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The Mixer stream – Is what they offer worth it?


Update: As of July 22, Mixer as a platform will be shut down, and will Redirect you to Facebook Gaming. This post is no longer relevant, but will remain here for historical purposes.

Mixer has provided a number of competitive interactive tools for streamers in lieu of Twitch’s popularity. But are these offerings good enough to consider streaming on Mixer full time?


However, how you utilize them alongside your main content will ultimately determine the effectiveness of said tools. That said, even today, a vast majority of streamers on Mixer utilize consoles.

There is a lack of PC Gamers on the platform. Additionally, It also lacks a strong IRL streaming presence, like DND, modeling, or otherwise. This gap in content means there is room for creators interested in showcasing these forms of entertainment.

What benefits are there to streaming on Mixer

The door is symbolic of what it is that attracts streamers to mixer.  A door opening with a light behind it shining through. The wall it is set in is painted black, the floors are modern light brown wooden slats.  The paneled door itself is a beautiful stained wood color. On the panel trim is a reflective gold color, brighter at the bottom vs the top.  In the center of the door is a golden ?, in a 3d shape at eyelevel.  You are positioned as if on a ladder, looking down at the door, or it is a feed from a camera.

Many streamers on the opposing platform Twitch have never even heard about Mixer until a certain big streamer announced he was going to switch to it full time. Admittedly, our knowledge was lacking on the subject because there wasn’t a real strong reason to look into the details of the platform. (Most people were asking questions in regards to Twitch, not Mixer.)

As a result of our lack of understanding, we researched a fair amount of information regarding streaming on Mixer. This is all so we all have a better understanding of the platform as a whole.

We know you’re dying to know of the advantages, so Let’s start with those!

A large bitrate limit – 10,000 Bitrate Cap

For those looking to stream 1080p60 Native, Rejoice! At a bitrate cap of 10,000, you will be able to stream 1080P60 @ 10,000, which will ensure a mostly compression artifact-free stream.

That said, for truly indiscernible compression-free 1080P60, a bitrate of 12,000 is the number to aim for. This little boost is what 1080P60 needs to become worthwhile in our eyes.

So what about 1080P30?

Yup, all day, every day. But, we feel those extra 30 frames per second is worth more than the resolution setting. (Unless the content you are streaming is also 30fps.) In that case, you want to match the output fps to the content you are streaming for the best results.

It is for this reason that we propose those who wish to squeeze every bit of quality out of their bitrate to instead stream at 900p60 @8,000. As the standard of 720p60 on Twitch, it is in a nice happy ground for quality. This is especially true if you have transcoding available to you.

That said, we strongly discourage setting your bitrate so high.

What? You said the cap was…Wait, you’re saying don’t set my bitrate to 8000?

Streaming on Mixer requires faster internet than Twitch at its max bitrate.  A picture of a speedometer measuring the internet connection speed.
Screenshot taken from

Yup, we did, and there is a good reason for that. There are significant drawbacks to high bitrate streaming. The main drawback is that your internet upload speed needs to be fast enough to support a high bitrate like 8,000 to 10,000.

Read our guide on “Do you have the internet speed to streaming twitch?” to learn more about this limitation.

The Drawbacks of streaming high bitrate – Transcoding is exclusive to Mixer Partners.

Unless you are a Mixer Partner, chances of getting Transcoding is extremely slim. This is important when considering your switch; however, they do have an application process you can fill out if you are already a strong influencer.

Screenshot of the Mixer partnership Application process exceptions.  "If you would like to be considered outside of our normal application process, you must meet one of the following criteria:  - 1 million + YouTube subscribers or
- 5 million + views in the last 30 days on YouTube
- 100k + followers on twitter
- 100k + views in the last 30 days on Twitch  There may also be as special consideration if you have partner status on Twitch, or represent a celebrity or industry-related organization.  If the above applies to you, please reach out to us at and tell us about your channel. Thank You!"
There are a few shortcuts to Mixer Partnership, but they are fairly strict. Source:

If you don’t know what transcoding is, the article linked above about internet speed covers that in a fair amount of detail.

Sparks – What they are and what they do

Sparks are the platform’s spendable currency to do special actions or interactions with the streamer. For example, you could have a panel of interactive buttons cost sparks on use. (More on that feature in just a bit)

Sparks themselves hold no monetary value and are awarded on a watch time basis at a rate of 50 sparks per minute. They are similar in nature to a cryptocurrency in that regard (If you are familiar with those.) Unlike a Cryptocurrency, they have no limit to how much can be generated.

If you were to sub to a channel, the rate at which you gain sparks is doubled to 100 per minute. Alternatively, if the channel you are watching is a “Pro” Everybody who watches gets double sparks, among other cool bonuses.

Mixer Pro – Pay to get more out of your Mixer stream

Mixer Pro has a number of cool features if you are willing to swallow the price of $7.99 per month. This can also be gifted to you or your favorite streamer if you wanted to support in a different way than just subbing.

As a Mixer Pro, you will never see an ad again, (Not that they are very common yet.) gain two times level experience, (By the way, you can level up and show how long you have supported this streamer. This makes it twice as fast.) gain early access to new features, and have a premium chat highlight.

In our opinion, these features are not worth the cost to us, but if one of your viewers gift it to you, no reason not to use it. The main selling point is the “no ads” bit, but ads aren’t really an issue right now.

