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The Do’s And Don’ts of Streamer Etiquette

Streamer Etiquette. The unsaid do’s and don’ts of streamer to streamer interaction in chat. These are things that people generally pick up on as they feel out what is and isn’t acceptable as they peruse other people’s channels. We’re here to jumpstart this for you, so you don’t make a misstep, and shutter any relationships or networking attempts before they have a chance to get started.

Let us tell you a story. This story is about a little streamer who did not know the nuances of streamer etiquette. This story is one that stems from a lack of prior knowledge and is unfortunately all too common.

One day, the little streamer wanted to grow their channel but were too inexperienced to know where to look for advice or help to do so. Naturally, their first stop then is another streamer. So they hop in a channel that “Looks good” to them: High View count in a category of their interest.

So far, so good, right? Maybe they just want to study their competition in a game category. Perhaps they know the nuances of Streamer Etiquette? It’s still too early to tell, but the story is not yet over.

Who knows what drove little streamer to decide to do the next action, but by Thor’s Glorious beard, they deserved what came next.

What was it that this little streamer did?

They promoted their channel! Even brazenly asking for a Host/Raid!

We don’t even know you yet, but still, you simply don’t ask for a host or raid. That is entirely the choice of the owner of the channel you just asked.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is a:



Not Following Streamer Etiquette can result in a ban.
Photo by Bill Oxford on Unsplash

Streamer Etiquette means understanding your position

For most, this article is nothing more than a refresher. But for some, it will mean the difference between a mistake, and an opportunity for a long-lasting friendship with others who share the passion of streaming.

With that being said, Time to get serious.

When you are in your channel, you are the subject, the star. Your word is the law. (within reason.) Within your channel, you make the decisions on what direction your content takes.

As soon as you join some other channel, you instantly become a viewer, a member of their audience. It is important to conduct yourself as a viewer would. Low key self-advertisement is a no-go.

The Do’s of being a viewer in another streamer’s channel & proper networking behavior

As a Viewer, which is what you are when you join someone else’s stream, you need to respect the rules of the channel you join. This means you need to respect the Moderators of the channel. They are the bartender. They can be your friend, chat you up, and give you a good time. However, they are also the bouncer, ready to Bruce Lee Flying kick you out at a moment’s notice.

Beyond that, here are some basic tips that can help forge a friendship with a streamer.

  • Try to be the Viewer you’d love to have in your own channel
    • Clip their content regularly. Your name in the clip is a link to your own channel…so its a backlink. That is a form of advertisement for your channel that is generally appreciated by streamers.
  • Interact with others in chat and talk with them as you would a new acquaintance, not friends. Obviously, transitioning to friendships will eventually happen, but don’t force it right away.
  • Join the channel’s community discords, if applicable, and interact with them regularly there.
  • Following the streamer on their Social media is okay too.
  • Inviting said streamer to play with you is fine too. Full STOP! There is more to this. Keep reading.

The Don’ts of being a Viewer who is also a streamer

Here is where things get a little…spicy.

These things, in the lack of common courtesies, are oft employed by down on their luck streamers trying to get noticed, to get that first bit of acknowledgment. However, by employing these tactics that you see, you’re more likely to instantly shut down any chance of people swinging by your channel from your efforts.

As stated above, inviting them to hang out and play a game is okay too, but not while they are live. That line of questioning is more appropriate to do via a direct message, or by @ing them in their community discord.

People are not numbers to be counted on your metrics, you need to treat them like people. Talk to them, earn their trust. If they ask if you stream, great! Follow the line of conversation, and if the opportunity to link your channel presents itself, take it.

What if they don’t bring it up? Well, It is proper Streamer Etiquette to not self-promote in another streamer’s channel without being asked by said streamer first.

The Big “No’s”

The Following rules, if broken, tend to result in a ban from a channel. Take heed, and try to change any habits that align with these

  • Try to not @ the streamer non-stop for attention. You’re more likely to get ignored at best and kicked/banned at worst.
  • Ask for permission before you post links to anything. This includes Clips that you make of their streams.
    • Links can be a dangerous thing. Pornographic imagery could be the endpoint, among other dark possibilities. Definitely consider building a link whitelist and only allow links beyond that whitelist via a !permit command for someone you trust on your own channels. This can be done with the help of a bot.
  • Please refrain from promoting your own channel in any way unless prompted by the streamer themselves!

The Instant Ban offenses:

  • Don’t ask a streamer in their channel chat to follow or sub to you, or invite their audience to do the same in, even as a joke.
  • Never ask for a Host or Raid. Not only does this set you up to look “desperate” to those you’re trying to latch onto, but it is considered extremely rude.

On the subject of @’ing, if you run a community discord, it is strongly recommended to not @everyone or @ here to announce when you go live.

What you can do instead

Create an Opt-in roll to @ that people can ask for, or get assigned by reacting to a bot. This means those who want to be notified, will get pinged. Your audience will GREATLY APPRECIATE this, as it will help to declutter their notification spam.

Why you shouldn’t use @everyone and @here to notify when you go live

Well, you going live is a common event; it’s just too many pings really. You’re likely to have your server suppressed by them. We are in around 70 servers, and nearly all of them have @everyone and @here suppressed because going through 100+ @everyones or @ here’s gets a bit annoying.

Streamer Etiquette includes the proper use of @everyone and @here on community discord servers.

We temporarily enabled them for a few servers for a few hours, and this is the result. 27 pings in a few hours. All of them @everyone, not specifically directed to me. Yeesh! Now multiply that for every streamer who someone follows.

Don’t tempt Thor… He will bring the hammer down

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Thor's Hammer being brought down.

The above were just a few examples of what encompasses the subject of Streamer Etiquette really. Those are the ones that tend to get people banned for violating, depending on how the streamer you offended chooses to enforce it. You might end up with a slap on the wrist.

Or you could have the might of Thor’s mighty banhammer fall upon your head. Believe us when we say, you don’t want to see an angry Thor. We saw what he did to the last guy…it wasn’t pretty.

It doesn’t have to be that way though. If you foster a good relationship and practice good streamer etiquette, you will be able to make friends in the streaming world. Friendship with a streamer is another way of saying “Networking”, in case you weren’t aware.

Feel like you need a bit more help understanding general Etiquette? This book by Emily Post can help fill you in. It’s free if you have a Kindle Unlimited Subscription.

Anyways, now you have the basic info you need to not step on anybody’s feet unwittingly. It’s up to you to decide how you use this information. If you’re new to streaming, make sure you check out our guidebook to help get you started!

The Ultimate Guide to a better stream

There are so many different things about streaming that you need to know in order to be successful. That’s why we wrote this awesome guide to help you along the way!

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