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How to See Who Follows You on Twitch – Including Mobile!

Once upon a time, being able to see who followed you was easily accomplished with a single click on your channel page. Now, after a redesign done in 2020, this is no longer the case. Instead, you now have to go out of your way to find it, as it is buried four clicks deep within the Creator Dashboard.

To see who follows you on Twitch these days, you’ll first need to access the Creator Dashboard. From there, Expand the community tab, and select “Follower’s List”. This will bring up a grid of names and avatars of everyone who is currently following you.

As for mobile? This feature is normally completely unavailable. You actually can’t see who follows you on twitch at all on a mobile device, only the number of individuals who follow you; Unless you directly navigate to it. More on that here.

Even the Twitch App lacks the ability to bring up the list of followers. That thing is still pretty barebones, as far as features are concerned, and is often considered to be mostly useless to the streaming community at large.

Where Can You Find Your Followers List on Twitch?

Pic illustrating how to get to the followers list. This is how to see who follows you on Twitch in 2020.

Here is a quick step-by-step list on how to find your followers list, in case you’re new to Twitch, and don’t know what the creator dashboard is, or how to access it.

  1. Click on your Logo on the top right of the screen once you are logged in
  2. Look for and click “Creator Dashboard”
  3. On the far left menu, Locate Community, and expand it.
  4. You’ll see “Followers List”, Click it
  5. The list of every single person who follows you will appear in a nice 3×3 grid.

Alternatively, keep reading for a neat little shortcut if you feel that typing out your Channel name in a URL is easier than clicking the mouse four times…Or are using a mobile device and want to see who follows you on Twitch. Yep, It turns out it is possible! 🙂

How to See Who Follows You on Twitch Using a Mobile Device

Right now, Twitch makes it very hard to actually log in to your account on a mobile device, making it unfriendly for streamers to see who is following them on a mobile device. It isn’t even an option in their miniature navigation menu button.

You can't log in using a mobile device normally
As you can see here, there is no way to log in to the mobile site traditionally.

To make matters worse, Twitch even actively prevents you from chatting on the mobile version of the site without using the Mobile App. If I had to guess, this is an anti-botting measure, which prevents artificial inflation of viewership numbers, as well as ad click fraud, which is a major issue on apps like Spotify.

While I can’t help you get around the chat block, I can provide you an alternative means of seeing who follows you on Twitch using a Mobile device:

  1. Tap this link, or enter “dashboard.” (Including the . ) in front of, replacing “m.”
  2. Enter your login credentials as usual
  3. Tap on the hamburger menu icon in the top left
  4. Expand the community tab
  5. Tap on Followers List
How to See who Follows you on Twitch on a Mobile Device
Here is the List on an emulated Pixel 2 from my Android Dev tools included with Visual Studio, Confirmed working on my own mobile device.

And that’s how you see who follows you on Twitch using a mobile device.

Alternatively, you can use the URL below, making sure to replace the “replace-me” part with your channel URL. This will take you directly to your followers’ list.

This process is also very similar to adding new moderators on a mobile device.

As a final step, I recommend creating a bookmark on your phone so that you can simply tap a button to go there again in the future.

Avoid Follow for Follow and Don’t Buy Follow Bots

While we are on the subject of followers – let me warn you about something that could potentially get your Twitch account banned.

Please don’t engage in Follow for Follow or buy followers/viewers. The Follower metric is a good reference for you to understand how well your channel is doing, and if you flood it with a bunch of fake followers, then you ruin any analysis advantage you get from it. Not only that but because the act of buying followers and viewers is such a widespread problem, these metrics have actually devalued in the eyes of the audience on Twitch. AKA, you are wasting your money. These followers don’t make you any money, and the only advantage that they have is to make you look “Better” in the eyes of a gullible company that doesn’t fully understand Twitch for potential sponsorship.

Also, if you buy followers, you are breaking the Terms of Service on Twitch, and that can result in your account being banned.

