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Alternate Socket Borders in Path of Exile
Alternate Socket Borders in Path of Exile

Alternate Socket Borders in Path of Exile

Did you know there are alternate socket borders that you can use in Path of Exile? These socket borders hold an important accessibility role, and anything that is done to make this complex game more accessible is a welcome addition.

I’ll show you the three different types, as well as explain how to change the border options so that you can more easily distinguish socket colors on items in your game!

Three Standard Socket Border Designs

Default Socket Border Design

Standard Sockets

Small Notches Socket Design

Small Notches

Large Pattern Socket Design

Large Pattern Sockets

In Path of Exile, three different socket border designs are available to use. These designs are purely cosmetic, only there to add a bit more customization to your UI. However, the Small notches and Large Pattern designs also have an accessibility benefit for colorblind individuals. Depending on the socket color, the design will change substantially to add visual cues for the color of the socket.

For example, for the small notches, this elder-influenced Vaal Greatsword has a red, blue, and green socket. If you look closely, there is a clear difference in orientation, a visual distinction between each socket. As for the large pattern, there is a significant difference in the visual distinction between the designs, making it very easy to distinguish the socket colors by design alone.

Small Notches Alternate Socket Borders on an Elder influenced Vaal Greatsword.
Small Notches
Large Pattern Alternate Socket Borders on an Elder influenced Vaal Greatsword
Large Pattern
White socket items do not have alternate socket designs, as it does not matter what color gem goes into them.
White Socket

The exception is white sockets, which do not include any design changes between the options, and will always look like standard sockets.

How to Change the Socket Borders in Path of Exile

You can change the border that is used within the UI tab of the settings. To get there:

  1. Hit Escape
  2. Select Options
  3. Select the UI tab
UI tab in the Path of Exile Settings menu
  1. Scroll down until you see the Items header
Selecting your alternate socket designs in the UI tab under Items.
  1. An option called Socket Notches should be visible. Select the dropdown arrow to choose the socket border type.

Premium Socket Border Designs

Currently, there aren’t any premium socket border designs in the microtransactions store in Path of Exile. If that ever changes, I’ll update this article as soon as I notice them.

Helpful Resources for Path of Exile

If you’re new to Path of Exile, I’d like to tell you about a few helpful resources that will make your gameplay experience more rewarding.

Divination Cards

There is a website called “” which helps you quickly find out what maps can drop specific divination cards you are farming.

Labyrinth Farming

If you’re really into The Labyrinth, you should consider checking out “” This website is designed to make farming labs more efficient, as the layout and rooms change every day.

Item Trading Tool

Not in solo self-found and looking for a new piece of gear to craft? You’ll want to use the official trade tool on the Path of Exile Website. This is the best way to get a new item fast – be wary of checking that the item is as advertised before confirming the transaction, though, because players can attempt to scam you out of your hard-earned currency.

Build Planning Tool

Want to put together your own homebrew build but not want to sink a ton of time leveling a character first? You definitely want to get Path of Building Community Fork. This tool is an incredibly extensive tool that lets you figure out the viability of a build and really figure out what stats get you the most power for a particular skill.

Item Filter Maker

Want to filter out items that aren’t worth picking up? Looking for a specific base? You can create and customize your own item filter for Path of Exile using One of the best tools for novices.

More to come!

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