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Mix it forward – A Trevor Project Charity Stream event

On June 22/23rd, the Mix it Forward community took part in a fundraising charity event for the LGBTQ support group; It raised $640 for The Trevor Project! Mixer is no longer in service, so this post is here for archival purposes.

The Trevor Project was founded in 1998, and named after the academy award-winning short film, TREVOR. It is devoted to providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Questioning (LGBTQ) individuals under the age of 25.

It is a sad truth that this minority is discriminated against, and the need for such services exists at all. However, the fact that they do exist means that those individuals who suffer from this abuse are able to get the help they need to make it through the bullying.

I support these actions, nobody should be discriminated against for who they love. And the Mix It Forward community stands by me in this.

Who is the “Mix it Forward” community that is hosting the Trevor Project Charity stream?

To answer this, we must first explain what Mixer is. Mixer is a streaming platform run by Microsoft and is an alternative to Twitch. It is a fair bit smaller than Twitch but has several unique features available to it. My favorite of which are interactive buttons that can do whatever the streamer programs them to do. To see a full list of these features, please visit the Official Mixer features page (No longer available due to the Streaming platform being shut down).

Mix It Forward is a community of streamers helping one another learn the ins and outs of the Mixer streaming platform.

The Mix It Forward community was founded by Paco1342, after answering common questions and frequently giving sound advice as a moderator on the subreddit r/Mixer. He created a discord server as a place to gather helpful people and information; to be able to help new and small streamers get questions answered, receive meaningful feedback, and get a start on networking. He genuinely wants to help people, and he has a track record of helping individuals improve to a level where they can kick off.

To join in the charity event, simply visit Mix It Forward’s Tiltify page during the event on June 22nd and 23rd. Further down is a schedule list of all the participants and a glimpse into what you can expect to see!

The Mix it Forward Charity Stream Schedule

We have put together a streaming schedule of the participants for this event for you guys. All times are based on CST.


  • OmahaYessa – 12pm – 4pm
  • RTLFAITH – 4pm – 7pm
  • xJakkAttack – 7pm – 10pm (Art Stream)
  • DNyce20 – 10pm – 2am


  • 2 Hot Basement Dwellers – 2am – 6am
  • Lyzardman – 6am – 10am
  • alterboy – 10am – 2pm
  • ng_CambotheHood & AMeowtainofcats – 2pm – 5pm
  • SecureConstant2 – 5pm – 9pm
  • CupKitts & Paco1342 – 9pm – 12am

Window into the event

We’ve set up a preview of what you can expect to see from each streamer. Each of them has a few words they wanted to share. Their individual channel links to their streams will be in here, in case you wanted to check them out later!

12pm – 4pm – OmahaYessa

OmahaYessa's logo, a member of the Mix it Forward community.

“I am super excited to be able to kick off this charity stream on the 22nd. With thirty-six hours of nonstop streaming, there will never be a dull moment while we support this wonderful cause.”

OmahaYessa's Mix it Forward Charity Overlay.

4pm – 7pm – RTLFAITH

RTLFAITH's logo, a member of the Mix it Forward community.

“What’s Good People my name is RTLFAITH and I’m just out here Livin Life and playing games. We should all be trying to enjoy life since we only got one life to live and help each other when we can.”

RTLFAITH's Overlay, a member of the Mix It Forward Community that is hosting the Charity for The Trevor Project

7pm – 10pm – xJakkAttack

xJakkattack's logo, a member of the Mix it Forward community.

“Art, Giveaways, Music, Oh my – Join me & my fellow explorers as we blow up the night with endless support! Hope to See Ya there. ~”

The overlay of xJakkAttack during the Mix it Forward's charity stream for The Trevor Project.

10pm – 2am – D Nyce20

D_nyce20's logo, a member of the Mix it Forward community.

“New to the streaming, not new to gaming. I am D Nyce20 and I’m very excited as an ally to be a part of the Mixer It Forward stream team raising money #for an excellent cause.”

The overlay of D_Nyce20 during the Mix it Forward's charity stream for The Trevor Project.

2am – 6am – TwoHotBasementDwellers

2hotbasementdwellers's logo, a member of the Mix it Forward community.

Join me in kicking off the midnight stream with JackBox 3, Dauntless, Risk of Rain 2 and much more to keep us laughing through the night. All donations will be matched, up to the first $50!

The overlay of 2HotBasementDwellers during the Mix it Forward's charity stream for The Trevor Project.

6am – 10am – Lyzardman

Lyzardman's logo, a member of the Mix it Forward community.

“I’m the crazy Lyzardman, always with a Coke in hand. A variety streamer working towards a partnership with a community of super supportive loonies, who are loving and kind to everyone that comes in. Visit The Loonie Bin and check it out!”

Lyzardman's Overlay during the Mix it Forward's charity stream for The Trevor Project.

10am – 2pm – Alterboy

Alterboy's logo, a member of the Mix it Forward community.

“I’m alterboy. I’m super hyped to celebrate Pride in this charity stream! I am an ally, active in my local LGBTQ+ community. So this means a lot to me. We’ll be drafting MTG: Arena and doing giveaways every half hour.”

Alterboy's overlay during the Trevor project Charity stream hosted by Mix it Forward

2pm – 5pm – nG_CamboTheHood

nG_CamboTheHood's logo, a member of the Mix it Forward community.

“If you are laughing during my streams, it’s not because I am a bad gamer. I’m excited to join in on the charity stream with Mix it Forward, an awesome group of streamers. Check it out for entertainment and a good cause!”

nG_CamboTheHood's overlay during the Mix it Forward charity for the Trevor Project.

5pm – 9pm – QuantamMeruit

Mix it Forward Banner & Temp Image
Temp Image

Preview & Quote currently unavailable at this time. Please check back soon.

Mix it Forward Banner & Temp Image
Temp Image

9pm – 12am – Double stream > CupKitts & Paco1342

CupKitts logo, a member of the Mix it Forward community

“Just a short, awkward, foul mouthin’ Pekoponian female. Excited to help close out the even, I hope everyone has a good time during the event!”

CupKitts Overlay, during the Trevor project charity stream hosted by Mix it Forward.

The founder of the Mix it forward community, Paco1342's logo.

“Thank you to everyone involved: streamers, viewers, and donators alike! You guys are awesome and you’re helping promote and support a good cause. I love you all <3”

Paco1342 Mix it forward charity stream overlay

Finally, In the spirit of giving, I want to make you all aware of Woovit. If you are a streamer, both big and small, you can get some free games to stream, supplied by the developers of those games. I’ve compiled a fairly extensive list you can read if you like.

The Charity event has finished! A substantial amount of $640 was raised for The Trevor project! Thank you all to those who participated and donated! This post will keep these links of the participating streamers of the event here, as a memento of the occasion. If you are reading this post after the fact, give them all a follow!

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