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Fortnite Season Start and End Dates

Fortnite, the acclaimed free-to-play battle royale that has captivated players worldwide with its dynamic gameplay, ever-evolving narrative, and constantly changing in-game world, is a well-known game for keeping things fresh and enjoyable for gamers, mainly through their season updates where loads of new content comes out. 

That’s a huge reason why the start of a new season is one of the most anticipated events in the Fortnite community. With each season comes a never-seen-before batch of challenges, cosmetics, and map changes, keeping players engaged and excited. 

And while Fortnite’s Chapter 4 Season 4 is already at its peak, a new chapter along with a new season are approaching. Therefore, in this article, we will delve into the details of when the current Fortnite season ends, and when the following starts, as well as explore what players can expect during these transitions.

The Structure of Fortnite Seasons

Before diving into the specifics of season start and end dates, it’s essential to understand the structure of Fortnite seasons. 

A typical Fortnite season lasts for about ten weeks, during which players have the opportunity to complete challenges, unlock Battle Pass tiers, and witness significant changes to the in-game map. 

Here’s a breakdown of what players can expect during a Fortnite season:

  • Battle Pass: At the beginning of each season, a new Battle Pass is introduced. This Battle Pass contains a wide array of cosmetic rewards, including skins, emotes, wraps, and more. Players can unlock these rewards by completing challenges and leveling up their Battle Pass.
  • Map Changes: Fortnite’s map is continually evolving, and major map changes typically occur at the start of a new season. These changes can include the addition of new locations, alterations to existing areas, or even dramatic in-game events that reshape the landscape.
  • Challenges: Each season introduces a fresh set of challenges, both for free players and Battle Pass owners. Completing challenges earns players experience points, Battle Stars, and other rewards, helping them progress through the Battle Pass tiers.
  • Live Events: Fortnite is known for its live in-game events that often mark the climax of a season. These events can include epic battles, storyline developments, or map-altering occurrences that captivate the player base.

When Did the Current Season Start and When it Ends? 

Fortnite is currently sitting at Chapter 4 Season 4, which started on August 25th and, although there is no official statement from Epic Games on when it will end, it is expected to finish on November 2nd since, as mentioned before, all Fortnite seasons in the past have lasted exactly that, 10 weeks. 

In this current season, vampire “Kado Thorne” has made the island his home, draining the island’s wealth and treasures to fund some pretty fancy real estate: sanguine suites, relentless retreat, and eclipsed estate (3 new POIs for players to explore). The season revolves around taking back what belongs to the island, but more importantly, to spoil Thorne’s evil ultimate plan.

When Does the Next Season Start? 

As mentioned above, the current season is expected to last 10 weeks, which is why next season is believed to begin on November 2nd. 

However, Chapter 4 is also expected to have only 4 seasons, meaning that the next one will also come with a new chapter, which can only mean one thing: even more new stuff for us to enjoy!

Although Epic games has shared pretty much nothing about Chapter 5 (which is normal considering there are still 5 more weeks to C4S4), there have been some leaks and rumors about what Chapter 5 Season 1 could bring, and we might as well share them here too.

First of all, as of now, it remains uncertain whether a live event is in the cards for the Chapter 4 finale, but the signs are quite promising. Historically, it’s been the norm to have a live event marking the culmination of a chapter, and I strongly believe Chapter 4 will be no exception. 

The exact events to occur in such finale remain uncertain, but what we believe is certain is that an impending event is poised to reshape the existing map, giving rise to a fresh landscape, and the long-awaited continuation of the narrative involving the Seven maybe? We don’t know. 

One of the most significant collaborations this upcoming Season will be the Fortnite x Lego crossover. Some insiders suggest that the Lego partnership is so substantial that it could be seen as an entirely new Season in its own right.

And well, some other relevant things that could come in Fortnite’s C5S1 according to popular leakers on social media are: helicopters making their way back, a new “car racing” mode, first-person mode (they’re still working on it so it is not certain), and flying mounts. 

So in conclusion, if you are a big Fortnite fan or Fortnite streamer, make sure to mark November 2nd on your calendar as Epic Games is coming with a lot of new and exciting things for the game, and you definitely don’t want to miss them! 

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