwocents for building the pc capable of running the resource-demanding programs for streaming; You’ll have everything you need to be able to pull off a high-quality stream the first time.

  • EposVox – Fantastic OBS, Audio, and video equipment coverage
  • BoothJunkie – This man is an audio legend, and has tons of useful home studio tips and tricks as well as voice over tips and tricks. Great for learning how to talk properly into your microphones.
  • Jayztwocents – Fantastic gaming-focused PC building advice. Applies to gamer streamers
  • Podcastage – Great audio-related channel full of microphone tests.