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Grow your YouTube channel Fast – The 3-day Content strategy

Creating content on YouTube is easily the most recommended path to “getting discovered” on Twitch. As to why this is the case, there are actually a few reasons. With that said, splitting your time between creating YouTube content and live streaming tends to lead to overwork, and eventual burnout. So, how exactly do you grow your YouTube channel alongside your Twitch channel simultaneously without burning out? The answer is an effective content creation strategy.

Even if you don’t stream, and you just want to focus on YouTube videos, this strategy has the potential to free up a ton of your time to do other things. That by itself is worth attempting it. The goal is to make content creation less stressful by not having your mind working on YouTube videos every single day. Instead, you devote three days of your time to creating a large number of videos, which you then release on a schedule.

What this schedule ends up being is up to you, but I have heard that it is possible to create around fifty-three videos in the three days, especially if you throw some YouTube Shorts in the mix. Then, simply release a video as often as you want. By creating a large burst of videos in three days, even if you choose not to release a video every day, you can keep up a consistent release schedule, give your patrons something worth supporting you for, and give yourself time to relax and enjoy life.

After all, you’re only making videos once every fifty-three days in the best case scenario… That’s a lot of time to do other things.

The Strategy to grow your YouTube channel Fast Explained

Day 1 – Search AnalysisDay 2 – Recording DayDay 3 – Edit Day
Research video topicsOpen your list of video topics from Search analysis DayOpen your favorite editor and begin working on a project.
Make a list from researchBegin recording of video contentSave immediately and regularly, to prevent a loss of work if program crashes
Eliminate challenging topics for another time (Move to new list)Make sure you sort video content into an organized folder structureAdd a Text file with Video description template and include video title
Record B-Roll

At the heart of this solution, which I am calling the Three-day Content strategy, is simply managing your time effectively. I’ll bet that you are hustling your proverbial behind off, working each and every day to create your content. However, this method is essentially equivalent to you being a chicken with its head cut off. Rapidly jumping from one task to another may appear to be an efficient use of your time, but looking at the big picture, it can lead to you making many mistakes. Not only that, but it will also encourage you to take shortcuts just to make it a little bit easier on yourself.

At the heart of this solution, which I am calling the Three-day Content strategy, is simply managing your time effectively.

The Three-day Content strategy aims to solve that situation entirely. That said, there is still a hustle involved, but it is managed in such a way to make it feel like there isn’t. Before you can really put this into action though, you’ll need to first create a YouTube channel. Once you’ve done that, come back here 🙂

Equipment you’ll need or find helpful

Getting started on YouTube is easier than it has ever been. All you really need is a smartphone, and the willingness to put in the effort to actually film content. There are some pieces of equipment that can be helpful, but they are entirely optional.

Day 1 – Search Analysis

The first step to the Three-day Content strategy - Use Search analysis to find video topics to create.

Before you start recording anything, you will want to get familiar with Search Analysis. This is the process of researching video topics that you want to create. The goal is to create videos that people are looking for. If you are able to understand what those topics are, then it will lead to a successful video.

It can really be boiled down to two basic things:

  • Answering a Question or learning something of value
  • Providing Entertainment or Emotional value

Here’s an example, why does someone watch JackSepticEye?

  • To be Entertained.

How about EposVox?

  • To answer a question or learn something about content creation.

You’ll spend the entire day doing search analysis, and when you have a list of 100 or so topics to choose from, spend some time to eliminate some that are “the same” or not quite as enticing. This is a skill that you develop over time.

There are many different ways to do Search Analysis, including the older “Keyword Research” method of hooking onto specific terms that people look for. I’ll tell you right now that doing just keyword research is asking to fail. Instead, I suggest you look into this article that outlines Search Analysis tactics quite effectively.

If you are able to master search analysis, you will definitely grow your YouTube channel even if you choose to not utilize this strategy.

If you are able to master search analysis, you will definitely grow your YouTube channel even if you choose to not utilize this strategy.