Not. Worth.

As for Follow for Follow, it may seem like a decent tactic to grow in the streaming communities, but think about who is following you – Another Streamer. They aren’t likely to be a regular on your channel, and many will be quite upset if you ask a streamer in chat to do “F4F”. It’s one of the Unspoken rules of Streamer Etiquette. You are Low-Key Self Advertising in their channel, and they have every right to be upset.

How to Actually Get More Followers on Twitch

Being a Streamer is fine and dandy, but being a successful streamer that can earn a living as a full-time job is counter-intuitive. What I mean by this is that you don’t stream 8 hours a day for 5 days a week. Growing your stream to the point where discovery can kick in on the streaming platform itself requires that you create content on other platforms that are inherently more discoverable than Twitch, which suffers from a major problem of Discoverability. One of the best platforms to accomplish this task is YouTube. If you haven’t yet made a YouTube Channel, I suggest that you do.

If you have started one, Look into YouTube Shorts. They are a means of creating super short videos that can generate a metric boatload of traffic to your YouTube Channel. Don’t forget the Callback to your Twitch channel with a fancy Graphic with SFX at some point that’s visible for around 3 seconds! Recycle the clips that you make, plop them into a video editor, add SFX, shift the camera around to compensate for the portrait format of a short, and create a witty title with terms that people search for.

I have an article that details a Highly effective YouTube Creation Strategy that can allow a daily to weekly release schedule with only 3 days of hard work every month. It’s the Three Day Content Strategy – Just know that this is meant as a strategy to encourage you to finish videos, not perfect them. The amount of time you spend editing these videos will result in the overall production quality being lower per video. The point is to get you used to creating videos and discovering your editing style.

Here Are Some Popular Choices for Streamer Gear

Hey, thanks for reading the article! So I’ve compiled this small resource for you guys in case you may be on the lookout for some handy or helpful things to add to your streaming setup. Some of you may be new to streaming and may not know about this stuff, so I wanted to bring this stuff to your attention.

There are a large number of cool products designed to make the lives of streamers and content creators easier or to improve the quality of their setup. Before I do list them though, I strongly recommend that you do your research and check reviews from multiple sources, even beyond those I’ve included here. It is never bad to get a second, third, or even fourth opinion before you make an investment.

Microphones: One of the most popular microphones for live streaming is the Elgato Wave 3 or Wave 1. This microphone is great for streamers because it gives you a ton of control over your audio chain, mimicking some of the features of the venerable GoXLR virtually without all the wires and complexity.

Here are some reviews that you can reference so you can decide whether or not you’d like to get one for yourself:

EposVox Wave 3 Review / Harris Heller(Alpha Gaming) Wave 3 Review / Podcastage Wave 3 Review

Audio Interfaces: For those of you who’d like to not be limited to a single microphone option, then you’re in luck because Elgato now makes the Wave XLR Audio Interface. This device allows you to use any XLR microphone, including the ever-popular, but gain hungry SM7B without a cloud lifter, and retain the features of the Wave microphones mentioned above.

Here are some reviews of this audio interface:

EposVox Wave XLR Review / Podcastage Wave XLR Review / Harris Heller Wave XLR Review

Green Screens: A green screen is a common tool used by content creators to give them unparalleled control over their backgrounds for content. Many opt to use a green screen to remove their background entirely and overlay themselves onto the gameplay itself. As for What green screen I recommend, you’ll have to read my article about green screens, because it explains it better than what I can fit here.

Lights: Lighting is super important if you care about the quality of your camera feed from your webcam or any camera for that matter. For one, those of you who rely on your monitor for your main source of light will have inconsistent lighting that changes based on what your screen is displaying. The best part is that almost any light will do, as any light is better than no light.

With that said, there are better lights that are designed for production purposes that have better color accuracy, are brighter, and have more control. You can check out some of them in my top 5 lights article. Also, having a dim light in your background on a camera scene will look better.

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