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The Amsterdam Twitchcon was canceled (Updated)

Update: Unfortunately, due to the quarantine efforts by the Twitch team & the Netherlands, Twitchcon Amsterdam 2020 was canceled. We will leave this article intact in case it is held there next year. The food won’t change at the very least, so if you plan to visit Amsterdam, these are still valid for you.

Visiting Amsterdam for Twitchcon, are you? Well, whether you are a local or are flying in from elsewhere, you should know about these culinary delights & locations the locals love!

One of our good friends, Lunachanwaifu, a new streamer, has been dating an individual from The Netherlands for some time now. During her visits, he has shown her all of the places and dishes around Amsterdam that are usually reserved for the locals. She has shared this information with us, so that all of you may also revel in its astonishing flavor.

Remember to get some cash handy, as Credit cards & Debit cards are rarely accepted in the Netherlands!

We will be covering seven specific dishes and the places where you can find them;

  • Poffertjes
  • Stroopwafel
  • Bamischijf
  • Kroket
  • Olibollen
  • Kapsalon
  • And the friet speciaal

Without further ado, Eet Smakelijk! (Enjoy Your meal!)

The Crowning victor of the Amsterdam Twitchcon Culinary selection, Stroopwafel

A must have before you leave Amsterdam Twitchcon for good! The Stroopwafel!

These Gooey & Delicious treats are the Stroopwafel. Baked into the center of two pieces of dough is a layer of caramel. Need we say more?

This was the first thing that came to Luna’s mind when we asked, and from the sound of it, we can see why. Just look at it!

You can get these fresh at a street vendor, or if you prefer to buy a pack for sharing at your hotel, Check out “Albert Heijn“. Just be sure to bring some cash, because they don’t accept Credit/Debit card transactions!

Our contact strongly recommends the street vendor option where possible though, as it tends to taste far better fresh & hot than re-heated from a pre-packaged option.

The Tiny Dutch Pancakes, Poffertjes are an Amsterdam Dinner staple

Poffertjes are an Amsterdam Twitchcon Sensation.

These little pieces of bliss are typically flaked with powdered sugar & a small block of butter. They are akin to mini doughboys in that way, but they have the consistency of an American pancake. One addition is the use of yeast in its cooking process, which makes them a bit more “Floofy” as she put it.

There are several locations where you can get these, but one of the best places is the humble street cart.

Twitchcon attracts a lot of business, so these vendors will be plentiful, Definitely give it a try!

Next up, we have Bamischijf, a sort of fried noodle puck

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Fan of the Fried snacks are ya? Well, with the Bamischijf, you have bread crumb encrusted fried bami & an egg, mixed with flour, some butter or margarine, chicken stock, sweet soya sauce, & apparently, it is quite tasty.

If you’ve ever had clam cakes from somewhere like The Lodge, it is a bit similar to those, but instead of clams, you have the Bami noodles.

Apparently, the best place to get those is something called a snackmuur. It’s an iconic dutch snack machine of sorts. Look for “Bami” when you are searching through those.

This next one, we’ve actually had before! Enter the Dutch Kroket

The dutch Kroket is Amazing, Get one before leaving Amsterdam Twitchcon!
Chicken filled Kroket’s. Beef ones have a distinctive darker color.

The Dutch Kroket is typically cylindrical shaped and looks a little bit like a tater tot. However, these are actually filled with beef, veal or shredded chicken! And yes, they are delicious! One of our cousins had made these during a family gathering one year and had forgotten about it until we started writing this article.

Like a tater tot, they have a crunchy outside, and a gooey inside. The meat is typically pre-cooked a bit before being breaded and opped into the oven to completion.

Just be warned though, they are extremely hot when fresh! Give them at least 2-5 minutes to cool down. Squishing or exposing the meat helps to cool them faster. We personally recommend dripping a little bit of tabasco sauce on them, as it gives them a nice kick. Not much though! you don’t need it to be drowning in the stuff!

As with all fried snacks, The Snackmuur is the place to go for these treats!

The next item to get at the Amsterdam Twitchcon, Olibollen

Olibollen, the fritters of the Dutch.
Essentially, they are little fritters, or doughboys

Topped with confectionary sugar, these fried pieces of dough are a Dutch staple snack. Olibollen is essentially little fritters. One neat little quirk is that you can get them with raisins in it!

If you’ve never had a doughboy, fritter, or otherwise fried dough, its quite tasty!

Either the Street vendors or the Snackmuur is the place for these. However, it is worth noting that these are more of a seasonal item, typically made during the Christmas holiday season. If you are unable to find these, that may be why.

Kapsalon, the personal favorite of LunachanWaifu

Kapsalon, a fast food of the Netherlands. Definitely try some before you leave Amsterdam Twitchcon!
Credit to Lunachanwaifu for image, Home-made Kapsalon

Commonly described as “A party in the mouth”, this dish is a heavy one. Coming in at a potential 1,800 calories for a large serving, it consists of french fries covered with shredded cheese, a layer of meat (Lamb, chicken or beef), and topped off with salad and dressing.

Hungry yet?

At any rate, we quite literally didn’t hear the end of the praises from Luna about this meal. In fact, her mother even raves about it, having tried the dish from when Luna made it herself.

The best place to get this in Amsterdam would be from “The Doner Company” in the Amsterdam Train station.

And last, but certainly not least, the friet speciaal

friet speciaal, A dish of loaded fries in Amsterdam.

The final item on our list is the friet speciaal, or “special fries” which is essentially loaded fries. The dutch load their fries up typically with mayonnaise, Fries sauce, curry, or ketchup, as well as onions. Additionally, they usually opt for something known as a Frikandel on the side, which is a snack made from minced meat, herbs, and onions that is kneaded and fried in an elongated roll.

Once again, the humble Street Vendor has the best frijet Speciaals out there, so load em up and enjoy!

A restaurant for those looking for a place to sit and eat

Finally, we have a place called “Ramen-ya”, a Japanese noodle bar which is located near the center of Amsterdam. It features positively loaded Ramen dishes, complete with an Egg(at your choice). You know, in case you aren’t a big fan of the fried food popular with the dutch.

Bowl of Ramen you can expect to find at Ramen-ya
Not actually a dish from Ramen-Ya, we were unable to source an image from there. But the basic idea is the same, loaded Ramen.

If you are attending the Amsterdam Twitchcon, all of these items will serve to fill your bellies with satisfying food, so give each a try and wow your group with your knowledge of Dutch Cuisine!

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