Day 2 – Recording footage

Step two of the three-day content strategy - Recording - Start recording footage and b-roll. Have fun with it.Picture of camera getting b-roll of powerlines.

Now that you have your list of topics, the next step is to actually record them. You’ll spend the entire day, or at least until you run out of video topics, doing nothing but recording footage for your videos. Do not do any editing or additional search analysis on this day, at all. The reason is to let you relax and take your mind off of everything except recording. As it is, recording more than one video a day can be quite exhausting.

Just try to ensure that you record enough raw footage to fill around fifteen minutes per video. This will give you a bunch of extra content to utilize in case you need to cut out something on the next step. If you finish recording early, then start looking for ways to record b-roll footage. Good b-roll can be the difference between a solid video, and one that nobody will sit through and watch.

After you finish recording, pat yourself on the back, because guess what? You just made a ton of video content for YouTube in a single day. One day of hard work left to go!

Day 3 – Editing Video projects

The third day of the three-day content strategy - Edit your footage into the final videos then upload to YouTube

The third step in the Three-Day Content strategy is edit day. For your convenience, here is a short list of things you may want to do on edit day:

  1. Create a Video Thumbnail
  2. Come up with a title that contains your Search Analysis target term
  3. Write a quick synopsis of what your audience can find in the video – Fill into the Video Description
  4. Edit the Timeline using a program like Davinci resolve
  5. Try to make each video 6-10 minutes long
  6. Use B-roll extensively
  7. (optional) mention your Twitch Channel somewhere in it, with a clip from it somewhere in the mix.

And remember, you want to create a “hook” to keep people invested. Have some sort of “climax” snipped into the first five seconds or so. This is a strong incentive for people to keep watching to see how things happened that led to that climax. AKA, Find 5 seconds in your video that would entice you to think, snip, copy to beginning, and presto! You have yourself a hook. Can’t find one? Create a dramatization of some sort.

This day can be eliminated in it’s entirety if you decide to hire an editor, which is something you should definitely look into once you start earning enough.

Set up a release schedule

The last step in this strategy to grow your YouTube channel is to upload all of your rendered videos at once, ensuring each of them is set to “Unlisted”. This will allow you to go through each video and apply the title and description you made on edit day, and apply the thumbnail of the video. Don’t forget to add relevant tags to the videos!

If you haven’t done it already, I also suggest creating a description template, so you can quickly format it. Alternatively, you may use the one that I designed if you wish.

YouTube Description Template

Enter the video synopsis here


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Once that is done, all you have to do is log into YouTube one time for the next however many days and set to Public. I recommend setting an alarm or reminder of some sort on your phone to do it.

Finally, repeat the process

Here is where you go full circle. For the last three videos that you have on the release schedule, begin the Three-day Content strategy again, so that you can essentially release non-stop content according to YouTube, when in fact you had not done any recording work since the big recording day.

The benefits of this strategy

There are a wide range of benefits that come from using this strategy:

  • Reduced stress
    • Since you aren’t actually going through a smaller process every day, you have more time to devote elsewhere.
  • A constant stream of new YouTube content
    • Youtube loves consistency. If you are able to simply flag an already created video as public, you can create a consistent release schedule. If you do it well, it is actually nonstop every day.
  • The ability to pre-release content to Patreon supporters (Different tiers can get access to more videos at the same time)
  • You have the time during the release schedule to work on bigger video projects or do Social media advertising, stream, etc.

Potential issues with using the Three Day Content strategy

If you do choose to follow this strategy to grow your YouTube channel, know that both the rendering and uploading processes can take a very long time. This is especially true if your upload speed is under 100 Mbps. If you are finding it difficult to render and upload the videos you create in a single day, prioritize the first video and get it out before you work on the rest.

If you are finding it difficult to render and upload the videos you create in a single day, prioritize the first video and get it out before you work on the rest.

To speed the process along, finish editing all of your videos before you begin rendering them out after the release of the first video.

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