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Logitech Acquires Streamlabs.
Logitech Acquires Streamlabs.

Streamlabs bought by Logitech?! What does it mean?

Notice: See my Stance on Streamlabs As of 11/17/2021

And for a whopping $89 Million in cash! What will it mean for the OBS Studio alternative, Streamlabs OBS? Probably a lot of good!

If you’ve been following our blog for a while, you’ll know I don’t really like Streamlabs OBS. It doesn’t work with my favorite VST Plugin package by Melda Productions; It crashes fairly regularly and just has fallen behind the featureset of OBS Studio.

However, the fact remains that it is quite significantly easier to use over OBS Studio. The UI is more modern, meaning the younger generation has a greater level of intuition in manipulating it. Streamlabs did a really good job when they designed the layout.

There was…one last advantage? that Streamlabs had over OBS Studio, and that was the integrated overlay store. This made setting up your overlays a much easier process, and it had a level of professionalism to them that, honestly, took over the streaming scene. Love em or hate em, they looked professional.

That said, the trend is shifting more towards an ultra-minimalistic look; Just the Face Cam, Main content (Games, Art, etc.) and one or two other elements.

The benefit of the Streamlabs acquisition: Potentially everybody wins!

Well, What next? Actually, a lot of good could come of this for streamers, whether your home is on Twitch, Facebook, or YouTube. Logitech is known for its incredible gaming products, such as the fabled Logitech MX518, the comfortable G933, and other, more, ehm…Interesting products like the G910.

We only jest!! I love that keyboard. I use it every day, and it is very responsive. The Romer G switches feel a bit between Cherry MX Reds and Browns. Look, the point is, they have a history of doing some pretty awesome things for streamers.

Logitech is a sponsor of the OBS Studio Project. Now that they have acquired Streamlabs, They have more control over the project's fork.
Screenshot from
Notice the $50,000 per year contribution…That’s pretty awesome.

Potential features – Pure speculation, so don’t quote us on it.

Streamlabs OBS Integration into Logitech G-Hub

For the Streamlabs OBS project, I strongly believe we will see some sort of integration done with Logitech’s G-Hub and the ability to directly macro the Streamlabs OBS features on their Logitech branded gear. This would directly set them apart from their competition like Razer in the product spectrum; at least when it comes to the streamer niche.

Control over the RGB for stream related features, like alerts

Logitech G910 Keyboard from the corner, it's signature key caps clearly visible.

The macro-control might not be the only thing. Logitech’s RGB Keyboard lineup, specifically that G910, has the ability to carry special color data to the keys. You can have a Rainbow Vomit if you wanted to; or a starry sky. Maybe the waves crashing against a sandy beach…

Yeah, it does all that. Let’s be honest though, we all just set it to our PC’s theme color… Anyways, I think that there will be an RGB alert integration into the keyboard, so all of your Logitech RGB stuff will Hype up your stream when something happens!

Let me tell you, this would be one of the most requested features that I see people ask who use RGB lights. Hint hint, Logitech….

Streamlabs Sites could see significant improvement

Let’s just be honest here for a minute. Streamlabs Sites was a fairly limited option for streamers. You got like, 12 pages MAX, meaning that you really…couldn’t do much for SEO and link generation. Now with Logitech behind the reigns, I have faith it will see some substantial reworking; at least as far as the featureset and polish.

As I have over three years of experience working on websites, something so restrictive just makes me shake my head. What if you wanted to start your own blog? Well, you couldn’t with that service. And yet, if you go with a WordPress site; you can download a Twitch player Embed Plugin, and have a blog too!

Though, WordPress is substantially more complicated to use. With Great power, as they say…

Streamers can really only benefit from the deal

If you are worried that your accounts will be affected, don’t. It can only mean good things for you. With the funding behind Logitech and the popularity of streaming, They will have every intention of seeing this deal does not die out. And hey, if it does, Stream Elements will have an open market.

It will be a bit of an inconvenience, but not one that couldn’t be remedied within a few days. Then it will be back to “Business as Usual.”

But I use the Streamlabs Donation link!

Still worried about the donation links? Well, If you use, you can still get those donations sent to you. There is the issue of exposing your personal information from the transaction process, but you really should be using a PayPal Business account anyways, and setting your brand name there as a Sole Proprietorship or set up an LLC for your own protection.

Logitech has thrown the stone. The Future is bright for SLOBS. Errm, sorry, Streamlabs.

Logitech has thrown the stone. The Future is Bright for SLOBS.

Picture of an amazing sunset and a rock has been cast into the water, which was mirror still. The ripples start high amplitude, and quickly grow longer and wider. On the right, Six pine trees can be seen casting their mirrored reflection onto the water mirror. Dotted within the water are several large boulders. The river or pond is shallow.

The sky is two toned orange and blue.

Streamlabs was never fond of their little acronym… Ah well. SLOBS is on our radar again as a thing to follow the development of. It should be on your radar too; if you aren’t already using it! With such a big-name company entering the fray, we have high expectations from them. We’ll cover those new features in detail in the future, should the need arise.

In the meantime, why not read our Guidebook for streaming? It covers just about everything about streaming, from advanced OBS features, to properly lighting your face cam; and much more.

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