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YouTube Verified? Check your email…

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Many YouTubers were notified that they no longer met the requirements for the “YouTube Verified” status once given at 100,000 Subs. Will it affect you?

The verified status was something that motivated individuals who reached that 100,000 subscribers milestone. was a source of pride for the people who put in the thousands of hours to get to that point.

The YouTube Verified status and its impact on your exposure on the platform

So the big question is how will it affect your traffic once the change takes place? Well, to be honest, nobody knows exactly how it will affect metrics. At least until we have verifiable proof from multiple YouTubers who had their status revoked. There will need to be a batch analysis of this data to probe the extent of this new stipulation.

The change takes effect in late October. If you were notified, and feel that your channel meets the new requirements, you should appeal it immediately & repeatedly

Do not announce on social media if you were sent the notice, ideally; If the appeal goes through, then it will be as though it had never happened. If not, then you can announce it to your audience so they aren’t as shocked when it happens.

Sent the message out to your social media already? No big deal.

How will it affect my exposure to my community?

YouTube Verified being revoked is a red light to your community.

So what exactly does this coveted status do for you? Well, first of all; it is a big motivational spike to produce more and better content. It is a badge of pride given to those creators. To those who spend their whole lives dedicated to creating media content, that we devour with voracity. But most of all, It is a simple measure of establishing trust in a channel & in the platform. It adds authenticity, creating a wave of interest in your channel & content.

For a creator to have this trust badge revoked? Well, it would certainly hurt the pride of the creator and embarrass them. After all, they did work to build their channel up to that point. For them to suddenly not qualify is like a slap to the face. “You aren’t elite enough to join the esteemed ranks of the YouTube Elite! Begone, Peasant!” is basically the message the media giant YouTube is sending their creators.

The removal of a “verified” status has happened before on Twitter. They opted to go for a grandfathering approach while they revamp how people get the verified status. You still cannot verify a new twitter account to this day as of this article’s publish date.

The effect it will have on your channel itself can only be speculated at this point. The reason for this is that the algorithm is in charge of pushing content to interested eyes. How that algorithm factors in the Verified status is unknown to everybody except the programmers of the algorithm.

What can I do in the meantime?

Appeal it, as mentioned above. Immediately and repeatedly. The reason is that even established brands with over a million subscribers received the notice in their email.

Done submitting your appeal? Good. Keep on creating new and better content, and try to keep a Positive Mental Attitude, like a boss! Don’t let the Youtube Verified badge or lack thereof stop you from doing the best work that you can!

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