Embers – The “Bits” of Mixer

This feature was once exclusive for Mixer Partners, but in a recent announcement, all streamers will be able to be supported by both Embers + Subscription plans. Embers are the platform’s equivalent of bits on Twitch. You buy them with real money, and donate them to your favorite Mixer Partner.

Each Ember is worth exactly one penny, or one cent. If you buy 120 embers, and donate them all to one streamer they are worth $1.20 to them. As you pay $1.99 for 120 embers, that’s the cut that Mixer takes.

Additionally, sparks may be used to increase the value of each Ember to a streamer through something known as “Spark Milestones.” Streaming on mixer just got more lit.

Yeah, We’re gonna pretend we didn’t write that. Avert your innocent eyes!!

Mixer stream Feature – Interactive button commands

Example of a the interactive buttons available on a mixer stream.  A User can click on any of the buttons in there.
Credit to crason8 for image

One of the coolest features of the Mixer Platform is these little button commands that you can set to redeem sparks.

You can set these buttons to play a sound, Show a video w/ sound, do some text overlays, and much, much more. Just remember to ensure a high degree of contrast between the text and background elements to ensure your audience can clearly read what it is they are redeeming. We’ve seen far too many buttons where we could not read anything on the button.

The Drawbacks of Interactive buttons

Even with interactive buttons being one of the coolest features we’ve seen on a platform, they are not without their drawbacks. First and foremost, you will likely be reading more than a few articles on the subject, as the things you can do with them are not fully explored.

They also require the use of a Bot program, like Mix it up, or Firebot for some of the more advanced features you can do. We’ll cover some of those in a later article.

Touching on that advanced subject, they aren’t exactly super intuitive to set up, so you may find yourself overwhelmed in the transitional phase to Mixer if you try to set everything up all at once. Take it in stride.

Mixer Stream feature – MixPlay

Video Tutorial by Bubdrum showing how to set up Mixplay  On MixItUpApp for streaming on mixer.
Bubdrum made a pretty decent entry into teaching you how to set up MixPlay. Check it out!

MixPlay is a feature where spectators can directly interact with a game in some special way. For example, on their Season 2 Announcement page, they show a streamer crossing a patch of grass, when one the viewers decide to engage a sort of parkour command, which then forces the streamer to jump through the maze or fall to his doom on stream.

Audience interaction is at the forefront of Mixer’s philosophy, and it doesn’t stop there.

Hype alert! All aboard the HypeZone

Games can get exceptionally competitive for some, even to the point of meme-worthy outbursts of violent keyboard bashing, unholy screeches of fury when they lose. With the Hypezone, they slot Mixer streams into the hype zone, for all your new viewers to see your outburst, and record it for the next viral meme…Maybe…

For new, and small streamers, the Hypezone has great potential for them to gain some exposure. It’s a free form of advertisement, based on how intense the game is at that time. The exact details on HypeZone visibility are vague, so don’t rely on JUST the hype zone. What comes of your stream, comes.

Next, up, we have (up to) 4 Player Co-op Streams & FTL Technology

Fun fact, we can actually exceed the speed of light (But only when comparing in a vacuum to in a medium). But now, Mixer has claimed that they too, can achieve this FTL speeds, right here on the internet!

Well…No, they can’t. That’s just fancy marketing using a highly searched keyphrase on the large search engines.

Faster than light in a search box. Underneath, you see a Volume of 22,200 monthly searches. Streaming on  Mixer gives you access to FTL.
Nothing to see here, move along. Totally not a marketing ploy, Nope.

So, remember that next time you look at an oddly named product or service. All marketing, and methods to influence interests…We jest. FTL is an ultra-low latency mode that puts you in near-realtime interaction with your audience.

Some extra steps need to be taken to achieve this to its full effect, noted here:

“x264 options: b-frames=0 is important to all Mixer streams that are using FTL. FTL does not like/accept b-frames. “

Aramyth – Read the full post on reddit

As for Co-op, yeah, They basically set up an official multi-stream with a linked chat. Some extra integrations, but for the most part, you are just hosting 4 separate streams of the same game from different perspectives under a single, so that you can point out who failed to do what and when and get a good laugh.

The final word – A Mixer stream is all about audience interaction.

With a strong focus on engaging your audience as much as possible within your stream, the platform poises itself to get as close to realtime interaction as possible.

If Interaction is what you are searching for, then we strongly recommend choosing it as your streaming platform of choice.

But don’t forget to look into what unique opportunities that Twitch offers you.

At the end of the day, platforms are simply a point of engagement, and should not be your primary focus for pulling in interested parties. If you want growth, you need to be tapping into an influencer mindset and gathering from as many sources as you can.

Ultimately, is streaming on Mixer worth it?

While it is true that mixer offers a ton of great features for aspiring streamers, there is one ultimate fact that ultimately sways our answer to:

No. Here’s why…

It is losing popularity. They have been dragging their feet for far too long for common features like clips for everyone. Only just now they have begun a tiered roll out to non-partners. Like, come on. Twitch has had that for years now.

The Hype around the platform has also begun to stagnate. Since Season 2 release, nothing has been really added to the platform as a whole that would excite a streamer or, more importantly, their audience.


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