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Glorious Twitch Prime Loot for December 2019

Being a streamer on Twitch has a couple of neat benefits. Since it is owned by Amazon, if you have Amazon Prime, you’ve got free loot with Twitch Prime.

Particularly for December of 2019, they’ve got a pretty legit collection of free games, game loot, and other goodies available!

Not a Streamer? Not a problem! You still can reap the benefits of Twitch Prime by creating an account on Twitch. While you’re at it, stop by somebody’s stream and check out some streamers. You might find some new friends or a cool game to show to your group!

Let’s check it out!

What you get from the Twitch Prime Loot in December 2019

Here’s a shortlist for a quick rundown of what you get for the month of December.

Twitch Prime December 2019 Free Games
Toejam & EarlBuy on Steam
HueBuy on Humble Bundle (Partner Link)
When Ski Lifts Go WrongBuy on Humble Bundle (Partner Link)
HoverBuy on Humble Bundle for Switch (Partner Link)
Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s DaughterBuy on Humble Bundle (Partner link)

However, it’s not just games you get. If you own some of the qualifying games on the list, you also get some legit skins & starter packs for those games.

The Divine Bundle MTX Effects for Path of Exile (Portal, Helmet)

Rocket League Nemesis Car body and skins to go with it.

League of Legends Permanent Mystery Skin
Free access to “Pixel Pete’s Arcade” property in GTA Online
Free Food Delivery with Grubhub *Get free delivery on your order of $10+.
World of Tanks: Care Package Kilo & Captured King Tiger Tank
And many more

This is in addition to the free subscription you get, which allows you to use cool emotes created by the streamers in chat, among other benefits!

Rocket League has a free car body, and some pretty cool skins to go with it!

Twitch Prime for  December 2019: Rocket League Nemesis Body.
My new Body  in Rocket League.
Play time for Rocket league, one of the games that Twitch Prime has loot available for the month of December 2019

My eyes are immediately drawn to the Rocket League(Humble Bundle Partner link) loot, given I play that game extremely often. In fact, I’ve racked up 2211 hours of playtime on this game.

Yikes… I need to moderate my playtime a bit more…

This game is incredibly addicting to play, as every single game is a unique experience. Each game induces adrenaline to start coursing through my veins, as the challenge of 3D Soccer is pretty intense. But that description honestly doesn’t do the game justice.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing this game, check out some Rocket league Streamers on Twitch to see what it’s all about. And I really do recommend trying it before you instantly reject it, as I did at first.

So stuck in my ways of RPGs and Strategy games, I assumed that the game would be boring, or just plain stupid. It is such a radically different type of game than anything else I’ve ever played. Boy was I wrong, and I am so glad my friend told me to shut up and try it! (On his account, of course.) After the first game, I bought it for myself.

Path of Exile MTX in the Twitch Prime December 2019 Package

The art on steam hasn’t been updated yet, but a new expansion has launched!

Path of Exile is a free to play(good luck keeping it that way. The MTX is too awesome looking!) action RPG and is a spiritual successor to Diablo 2. It’s famous for its skill tree, pioneered first by Final Fantasy X, and has 1325 passive nodes to choose from, all of which grant strength to your character in various ways.

It is this tree that makes the game replay value skyrocket, as no one character will ever be the same as another until much later in the game when people begin the process of min-maxing their build to its greatest potential. And even then, some preference changes are made based on player playstyle.

And now we have the Divine Portal MTX and Divine Eyes MTX Effects. Path of Exile is also a game I’ve played way too much. And right now is the best time to get into this game, as its largest expansion release of 2019 was just launched, Conquerers of the Atlas.

Preview of the Divine Portal and Divine Eyes MTX available from  Twitch Prime in December 2019.
Some of my MTX alongside the Divine eyes & Portal Effect. By the way, it’s my new favorite portal effect! I finally have something that works with a fire-themed character!

In fact, it is the only game that I’ve spent money on the microtransactions store. How much?

Only over $300.

Cough cough.

What? I’m a portal Junkie!

I promise, Just. One. More. Portal!

And much more!

Now, I don’t have most of the games that you get skins from. However, for those that I do have, these skins are pretty sweet. The best part? You get new stuff every month that you are subscribed to Amazon Prime.

These cool effects can set you apart from other streamers, and more cosmetic flare is always welcome!

If you’re interested in starting to stream, we’ve got a pretty in-depth guidebook to get started, covering all the basics.

Just in time for Christmas!

There ain’t nothing like free loot alongside an Amazon Prime subscription for that last-minute Christmas shopping. Feed your passions as you make use of Amazon’s free two-day shipping. And in some cases, one-day! If you’ve got prime, you’ve got Twitch prime, so take advantage of every benefit a prime membership gets you.

And if it doesn’t interest you, No big deal. Aside from the free games, the stuff you get is purely cosmetic (Outside of RuneScape’s 3 Umbral chests, which contain rare loot. But you need to be in a member world to open them…soo…)

If you’ve already got a Prime subscription, you’ve nothing to lose, and so much to gain!

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